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League of Legends: Chinese FunPlus Phoenix Team Wins World Championship

FunPlus Phoenix beat G2 Esports favorites in all three games to win the championship in one of the largest online games in the world, watched by a crowd of 15,000 viewers in Paris.

Even more tuned to the Internet to see two teams win to win a largely funded, yet-to-be-finalized prize. (Last year's prize pool amounted to $ 6.45 million.)

G2 Esports represented Europe, the region that won the championship in 2011 when the games first started but have not secured a win in Worlds ever since.

FunPlus Phoenix, a relatively recent group formed in 2018, represented China, which had a team that won the crown last year.

After the game, FunPlus member Pheonix Doinb said: "Previously, many people said that the average lantern playing my playlist does not deserve to win the championship, but I think I finally proved that I deserved it. "

Every year, League of Legends broadcasts its World Cup finals. In 201

7, it threw a giant dragon into a bird's nest during the finals in Beijing, augmented reality. Last year, there was a virtual Korean pop group.

But before the teams get up, the opening ceremony of the Riot Games was a pure spectacle, and the event team drew inspiration from other major sports and music events.

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" We watched the Super Bowl halftime show and pulled it apart: Hey, I really love the way they "made the moment," Adam Makasek, associate event manager at Adam Makasek, told CNN Business. "The same thing with the Olympics. We really try to dive deep into the awards show all year long for how they shoot their content. "

For the finals on Sunday, the Riot event team placed one of the largest orders in the world for metallic, mesh material called holonette, which can be used to place hologram-like images. Mackasek describes the holonet as similar to "a movie screen, but there are a bunch of holes in it that make things look 3D."

"When we held our first World Cup, it was literally in a conference room with hundreds of people watching and one million people watching online," said John Nedham, Head of Global Riot Exporters. "Now when you look at it where we are in our sport, we fill 20,000 arenas and have 100 million online viewers. So this is just massive growth. "

Many parts of the 1965014 opening ceremony4 When artists performed, sometimes they found themselves under the magic spell of characters from the League of Legends video game, and various performers appeared teleporting around the stage and dancers performing with a character's blade.

Riot also takes advantage of its trade deal with Louis Vuitton, as female performers of the fictional hip-hop band True Damage will wear di

The hologram effect will have throughout the finale.Depending on which team of five plays the Championship household, Riot will exclude holographic images of the players in the background.

  Dancers perform in time with virtual blades through display similar to the 2019 League of Legends World Cup hologram.
Makasek said his team was considering to p idarzha to extended reality last year as a virtual Korean pop hit even use lasers. They always want to change things with new technology, he said.

"We don't want people to feel like they know what they're going to see. It challenges us not to take the safe road, "he said. , "Nobody ever thought they would see dragon land in a bird's nest. No one was expecting a digital pop group dance on stage with a real pop group."

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