A recently released video by the Oregon prosecutor's office shows the moment a coach at Parkrose High School picked up a pistol from a student and hugged him.
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An Oregon prosecutor released an intense video of a high school football coach disarming and then hugging a student holding a shotgun at a Portland school.

The incident occurred on May 17 at Parkrose High School, but the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office released the video until Friday. The release came days after the trial was closed.

Kianon Law, who coaches football and coaches at school and works as a guard, was praised as a hero after the incident. In the video, Lowe is seen walking out of the classroom, with a rifle in her hand, with the student. Then they hug when Low hands the rifle to someone who hurls her away from the scene.

Low recalled that he was standing in the classroom when a student walked in with a weapon. Lowe said he threw himself at the gun and grabbed it while students escaped through another door.

"Then it was only me and this student. It was a real emotional time, ”Lowe said in May. “I have compassion for him. Many times, especially when you are young, you do not realize what you are doing until it is over. "

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(Photo: Multnomah County Prosecutor's Office)

Prosecutors say Angel Granados-Diaz, now 19, brought a loaded rifle to school during what authorities have described as a crisis He pleaded guilty Oct. 10 to one count of illegal p

He was sentenced to three years' probation and is being treated for mental health and substance abuse problems. Prosecutor Parakram Singh said he was convicted of having a firearm in a public building and a number of illegal possession of a loaded firearm in a public place. the investigation reveals that Granados-Diaz intended only to harm himself during

Law explained that he had been summoned to the classroom to take a student to the office, but no details. He was in the classroom less than a minute when the student came in with a gun.

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"Pretty crazy situation," he said. "My instincts have just gone. I threw myself at the gun and put two hands on the gun. I just made sure the barrel of the gun was not up to me, the students. I managed to get over it." [19659005] The two went out together and police arrived on the spot. "Granados-Diaz was handcuffed and taken away.

" It's a story that usually ends in tragedy, "says Lowe, who plays football at Oregon State University and works as an assistant coach in the NFL." good. We were in the headlines, but it wasn't a tragedy. I am grateful for that. "


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