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Knockout City doesn’t show your overall stats, which is bad

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Image: Velan Studios / EA

Last week, CatZack Zweitzen and I teamed up for a few rounds of Knockout City. I played pretty well. Zack, on the other hand, crushed it, even finishing a game with a falling jaw-15 KD. Unfortunately, with the exception of the screenshots, which we both clicked in shock after the fact, there is no way to notice the tangible rights to praise in Knockout City. The game does not currently offer a permanent way to track your statistics.

Knockout City, a surprisingly fun multiplayer game for dodgeball, released late last month for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch. From the start of the game quickly and unexpectedly accelerated the pace, exceeding more than five million players to date. Part of this escaped popularity is due to the way it was released (varying degrees of “free”). But this is undoubtedly also the result of the premise of the game, which is fundamentally simpler than the basic addition: Throw dodgeballs at your opponents. Avoid the tricks that throw you. Two hits and you’re out. The first to a certain result wins the round. The rounds move with bubbles and the game certainly catches that “Okay well, just one more matching ”mentality.

After each match you can make a list of statistics after the match. A scoreboard will show your knockouts, your assists, your “deaths” and so on, combined with a very small ratio that can instantly show how well or poorly you performed in the previous game – you know, like any multiplayer player. But once you enter the next game, those statistics are gone, poof sent to the top of the internet farm, where the data goes for a little break.

This is, given all, quite a small difficulty, but the absence of a comprehensive tracker of statistics remains somewhat unpleasant. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m genuinely happy to judge my performance, good or bad, in multiplayer games.

It is fascinating to see, in hard numbers, a bird’s eye view of how you played on a macro level and use this data to inform you how you can hone your craft. There is also a motivating factor: When you compare the way you play in your 100th game with the way you played in the tenth, you can usually see a direct improvement. Keep playing and who knows, you’ll probably see another improvement in your 150’s or 200’s, and so on. Over the years, I may have burned more hours on Halo Waypoint than I have on any Hello play individually. (Only exception: Halo 3. And maybe Halo: Reach outalso.)

I’m not the only one wondering why this multiplayer game doesn’t currently offer a statistics tracker. (Your League Play standings, Knockoutis a racing mode, offering some clues as to how good or bad you play, but nowhere near the in-depth stats you can find in some other multiplayer games.) In the last few weeks, Knockout City players have taken to subreddit the game to aerial confusion why this multiplayer does not have such a feature. To date, the answer remains a resounding “Hmm, no clue”, although some Reddit users have indicated that developers of current games tend to add features in response to community requests.

Knockout City It is also not the first extremely popular multiplayer game to be launched without deep statistics. Apex Legends, Battle Royale, played at one time or another by literally every single person in the universe, has not received a suitable tracker for statistics until his second season, which started in July 2019 – five months later Apex officially released. Knockout City it is still in its first season, there are still 52 days left. The developers from Velan Studios have already updated the game significantly from the start, adding a ranked mode and a new map to the game, plus a number of daily challenges.

It is unclear whether Velan intends to add a statistics tracking component to future updates or seasonal releases. When you reach for a comment from Cat, the studio representatives had no information to add.

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