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Kill for prosperity and not so much in "Far Cry New Dawn"

During the first hour of Far Cry New Dawn the National Palace of Culture told me that the dogs are being grown on a nearby hill and that they were grown for food by the passengers. As a dog lover, and right in the middle of my journey to the next mission, I decided to go there right away. As I got on the ATV, a gun for hiring, Carmina Rai on my back, I heard the growing sound of Debonair's throbbing heavy club rhythm. That should have been the place. If someone slaughters food dogs in the post-post-apocalypse, a kennel squirrel will be improvised, which blows out African hip-hop from Afrikaner to cover the sounds of dogs spinning from misery. Climbing up the hill taken out of the gun, Yolandi Visser's high screams became stronger and stronger than the sad barking. Then there was a cry. Then a buzzing. And then I folded my finger around the trigger and splatted the bullets until a punk rock butcher and heavily armed motocross racer fell dead at my feet.

Die Antwoord was still playing when I noticed a dead Yellow Laboratory lying on the table. I released an irritable Shiba Inu from a cell and then followed her to another dead golden retriever that had thrown the key needed to unlock the other cells. I released these dogs and listened to an audio journal of Mickey, one of the road leaders disappointed with the production of dog meat. Before that, I wondered if there would be a bend where the two black girls in all the art delights might have a chance to become heroes. That a twist later in the game will turn the moral of this story onto his head. But here I realized that this is the most daring moral position that Far Cry New Dawn will ever be able to take. There was no interest in redeeming or repositioning authors and their leaders later in history. They were cruel to the dogs ̵

1; to gold retrievers . It was a solution designed to tell one thing, drivers are not just sticky, assholes of different worldviews. For the makers of New Dawn, they were wild savages that had to be removed.

  The highway leaders and chief antagonists of the New Dawn are not drugs, and Jesus is bodybuilders (although they ever appear) this time. Instead, they gave us two black twin sisters: Mickey and Lou. Young and nihilist, they like Outsider Art, Strong Hip-Hop, and dress like leaving a music video for "Lemonade" through "California Love". They have tattoos and piercings. And much more powerful, and beyond the intrusive fixation of problem solvers and problem makers learned by their absent father, they are totally devoid of ideology, background, or motivation. <i> Far Cry 5 </i> Far Cry 5 </i> Far Cry 5 </i> New Dawn plays with players who help rebuild a settlement called Prosperity, founded by returning heroes Kim and Nick Joining this mission, player boss Thomas Rush tries to restore America to its lost glory by recruiting and helping to develop settlements like Prosperity across the country with the liberal application of Speerity </p>
<p>  The Village of Prosperity is a small a border fortress that combines elements of Scandinavian modern architecture, bad and a hut and an organic farm. This is a strange fantasy for survival. Rush emphasizes the importance of people who have special skills that can and will work. That they are the ones to be brought into the community of Prosperity. At the same time, these are the people he wants to help – those who are already helping. There is no room for people with disabilities or lack of skills. This is a fantasy for the common life, sealed by a capitalist (and militaristic) lens. Thus, <i> Far Cry New Dawn </i> judges the idea of ​​identifying the community of who is valuable, who is consuming and who is even considered to be a human being. Although, of course, he can not say that out loud. </p>
<div class=  A couple looking for their garden in Far Cry: New Dawn

What is going on for the narrative and thematic core of this continuation is the tension between the reactionary, expelling violent youth (people who are unable / unwilling to take care of it). against the resurgence of the status quo that put an end to the world – producers and contractors who have once again consolidated traditional property rights with warehouses and garden areas. Finally, the drivers are the budgies that Rush and prosperity citizens will have to invent if they do not exist. Prosperity and Rush need a caricature, hyperbolic threat to justify and flatter their authoritarianism and to dress it in the clothing of egalitarian communitarianism. Which, if the developers of this game spent a little more time, would be realized, this could be an interesting question about how fascism is happening. Most of the verbs of Far Cry 5 are carried in the same way. But now the enemies have significant points, they are leveling up and in order to maintain efficiency in the battle, you will need to constantly build on more privileges, weapons and bonuses that come from improving certain sectors of prosperity.

Posts that provide ethanol when it comes to (a resource naming decision that makes no sense and is related to anything but a hint that oil production is probably over), it is necessary to modernize, it can be used as fast travel points and mini-centers as usual. But they can also be cleared, giving less pressure on ethanol, causing passengers to regain and strengthen it just to be able to conquer it again. Unless you're happy with the kidnapping of the rare trucks by a tanker, you'll have to do this several times to improve the well-being enough to make progress in the missions of history. ” class=”col-12-xs” data-src=”https://video-images.vice.com/_uncategorized/1550161272419-far-cry-5-blockpng.png”/>

So Far From New Dawn is about grinding, which is probably something that steals from RPGs more than character progression and floating numbers. It's all about collecting craft or upgrade resources, so you can kill your enemies faster so you can collect more craft or upgrade resources. And it does not even make this cycle particularly good.

