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Landing on the Moon: Queen Elizabeth admired Neil Armstrong and impressed astronauts at Apollo 11 Science | News

NASA landed the first man on the moon just 50 years ago this month, the evening of July 20, 1969. Three astronauts under the Apollo flag 11 flew to the Moon and again in a remarkable achievement for a human space flight. Upon his return, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were glorified by millions of people around the world for their courage in the face of the unknown. Among her most famous fans was Queen Elizabeth II, who is said to have left an incredibly positive impression on the three astronauts when they met later that year.

The moon's landing of Apollo 11 half a century ago has been seen by some 600 million people around the world. When Commander Armstrong left his spaceship in the morning hours of July 21

, 1969, he became the first person to walk in a world other than ours. Armstrong was soon followed by Aldrin, and the two men spent almost 24 hours on the Moon while the Collins Pilot Command Module stayed in the lunar orbit. While on the moon, the astronauts wore a small disk message from the queen and other world figures who followed the Moon, landing back on Earth.

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  Landing the Moon: Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Astronauts

Landing the Moon: Queen Elizabeth II met with the astronauts of Apollo 11 in October 1969 [Image: GETTY]

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<p><span class= Moon landing: astronauts were impressed by how well the Queen informed (Image: GETTY)

The short a message from the monarch reads: "On behalf of the British people, I congratulate the skills and courage that led man to the moon. is to increase the knowledge and welfare of mankind

Congratulations to the skills and courage that led man to the moon

Queen Elizabeth II

Soon, however, astronauts will have the opportunity to hear these words from the Queen herself and other members of the Royal Family.

After returning to Earth on July 24, the three men had to spend 21 days in quarantine if they were bugged on the surface of the Moon.

Having been given a good health account, Apollo astronauts took an international tour of the holiday, stopping at the Buckingham Palace to meet the queen.

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During their world tour, the astronauts of Apollo 11 covered 28 cities in 25 countries for only 38 days.

On October 15, 1969, they stopped at the Buckingham Palace, where they were greeted by Her Majesty and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.

The astronauts were also shaking hands with Prince Edward, Princess Andrew, Princess Anne and Princess Margaret.

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Historians Francis French and Colin Burgess later remembered the meeting in the book "In this quiet sea".

"When they reached London, around the fifth stop, Armstrong had an old-fashioned cold so fat that he could not speak

  Landing the moon: Queen Elizabeth 2 and the astronauts [19659036] </source></picture></p>
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  Landing the Moon: Queen Elizabeth and the Astronauts

Landing the Moon: Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 (Photo: ROYAL FAMILY TWITTER)

"He thought of canceling a visit to Buckingham Palace to fill with but she had good ideas for her husband Jan. "She told me that if I had to be embalmed, we would have seen the palace, he wanted to see the place," he recalled,

When the astronauts first arrived in the United Kingdom, they received an incredibly warm welcome.The Apollo 11 crew arrived on a presidential plane and began their tour in London by visiting the US Embassy.

The astronauts were shaking hands with the public and waving to the happy crowds.

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The British documentary of the visit said: from them.

"However, they found time to show that they were more than the lunar men, they were good men on Earth, friendly men."

After meeting with the queen, the Apollo 11 crew traveled to Downing Street to be met by Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

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