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JACKSON, Miss. – ESPN distributor Keith Olbermann, who launched a social media storm when attacking a turkey hunter for Mississippi for killing a rare white man, writes to the young man on Wednesday night.

"I am an enemy of hunting trophies and I remain so, but no one should feel threatened, it was anything but my intention, so I apologize to Mr Waltman for this tweet," writes Olberman, in which twelve-year-old Hunter Walton of the furnace attacked, as well as Clarion Ledger's writer Brian Brum, who was not mentioned in Olberman's excuse

Being rare and beautiful, so I have to kill him. identifies himself as Huntle Waltman and we have to do our best to make sure the rest of his life is alive

Olberman writes twitter in response to the story Brum wrote on Monday when Wolthman collected a rare white turkey.

Woltmann told Brum on Wednesday he had received verbal attacks as a result of Olberman's chirp. While no one was threatening him directly, some said he was hoping he would be harmed. "To tell you the truth, it seemed like a threat to me," Woltman said. "Do my (my) life" full hell? "

Clarion Ledger's executive editor Sam R. Hall wrote on Wednesday:" Keith Olberman's message was irresponsibly irresponsible: Someone with his followers must understand the possible impact of his words. "

" By saying more than 1 a million people to make life in one life, hell can have serious, dangerous consequences. In our newsroom it would be a firearm crime, not a story of a hunter who packed a turkey. "

Although Olbermann's social media supporters praised the TV, most of them were negative, many of Twitter asked ESPN if Olbermann's actions violate their policy, doc others say they have to be fired from the sport

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