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Knicks made the right conversation without chasing Carmelo Anthony

If you have to bet during a pandemic which player will be on the Knicks list for 2020-21, Elfried Peyton or Carmelo Anthony, the smarter game is the former star of Syracuse.

But Peyton was called by Zoom of Portland on Sunday after the Knicks shooting spoke of his match against Blazers superstar Damian Lillard, still Anthony’s teammate.

Peyton stabilized the position of defender during the start of Knicks 8-9. Anthony chose to sign with the Blazers again for the NBA veteran’s minimum of $ 2.6 million. The Blazers desperately need Anthony now with studs CJ McCollum and Jusuf Nurkic for an extended period.

Should the Knicks have played harder at Anthony, given that they were left with $ 1

8 million in salary space?

Yes, a case could be made due to their lack of offensive talents – they ranked 30th in the league with an average score of 101.3 points.

On the other hand, the case is stronger, Knicks President Leon Rose made the right call by not going all-in to his former client in November. The Post reported that Rose’s dream duo, after taking the job, added Chris Paul and his friend Anthony.

Anthony, 36, is still attracting attention. His presence could have been devastating if things hadn’t progressed in terms of playing time and touching the ball. More importantly, the Knicks established their identity as a sandy, first defensive club. This is not Anthony’s business card.

Could Julius Randall have this relegation season with Anthony, who plays both small and strong ahead, on the roster? Probably not. Randall needs the ball, he has it in most possession. For most of his career, Anthony, too.

Playing a smaller role in the winning program in Portland, in which Lillard and McCallum participated, is an easier proposal from Anthony to reduce his role with an unidentified Knicks, which would start the 2020-21 campaign.

Randall may not have had the confidence to become an alpha men’s team with Anthony with him in the starting lineup.

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony
NBAE through Getty Images

In addition, RJ Barrett was moved to a smaller role ahead with Reggie Bullock at the start of the shooting guard to give Barrett less responsibilities. Anthony’s presence would erase Bullock and give Barrett the role of guard.

Bullock, who doesn’t need the scale, started all the games when he was healthy – 15 of the first 18. He had to miss Sunday’s game with a sore neck. While Bullock was available, coach Tom Thibodeau remained with the same starting unit.

“I think we have a pretty good balance,” Peyton said on Sunday. “Everyone gives themselves space to do what they do well. And the boys are, RJ has found a really good groove, he plays very well. Julius does it all year round. “

Barrett, despite his 3-point disaster, was a ruthless bull with a motor that never stopped. He may also have stunted in a violation in which Anthony would like the ball to shoot more than to create.

Barrett fought Anthony before his season as a rookie in the pickup games in Colombia. Anthony could have been a great mentor, but you never know how that would happen.

Recall that his former Denver teammate Chauncey Bilaps accused Anthony of caring more about his statistics than his victory.

“It meant too much, because he could have matches when he was 20, 22 [points]”We win the game and he’s crazy,” said Bilups in 2019.

As a Bulls coach, Thibaut pursued Anthony when he was a free agent in 2014 and worked with him at Team USA.

“He had an amazing career – great for all time,” Thibodeau said before the match. “The fact that he is still leaving speaks volumes about who he is. A boy of high character, he performed well. He achieved a lot. ”

During the first days of training camp, Anthony said that the stars were not arranged to gather the Knicks.

“It simply came to our notice then [of consideration]”Anthony said.” The Knicks were making moves and trying to figure out the direction they wanted to go. I’m sure they have a plan. I don’t think going in and trying to confuse their plan was good for both sides. .

“They are reconstructing and inventing what is in the near future. I personally wanted to be part of a situation where I already felt comfortable. I felt that this was appropriate at this point in time when I am currently this particular year. “

In his second season with the Blazers, Anthony averaged 12.2 points, shooting 40.5 percent – 45 of 3. He cut just 1.2 assists in 25 minutes.

As Jeff Van Gundi noted, the Knicks “don’t go anywhere” until they improve their “offensive talent.”

With the establishment of a new order for Randall and Barrett, perhaps adding Anthony to the deadline is not crazy. Of course, the Blazers, who are proud of the resuscitation of Anthony’s career last season, will not be impatient unless the current injuries torpedo their season until the end of the trading period in late March.

Portland signed Anthony for a one-year deal with deep playoff views. The Knicks are trying to avoid another lottery. They want to participate in the wilds of the playoffs for the first time since the 2013-14 season, when they were in it until the last few days.

With essentially 10 teams qualifying – 7-10 seeds face off in the event – the Knicks can sneak in. They were the eighth to enter the action on Sunday.

The smart move was to refuse to make a big game for Anthony in November. But do not rule out anything in the future.

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