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Leaked Trump check documents showed red flags for senior officials

Nearly 100 internal Trump inspections skip documents to the Naxos Axis, identifying a number of "red flags" for employees who continue to receive some of the most powerful jobs in the US government. The massive tragedy and the story behind it sheds light on the clash President Trump has filled with his office and administration, and foretells future scandals surrounding his government.

  • Scott Pruit, who eventually lost his job as an administrator of the EPA for serial ethical abuse and clubs with lobbyists, had a section in the check-up format entitled "Claims of Coziness with Big Energy Companies."
  • Tom Price, who eventually resigned as secretary for health and humanitarian services after Trump lost confidence in him for parts of stories about charter flights, had sections in his dossier that marked "criticism of the ability to management and dysfunctions and divisions
  • Mick Mulvaney, who became director of Trump's budget and now serves as head of the headquarters, has a striking assortment of "red flags," including an estimate that Trump "is not a very good person." Trump's transition team is so worried about Rudy Giuliani, who is in charge of the Secretary of State, that they have created a separate 25-page document titled "Oud Business Survey File (1
    9659004) One red flag for General David Petreus, who was discussed as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor: "Petraus opposes torture."

In the chaotic weeks after Trump's surprising election victory Trump fired Chris Cristi as the head of his transition. The team he took – which V.P. Mike Pens pursued the political scrutiny of potential high-ranking officials in the Republican National Committee.

We received the political forms to check which Trump and his senior assistants were given to Ben Carson, Dan Coates, Betsy Devos, Gary Kohn, Don McGan, Elaine Chao, John Kelly, James Matisse, John Bolton, Mick Mulvani, Nikki Hailey . , Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry, Robert Lightheiser, Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruete and many others. The newly elected President Trump reviewed many of these papers in Trump Tower and Bedminster before his interviews, according to a source who saw it.

Traditionally, any potential senior officer faces three types of research: the FBI FBI review, scrap for financial conflicts of interest by the Office of State Ethics, and deep diving from the political team of the newly-elected president who veteran Washington attorneys often handle it. We have received many of the political forms of scrutiny. According to sources from the RNC research team, Trump's senior officials have asked them to make an initial "scrub" of the public record before Trump meets the contenders. But in many cases, for example, the misguided choice of Andrew Pouzar as a Labor Secretary, this public RCC "scrub" was the only substantive study in Trump's possession when he announced his poachers.

Documents show what bothers Trump to check candidates for the most important jobs in the government.

Researchers from the RNC identified some striking "red flags."

The first red flag of Rex Tillerson, who became Trump's first secretary of state, refers to Russia. "Russia's relations with Tilerson are deep," he writes.

One red flag to host Fox News Laura Ingraham, a White House press secretary: "Ingraham said people should wear diapers instead of sharing baths with transgender people."

One title in the document for Chris Kobach, who ran for Secretary of Homeland Security, lists "white supremacy" as a vulnerability. He cites accusations from past political opponents that he has had connections with the white brilliant groups. The veterans had unique concerns about Gary Kon. "Some say that Kon has an abrasive, kurt and frightening style," they write, citing part of Bloomberg. "Sometimes he would be on his feet and plant his foot at the trader's desk, and his thigh would come close to the employee's face and ask how the markets were doing."

Some of the contenders were striking marsh – even by RNC vetters.

Seema Verma, who trumped Trump as the administrator of the Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers, had this paragraph near the top of her checklist: "Verma advised Indiana ($ 3.5 million on contracts) on matters to influence they spend Medicaid's money while it was also paid by a client who has received Medicaid's funds Ethics experts call the agreement a conflict of interest that potentially jeopardizes taxpayers in Indiana

Sonny Perdue, the elected by Trump as Secretary of Agriculture, their a verification form with sections entitled "Business Conflicts of Interest" and "Family Conflicts of Interest." He noted that "Perdue is the owner of Houston Fertilizer and Grain, a company that has received contracts from the Department of Agriculture." [19659008] Documents indicate Trump's willingness to meet people who sometimes criticize him, and the review team often puts these blurs on top of the papers. A source with direct knowledge told me that many of these documents were handed over to Trump; he knew of insults, and he was choosing offenders anyway.

Nikki Hailey, who became Ambassador to Trump, had a note that she said Trump was all "we teach our children not to do in kindergarten." Ryan Zinke, who became Interior Secretary, described Trump as "unprotected."

Rick Perry, an energy secretary, has had serious concerns: Perry describes Trumpism as a "toxic mixture of demagogy, meanness, and nonsense that will lead the Republican party to doom," the veterans note, RNC checking out some left-wing candidates. we did not talk, including senior members of the transition, he could not remember what work Hollywood talent Arie Emanuel was checking out. (A suggested question about Emanuel in his interview: "Do you have any personal problems at the time when the Trump administration faces a partisan "

Two sources that carry out the RNC survey tell me that they often do not know what jobs people have checked.

We publish a selection of these papers You can read the forms we received for the people who have worked in the Trump administration as well as a small group that did not get a job but whose records are remarkable.

We edited the personal data that was not trusted by news, information from false sources, and material that the survey team described as rumors about candidates' privacy, as well as contact and identification information. All unreacted information is from public sources.

We have extended a comment to the White House, the National National Committee, and every person whose survey form we publish. You can see the answers here, and we publish the full RNC statement in a separate article that has behind-the-clock details of their work. The White House Response: "President Trump has garnered an incredible team in the federal government, which – despite 93% of the negative news – has achieved unrivaled successes such as tax cuts, record employment rates, economic boom … recovery of soldiers and lubricants Isis "Said Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley.

" President Trump has done more to improve the lives of the American people for two years – than the previous presidents have done at eight – and no dissatisfied, established cowardice your leaks of wad creatures can not change that. "

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