You think playing in the main game will be fun, but little posts even look distinctive, and the enemy's health bars are growing faster than your ability to deal with damage. All this turns what must be a speedy, unbridled battle into a tedious war of exhaustion.

In addition to rationalizing the game in a lot of linear progression, both as a map and story, and for removing the resistance meter, many things are back from Far Cry 5 in one way or another (usually in a reduced fashion ).

  A woman wearing a rifle climbs on a pine ridge in a grainy, black and white photo from Far Cry: New Dawn

Guns For Hire Return, but you're limited to one by one, and they have even fewer lines of dialogue than in the previous installment. For less than two hours, I wanted to break the ATV's constant repetition of "Carmina" to "Thanks to my Stars!" And to watch her fly over the handles. Finally, I was happy to replace her with Nana, a sniper grandmother cartoon. Nana joked that she did not make Miss Daisy's drivers and immediately made her pull her out for Shiba-Inu, which I saved. I just could not bear the thought of hearing this every time I was getting on a vehicle.

The bunker research also shows back, only because of changes in combat and resource mechanics, they are almost mandatory unless you like to blow up the list of challenges with each weapon (it's fast). But in New Dawn they take on the unintended annoyance because the puzzles and platforms are simply not very creative, engaging or stable. If they were light in the background, here they are absolutely cool.

There are music players that can find and photographic hunting, which literally only exists to show how interesting points have changed from the last game. And then there are the monstrous hunts of animals. If you've played Zelda, 3D Mario, or any other game where there are enemies at boss level that have luminous red spots showing their vulnerability, you've seen this before. It is only now that thousands of bullets are needed instead of a few timely attacks. The ultimate, ultimate boss is one of them and is probably the most barren, anti-climatic ideas the franchise ever had. I spent five and a half hours trying to shorten my health before I just stop taking care of it completely.

  The Far Cry New Dawn </i> Far Cry New Dawn </i> has to offer a new type of mission called Expeditions. One of the Prosperity residents is a French Canadian helicopter pilot, and after refurbishing a small portion of the base he will offer you to insert the forts of the highways. for packaging extraction and filtration. Your prize for this? More resources. But you get a lot, and frankly, the most attractive material in the game. It is also a loan. Look, the expeditions are basically. <i> Ethel Gear Solid V </i> responds to Hitman, but with fewer verbs, almost no proper names and is associated with the same battle with the fungus that pulls the main game down. There is no real opportunity to participate in stealth mechanics, yet stealth is automatically blown thirty seconds after the acquisition of macagain. <i> New Dawn </i> knows that there is really only one verb – shoot – and instead of learning more, it just throws more and stronger bodies on different cards. </p>
<p>  This is disappointing because I love the potential of overtime. But Ubisoft no longer wants to be brave with Far Cry. Even visually, it feels pretty much the same as Far Cry 5 <i> pre-apocalypse of Far Cry 5 </i>. Of course, now some animals are albinos, but once you remove the hot pink flowers on everything and the bisexual graffiti for lighting – it's just the old map of things removed, surrounded by painful green fogs, dead Ponderosa Pines, and the new warning " Radiation Zone ". </p>
<p>  The more I played New Dawn, the more I asked, "Why does this game even exist?" Not in a judgmental direction, but in apparent confusion. Cry: The new dawn character composes an image before a burning field, his hands and fingers stretched to mimic the camera frame "class =" col-12-xs "data-src =" https://video-images.vice.com/ Everything that makes this game, at least one other game does much better alone or in combination.Each of the three Bethesda Fallout games makes post-apocalyptic stories better (yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. , even 4) They have a richer environment and heroes with a real personality, storylines that can be changed by the choice of a player Or there is a Metro that receives a message the same day such as <i> New Dawn </i> and probably a more competent shooter, with an undoubtedly more interesting take on the return to the post-apocalyptic surface of the previous underground space.If you want game with complex verbs and environments designed for interruption, Hitman 2 has covered you.If you want to blow things up, build a base and get involved in the war, it's good that Metal Gear Solid V always has tanks. While other games and genres are studying lessons and trying out new ideas, Far Cry is left to watch the entire industry that delivers it.  </p>
<p>  So why does this game exist? Because why not? In the end, it's Far Cry, and people seem to like it despite the self-discovery that was being built in the Far Cry 3 series </i>. But to go beyond that is to invent meaning and to get into a game that opposes coherence and refuses to give the merciless savages of its post-nuclear quasi-boundary history more motivation and ideology beyond "nothing important" and "either with us or against us. "<i> Far Cry 5 </i> needed the end of the world because he was bored and depressed with his own existence, a franchise, indeed even with the whole genre. New Dawn </i> can not and will not be revived in the way <i> Assassin's Creed: Origins </i> did this when the franchise began to distort under the weight of its own your tired legacy. This is a game that refuses to engage mechanically, thematically or narratively. As a player, we have two options: do the hard work for a game that can not and will not be, or once again embrace the hollow and half-hearted spectacle. Either we avoid it altogether, and let it <i> The Far Cry 5 Nuclear Winter lasts a little longer in the hope that when the sky becomes clear, they will reveal a world that someone somewhere can take care of. </p>
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