“Keeping up with the Kardashians”

; premiered in 2007 and lasted 20 seasons on E!


Embrace Kim’s own crying face. “Keeping up with the Kardashians” on E! He completed his 20-season cycle on Thursday.

With Ryan Seacrest as executive producer, the series debuted in 2007, focusing on the most exciting mixed family to watch. The cameras captured Chris and Caitlin Jenner, who are raising their daughters Kendall and Kylie and raising Chris’ children from her marriage to the late Robert Kardashian: Kim, Courtney, Chloe and Rob.

Fortunately, the KarJenner clan has not disappeared from television. The stars are working on new programming for Hulu, starting this fall. (Asked about the new project in an interview, Chris only answers with “Fasten your seat belt!”) Bravo’s Andy Cohen also hosts a two-part gathering of “Keeping Up” (June 17 at 8 EDT / PDT and June 20 at 9 EDT / PDT), which looks very juicy.

In Thursday’s finale, the family ended their last vacation on Lake Tahoe and buried a time capsule full of interviews between Khloé and her family about the future. Neither Caitlin nor Rob appear in the cast, but the episode provides updates for the Kardashian sisters, who have become hosts on the show in recent seasons. We also talked to Chris about her thoughts on the show.

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What’s next for Kim?

Although he failed for the second time in the first-year student exam (also known as the baby bar), Kim plans to continue his journey to become a lawyer. She tells Khloé that she hopes to set up a “really successful (law firm)”.

As for her personal life, Kim seems much calmer in Thursday’s episode than last week, when she broke up due to trouble in her marriage to rapper / fashion designer Kanye West. Kim filed for divorce in February after nearly seven years of marriage. (They have four children together: daughters North, 7 and Chicago, 3, and sons St., 5, and Psalm, 2.

In “In the Foot”, Kim tells Chris that she felt a change after turning 40 in October and turned to a therapist for her troubles. She longs for “complete happiness” and a real partner to share her life with.

“I never thought I was lonely,” says Kim. “I always thought it was perfectly fine, I could just have my kids. My husband is moving from state to state and I’m on this trip with him. And I was fine with that. And then after I turned 40 this year, I realized, no, I don’t want a husband (who) lives in a completely different state. I thought to myself, “Oh God, then we get along best.” But then it’s sad for me and it’s not what I want. I want someone who has the same shows as common ones, “she added. “I want someone (who) wants to train with me.”

Kim believes she will find meaning in sharing the little moments in life.

“I have all the great things,” she says. “I have the extravagant, everything you could imagine, and no one will ever do that. I know it. And I’m grateful for those experiences, but I think I’m ready for the smaller experiences that I think will mean a lot. “

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What is actually happening to Khloé and Tristan Thompson?

Questions have swirled about the relationship between former Khloé and Tristan Thompson, who share a daughter True, 3. The couple is wrong as a result of Tristan’s alleged infidelity.

In the final, the NBA player asked Khloé to move to Boston for the basketball season (he joined the Celtics in November). The co-founder of Good American Clothing has accepted and says she has split her time between Boston and Los Angeles.

In an interview with producers, she shed light on their relationship.

“The pandemic can really make or break you, and I think it forced us to have so many awkward conversations with Tristan and myself, and I think that was extremely helpful,” Chloe said. “We’re best friends now. I go to him for anything and everything. And I’m definitely more open to the idea of ​​a future with me and Tristan.”

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Will Courtney and Scott Disick ever get together?

Acknowledging the improvements Scott has made in his personal life, Courtney says the father of her three children – Mason, 11, Penelope, 8 and Raine, 6 – still needs to show consistency.

“I don’t know this will ever happen,” said Courtney. Khloé explains to Kim, “She says it will never happen right now until (Disick) can show for a year” he can hold it together.

Kourtney and her ex had their own conversation, during which Kourtney expressed disappointment with his family forconstantly encouraging the reunion of the couple.

“They won’t make me feel guilty when the things I asked you to do aren’t done,” she said.

“I think maybe we both need to realize that maybe we won’t be together and we need to move on,” Disick said. “The fact that we have what we have is amazing and I just want to be grateful for it, instead of always thinking there is more.”

Courtney is now dating musician Travis Barker, and Disick is involved with model Amelia Hamlin.

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Why the finale makes Chris Jenner “very, very sad”

Jenner told USA TODAY this week that the final gives the man a heavy heart.

“It makes me very, very sad,” says Chris. “The whole thing is the most beautiful chapter in my life, one of the best, best trips I’ve ever been on. Working with my family is the greatest blessing of my life.”

Jenner says he is in a state of disbelief that the series is actually over.

“I think I’m a little numb,” she says. “I don’t think it actually sank because we filmed it so long ago. And COVID interfered with the whole thing, and it was an interesting time in the world to focus on something other than just being healthy and having a healthy family. So that’s It’s just something that makes me very sad when I wake up and say, “Wow, it’s over.”

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