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Kevin Spacey likely to avoid $ 40 million sexual assault suit, judge rules deadline

The Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom can decide whether to file sexual assault charges against Kevin Spacey in half a dozen cases. However, on this side of the Atlantic, the much-accused Oscar winner seems to have relinquished some very chilling claims and perhaps $ 40 million in damages.

Today, a federal judge in New York denied the anonymous prosecutor of the one-time House of cards star of his move to keep his identity private in the big money and battery attack filed last September Star Trek Discovery star Anthony Rapp. While the plaintiff in question, nicknamed “CD”, has 10 days to reconsider the issue with his real name, the man’s lawyers have already told the court that their client believes he is “emotionally incapable of continuing the action and will stop his claims.”


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Which would mean that Spacey would dispel another lawsuit against him.

A seemingly decisive factor in Judge Louis Kaplan’s opinion on the matter is the fact that CD spoke to a number of people, including Rapp and members of the media, about his allegations of sexual abuse of Spacey in the early 1980s, now in his 50s. -year-old plaintiff was a minor.

“The evidence shows that CD knowingly and repeatedly took the risk that one of these individuals would at some point reveal his true identity in a way that would bring that identity to the public eye, especially given Spacey’s celebrity,” Judge Kaplan wrote. his opinion on a 20-page memorandum (read it here).

During the trial, which began in New York State Court last fall and was transferred to federal court in November 2020, CD and its representatives said that disclosing his identity would lead to a “reactivation” of PTSD. suffered as a result of Spacey’s attack.

Analyzing the number of people with whom CD has already spoken directly on the alleged issue and apparently has not experienced a recurrence of PTSD, sympathetic but unconvinced Judge Kaplan doubts that printing out his real name at this point can do it – and he suggests one a rather difficult reality would begin regardless of the progress of the case and the process.

“As media coverage of the dispute against Spacey increases, as would be very likely as this trial continues and a trial approaches or proceeds, it is reasonable to say that the risk of disclosure will increase,” he wrote. “He made serious allegations and as a result questioned his credibility,” Judge Kaplan also told CD, his desire for anonymity and potential prejudice against Spacey.

It should also be noted that Spacey and his lawyers Keller / Anderle LLP are aware of who the CD really is. As the document shows, they had previously agreed to a court protection order to keep many details of the CDs still sealed.

This was not a compromise CD that was prepared, which has brought the situation to this day.

“While the CD is true that the general public has an interest in protecting those who make allegations of sexual violence so that they are not prevented from justifying their rights, 70 it does not follow that the public has an interest in maintaining everyone’s anonymity. who alleges sexual violence or other misconduct of an extremely personal nature, “Judge Kaplan, appointed by Bill Clinton, said Monday. “For the reasons set out above, the CD has not shown that its interest in confidentiality is sufficient to allow it to anonymously judge its allegations of sexual violence. Accordingly, finally, the public interest does not weigh in favor of CD the use of a (sic) alias. “

Neither CD representatives nor Anthony Rapp responded to Deadline’s requests regarding their reaction to today’s order.

In the first of many charges against Spacey, Rapp went public in October 2017, alleging that he was subjected to unwanted sexual advances by the older and more established actor in 1986 in his New York apartment. The Swimming with sharks the actor backed away at lightning speed with a reckless statement that focused more on his gay appearance than on addressing Rapp’s allegations, which Spacey said he had no recollection of anyway.

Following Rapp’s claims and subsequent ones, Spacey’s dead and disgraced career is seen mainly in court and in strange videos that he periodically publishes online, such as in Christmas 2020.

Of course, the former artistic director of Old Vic may soon address some serious legal issues in the UK. Last week, Scotland Yard presented its findings in a series of charges against Spacey to the state prosecutor’s office. When and how CPS acts on the results of these probes will be seen.

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