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Kalani reveals that she expelled Asuela during the quarantine; Fans accuse him of being a “male child”

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata have focused on the main family issues throughout the fifth season of TLC 90-day fiancé: happily ever after.

From Callani’s confrontation with her mothers-in-law over her refusal to return significant sums of money back to Asuela’s home country, Samoa, to Asuela’s fiery temper and tendency to run away during disputes, the couple’s parents have spent most of the season. each foreign throat. Kalani even told 90-day fiancé producers that she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay married at all.

Still, several productive couples therapy sessions – and a relatively relaxed reunion with Asuela’s mother and sisters – seemed to mark a possible change for the better in Asuela and Kalani̵

7;s marriage.

But in a new preview of the upcoming episode of 90-day fiancé: happily ever after, 32-year-old Callani revealed that her relationship with 24-year-old Asuela has broken down again after the COVID-19 pandemic hit their home state of Utah. The couple has effectively separated so far, leaving Callani at home with their two sons, Oliver and Kennedy.

Calani accused Asuela of endangering their children by disobeying social distancing guidelines

IN 90-day fiancé preview, TLC noted that three months had passed during the filming process for 90-day fiancé: happily ever after. In those three months, COVID-19 had reached Utah, further burdening Calani and Asuela’s marriage – and even pushing the latter out of the household.

In a brief glance, Kalani admitted that she and her husband had “fought a lot” in quarantine together. But she was most disappointed by Asuelu’s uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic. He hadn’t slowed down when it came to parties and any communication that concerned Kalani.

“It’s almost like he’s deliberately trying to expose himself to get a coronavirus,” Callani said in disbelief. “He keeps going out with his friends and then he’ll lie where he is.”

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For now, Asuela returned to his mother

As for Kalani, she was more than over Asuela’s latest antics. She did not want to expose her two young children to COVID-19, so she felt she had to choose to separate from her husband instead.

This was not the first time Kalani and Aselu had argued over health issues.

Earlier in the fifth season of 90-day fiancé: happily ever after, the couple argues bitterly over Callani’s decision not to take Oliver and Kennedy to Samoa during a dangerous outbreak of measles. Aselu didn’t worry too much about the potential consequences, which affected his wife a lot.

Now, Callani said, she was completely above Aselu’s casual attitude toward the hearth.

“I’m done with that,” Callani said. “I have to protect my children. I can’t let him do what the hell he wants. I won’t just let him go back to the house with the babies. “

She finally kicked Asuela out after a big argument.

“We got into a big fight last night, and I told him I thought it would be best for him to go to his mother,” Callani said sadly.

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The star of a 90-day fiancé admitted that she does not know when and if she wants her husband to return

Aselu had left the house many times in the past, but this time it didn’t look like typhus. Kalani revealed that she had booked a one-way ticket to Asuela for his mother. She did not specify his exact destination, but it is possible that he will return temporarily to Samoa, although Aswell’s mother also lives part of each year in Washington state.

The 90-day fiancé the star looked defeated as she admitted she didn’t know if their marriage would ever get back on track.

“I don’t know when he’ll be back because it doesn’t work,” Callani admitted.

The mother of two explained that it was not just this problem that made her relax from her husband. Kalani said they had already fought a lot in their marriage before the COVID-19 crisis began, but the pandemic had eased the problems. Aselu’s negligence and dishonesty seemed the last straw for his wife.

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Fans accused Asuela of being very immature

90-day fiancé fans immediately turned to YouTube comments for a sneaky look to accuse Asuela of being immature, especially when he failed to protect his children and wife amid the COVID-19 crisis. Most viewers supported Kalani’s decision, arguing that the responsible choice is if her husband refuses to take responsibility.

“Until now, she had to realize that she was a male child,” a fan mused in the comments.

Another critic claims that Kalani seems to have done everything possible to keep the marriage alive.

“She gave him so many chances,” they write. “His upbringing could not help him be a man.”

Another commentator added his support for Kalani, writing: “I do not blame her. Taking care of three babies at the same time is too much for any woman. “

Many fans have criticized both Asuela and Kalani for the breakdown in their marriage. However, it seems that most viewers are on Kalani’s side on this particular issue – especially because it includes the health and well-being of his children, which they believe should be his top priority.

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