The Chicago police say surveillance cameras have taken pictures of people of interest in an assault on Actor Empire, Jousie Smolet. (January 30th)

In 2018, the black man at GM plant in Ohio announced that five jobs had been hanging in his work area for several months. One of his white employees told him, "You were going to be buried by the shovel during the day."

In the same year, a man in Riverside, California, was recorded on a video hung on a fence between his house and the house of a couple of mixed races

In September, a white high school student put a loop around a black classmate's door in Wahita, Louisiana.

In October, a retired firefighter in Grapevine, Texas, hung a doll on the railing's neck in front of the black neighbor's apartment in an attempt to scare the family.

Lynch can look like something from the distant. but the use of symbolism for a lynch to frighten, intimidate and shorten the lives of black Americans is happening today, say civil rights advocates. Jessie Smollett introduces a tribute to the LGBTQ community and the victims of Orlando Pulse at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards (Photo: Rich Polk, Getty Images)