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Katie Porter is the other Democratic house that raises trouble for Trump

Instead, she ran for Congress in 2018, winning a Republican seat and joining the "blue wave" of the Democrats who took over the house.

Her goals have so far included major Wall Street players such as JPMorgan Chase's Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, Equifax CEO Mark Begor and Wells Fargo's current Managing Director Tim Sloan. she called me a few weeks after I came here – and talking to her and saying, "I do not think I have found my voice," Porter told CNN in an interview this week at Capitol Hill's office. "And in a few weeks she called me when Tim Sloane testified and retired, and she was like," So he found his voice! " She was so happy. "

Warren's spokesman did not respond to a request for a comment.

  One MP asked Carson about the property related to foreclosure. He thought he was talking about Oreos.
It was March when Porter prepared Sloan, who had already faced calls from Warren and others to withdraw. inappropriate mortgage fees, and charging the borrowers for auto insurance that they did not need.

When her turn came, Porter began to ask why the public had to trust Sloane's promises that Wells Fargo changed its ways. Then he leaned under the table to take out a poster board printed with huge text, showing what the lawyers of Wells Fargo had said in court.

"Why, Mr. Sloane, if you do not mind, ask your lawyers, the Federal Court claims that these exact statements I have read are quoted" paradigmatic examples of corporate scammers who can not be appealed to could not rely on a trustworthy investor, "she said," I do not know why our lawyers claim that Porter continued. "

" It is convenient for your lawyers to divert the charge to court and to say that your rebranding campaign may be overlooked as hyperbolic marketing, but when it comes in Congress, you want to take your word, "she said. "And I think this is disunity, so the American public has problems with the trust of Wells Fargo."

Two weeks later, Wells Fargo announced that Sloan was out. Porter also turned his attention to the top officials of Trump's administration. She drew a copy of her book, "Modern Consumer Law," to examine Katie Krangeringer, Consumer Protection Bureau Vice President. She then puts a hypothetical mathematical problem: a single mother takes out a two-week $ 200 loan for a starting fee of $ 20, at a rate of 10%. What is APR?
  Trump CFPB head protects agency management from Democrats

She did not do maths even after as Porter repeated the question and asked her to make a calculation.

"I understand where you are, and at the end of the day, the question is, surely: when you can actually pay off this loan and you will get an extra loan," said Kraninger.

"It's not an exercise in mathematics, it's a political conversation," she added. 19659014] This week at her office, Porter said he hopes the video will make people think of the problem. "What does it mean that APR calculation is so difficult that most of us can not do? I guess that means that those revelations that make it to you are very helpful," he said In June, Porter asked Hossin and City Development Secretary Ben Carson why the Federal Housing Administration was "disgusting in servicing mortgages." When Carson said he had no discussions on the subject but that "he would look at him, "Porter walked forward and asked him to explain the degree of foreclosure among those with mortgages backed by its department.It uses the term REO, which is owned by real estate, and refers to property owned by a creditor after an unsuccessful closure – an abbreviation that she did not expect to affect the head of the agency charged with their monitoring "Do you know what the RAO is?" Carson asked, "Carson said," One of the Oreo? "" No, it's not Oreo, "Porter said, the video of the exchange becoming viral, and Carson tried to laugh by sending the congressional box with cookies. Porter says her goal is not to emphasize incompetence, but instead to make esoteric topics more accessible – as he did in the consumer finance law classes he teaches at the University of California at Irvine.

as a professor is not so different from what I do during the hearings, "Porter said this week.

The average voter may not be able to express his position on the loans for a payday, she said, "but when you start talking about this hypothetical exchange I had with Kraninger, people began to commit themselves." [19659003] Like Warren, she believes that debates about defending the ability to make a living, buying a home, and allowing college are really talks about America's "heart and soul." Her feedback to Deimann, she said, was about to highlight the issue of the disparities in principal payments Porter searched for a hypothetical budget for the bank employee, this time with a whiteboard

"She has a $ 567 short, what would she offer to do?"

"I do not know you will have to think about "The professor's congressman may turn his unique way of questioning state officials and the Wall Street directors into real legislative changes remain to be seen." The two-chamber bill she handed over with the Democratic inspector Saint-Warren, Sherwood Brown of Ohio, and Tom Udol of New Mexico will strengthen himself s Bureau for protection of consumer finances so that it can monitor student loan servicing. Porter has also introduced legislation with Harris, which will strengthen the power of state prosecutors to monitor banks. So far, none of these accounts have much support from the Republicans. But the bill that it said would raise civilian sanctions for security law offenders was noted by the committee last week, and a similar Senate bill is sponsored by Senator Cak Grasley of Iowa. Two of her other accounts – one for mental health and the other for adult care – have some support on the other side of the path. Porter Requests Trump Immunity Investigation

  In 2018 He Says He Is For Immunity Investigation

The Democrat could be vulnerable in his re-election bid. When it won in 2018, for the first time, its Southern California region had flushed since its creation in 1983. This was partly due to the fact that the two-year Republican Mimi Walters had consistently voted in line with Trump in an area earned by five out of five. percentage points.

But last month Porter became one of the first Democrats to win the republican areas in 2018 to support the removal of Trump. This move won her some support. Its campaign led to more than $ 1 million in the second quarter, and fundraising by many other vulnerable democrats.

Porter said it worked for the voice of families concerned about how they would pay the bills, something she believes Trump's candidacy is also included.

"Financial instability, and sometimes the insecurity that families feel, deeply motivates them to react politically," Porter said last week.

– Can I connect both ends and work for my children? These are real worries, and as a mother I have them. "

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