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Knicks is one of the biggest losers of the NBA Finals of the Warriors

Oklahoma, California – The Warriors and Nix lost the NBA finals – a terrible two-week battlefield that degraded the face of the former good class of free agents since 2019

After the wars, a crushing loss of 114-110 matches 6 in Toronto on Thursday, celebrating the whole of Canada, the Golden State coach Steve Kerr officially announced that Kevin Durant's left tear would keep him next season. The results of the MRI study were useful at the time of his death, Warriors announced at 2:20 AM EDT that the injury to Clay Thompson to the left of the knee, which forced him to come out of the game and on the crutches, was an ACL tear, a type of wound that has kept recent casualties.

It was such a deadly blow to the five-year War Dynasty that Kerr in jest asked Commissioner Adam Silver in the dressing room if the Golden State could take the next season and visit Italy or something.

Extremely prudent Kristaps Porzingis, ignoring his tears from ACL, decided to miss what will be 20 months from the time he returns in October. Porzingis will be a great asset to have Knicks' hands at this point ̵

1; he is 24 years old in August.

But as the Knicks have said many times, 7-foot-3 Latvian did not want to be here. With Durant and stellar partners in their heads, Nix's nails were tired to deal with the sorrow of Porcius and Brother Yanis.

Durant and Thompson will be free agents on June 30th. did not refuse to try to sign Durant on a four-year contract for $ 141 million if he dropped the last season of $ 31 million under his current contract.

Kawhi Leonard, however, is now a far better option after leading Raptors from play-offs too-rans to his first championship. The Post reported last week that Nicks are totally awaiting meeting Leonard, who spent last season in San Orange, N., with his uncle.

Leonard is now the King of Canada, with a chance to remain in a one-year contract to protect the crown. Most NBA managers have long thought that they will return home to Los Angeles to pick up Clippers in the championship after the Warriors have given up and are probably out.

Leonard does not engage with Canada after winning the title on Thursday.

All these wonderful visions about Dirant's signing with Nix and the wearing of a starry assistant such as Kirby Irving rose in smoke. Irving has changed agents, and widely reported reports are that he is in favor of networks that are more ready for success and come with less attention.

Durant claims he is still willing to give up, knowing that the money will be there, but he may just stay in place. The first hint came when Thompson's father said Durant and his son talked about an "incomplete" FaceTime chat business late on Thursday.

Chief War Officer Bob Meyers urges Durant and Thompson to be a priority.

"Sometimes it's lost – when Kevin plays in the NBA finals, we're 9-1," Myers said on Friday. – Both of them are fantastic. These are guys who do everything you can to keep your organization.

"These guys are very important to us and they deserve to be rewarded in the right way. And I know them as people. Beyond what everyone here sees, there are things you do not see [that] that we get for ourselves. It's hard to find high-quality people. Both are these. "

Asked how optimistic Duran is coming back, Mayers says," I do not know. "

Even if Nicks obtains Durant, it will probably be a reduced, more risky asset. after losing a year and returning from what is considered a devastating leg trauma to the big NBA man who will be 32 years old in September 2020.

The wars act boldly after the defeat of the finals. They can still convince Durant to stay around. The lure of their new arena in San Francisco is not a small thing, because Durant already has a place in the city by the bay. Recovery without a New York microscope can be healthier and less stressful.

"I would not bet against us next year," Stephen Curry said. "This five-year run is incredible, but I definitely do not think it's over."

Draymond Green does not buy talks about the dynasty – well, even if it can take a one-year leave

"I've heard a lot of these conversations. It's just not clever, "Green said. "We will come back." "

When the Nicks league, worst season 17-65, ended two months ago, coach David Fiedale said he expects a comeback in the playoffs next year after the anticipated big lap time

But like everything else it has happened with Nix since Jeff Van Gundy resigned as coach in 2001. The best-planned plans are often mistaken

Even the NBA champions can not breathe easily for the future, and Leonard, who is at his core, can leave, and their brilliant architect, who knocked out Nix from the trade of Carmelo A General Manager Massay Ujgiri has headed for a mass payday to manage the dying Wizards

photos in Anthony Davis's Lotteries, the post said that their young assets are not as attractive as those of other teams in mix with Celtics

With Warriors' shell next season, Boston would have been right to watch Davis as the same

In choosing 19-year-old Duke RJ Barrett with the third yesterday on Thursday will be a nice addition, but it will not make the Nicks playoffs team to break sadly tgodishno

In fact, after the brutality of the NBA Finals, Warriors and Knicks can be suppressed difficult to make the playoffs.

Happy Ending!

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