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Kelly Clarkson Just called 2 NASA cosmonauts in space. Here's what they said (video)

NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch spoke with singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson at the International Space Station today (November 14), discussing everything from space travel to self-healing and even moonlight.

Before the start of a chat that happened in Clarkson's talk show, the winner of "American Idol" exclaimed: "Look how cute they are in space! So technically they are aliens because they are in space, ”before the microphone realized it was turned on. Once connected to the astronauts, Clarkson marveled at Koch and Myr's incredible voyage and floating microphone and asked, "What was the first time he appeared in space?" How did you feel? "

" It was an absolutely incredible feeling, "Koch said. When he saw the Earth for the first time, he thought," I knew, yes, I'm really in space. "

NASA Astronauts Make History with the 1

st Space Path for All Women ] NASA astronauts Jessica Mayr and Christina Koch completed a "flip trick" at the International Space Station while talking to shouting and host of the talk show Kelly Clarkson on November 14, 2019 [19659010] (photo credit: NASA / YouTube) [19659011] "What is the purpose of this particular mission? What kind of work are you doing out there right now? "Clarkson asked.

" All kinds of science, we're doing it up here, "Meir said. She described some of the specific studies, such as protein crystal growth experiments and burning experiments, that Scientists are studying how microgravity affects the human body and long-term operations to inform future long-life missions in deeper space, Koch said.

The conversation turned to the silly when Clarkson asked, " Is there any astronaut ever Koh and Meir didn't think so, but Koch said he would mention it to astronauts Luca Parmitano and Andrew Morgan, who are ready to make a space trip tomorrow (November 15).

NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch spoke today (November 14, 2019) with singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson.

(Image Credit: NASA / YouTube)

After discussing the challenges that astronauts face in space paths, Clarkson asked if Koch and Myr could make turns in the microgravity environment of the space station. Meir pressed her knees to her chest, and Koch turned her.

Clarkson asked if there were any tips for girls watching you who might want to be astronauts.

"I think one of the things every astronaut will say is that it's important to follow your passions," Koch said. "You really need to remember that it's good to take the risk," Meir added. "You must be prepared to take that risk and accept that you will fail along the way."

Astronaut Care

After talking with Clarkson, Meir and Koch took some time to talk to Madison Feller at Elle Magazine After asking how the astronauts got to where they are today (Meir even mentioned his first job as a rescuer), Feller asked the couple about the space station's self-care and whether and how they found opportunities to relax and find some work-life balance . "

" The only difference between a space station at work and during our off hours is whether the cameras are on, "Koch said. "So, at the end of the work day, when the crew dine out is one of the few times they have to relax. But it's really important to recharge so people can take some time during lunch. Losing her job and focusing on the task at hand helps her relieve her stress.

One of the best "escapes" astronauts have aboard a space station is looking out the window. phenomenally beautiful, "said Koch.

Recently, Meir and Koch completed the first cosplay together ki path for woman together, replacing one of the station's 24 battery charge / discharge units, and both astronauts are shortlisted by NASA's Astronaut Corps of Women, possibly selected as the first woman to landed on the moon as part of NASA's mission Artemis 3 which should launch by 2024.

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