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Lego Movie 2 offers a second part with more songs, a lot of fun and a little less resonance

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Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Wilton Arneth, Tiffany Hadis, Allison Bree, Stephanie Beatrice, Nick Ocherman, Charlie Day, Richard Aoyade 1

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How Long Can You Continue To Play With Small Plastic Blocks? It's a question Lego Movie 2: The second part raises twice, both as part of his narrative and from his very existence. Like the questions posed by so many sequels, this is something the first film has answered more or less with its growing father character (played in a surprising action by Will Ferrell), which shows that Lego fandom can also last through maturity – and it's never too late to learn to play again, not simply to collect.

Lego Film 2 nevertheless moves forward, reformulating the question without deepening it – and without the same trick to hide its parallel, an invisible story of action. Like Brad Bird's latest on Incredibles 2 there was a dazzling animated original (even more blinding to win this name, even though it was based on a toy line) with some big ideas that are not related with the same modernized line of magic as his predecessor.

Just like Incredibles 2 the film still shows many crafts. (19459037) Ninjago spin-off.) While the bird specializes in the creation of action, Lego & # 39; ; Phil Lord and Chris Miller engage in jokes with a frantic enthusiasm for a child, but a comic engagement. Lord and Miller write this time after they left the chair of Mike Mitchell's director, but they still care about this world of toys with deceptive control of their abilities. They jumped on their sequel straight from the last scene of their predecessor when the newly-saved Bricksburg faced the invasion of the Duplo blocks to the little boys, and then just as quickly jumped five years ahead to the devastated post-apocalyptic landscape. wrought. They condemn Mad Max and send the League of Justice to doom with the perfect economy of big jokes.

Everyfig Emmet (Chris Pratt) remains optimistic about these disappearances of superheroes, dusty landscapes, and sewage babies, and his partner Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) is grimly looking for their new status quo (although he seems to enjoy this reflection). When another fleet of invaders arrives, they take Lucy along with supporting actors from the previous movie, Batman (Wil Arnett), Unicity (Alison Bree), Metal Bird pirate (Nick Oferman), and Miss Watson (Charlie's Day) – Take them away on a distant planet. Motivated by the twin wishes of saving their friends and proving to Lucy that he can grow and harden, Emmett heads for a rescue mission.

Both plots depend on the semi-mysterious strangers: the masked figure leads the kidnapped friends to meet the changing brick shape known as Queen Vatera Vaubi (Tiffany Hadis) while Emmett meets Rex Dangvervest, something like a hybrid from Pratt's more prominent roles (seriously, he's the cowboy). Suffice it to say that the second level of the movie is revealed earlier and less elegantly than the previous one, which means that the tempo of the joke begins to slow down a bit earlier than before. Even when the directors are joking about the exposure, they are attributed to most of it.

Fortunately, jokes are still on the ground, and plastic-looking characters still shine. The Queen of Haddish is a special pleasure, and the film, which is not quite a musical, but definitely relies on it, gives her two original songs, both funny – not least because it includes complicated neglect of Batman. Lego voice booths have become a shrine to actors who live movies have not always served very well: Haddish, Brie, Banks and Pratt, whose model-machismy is threatened, some role-playing to grasp the grace of the garden. Emmett can prove its most durable character on the big screen.

There is some thematic resonance of Lego Movie 2 under the expressive work of voice, songs, jokes and crap, which is not completely tapped. As the film adds symbols drawn along the line of the company's girlfriend, Lucy squeezes into the shining sparkle of the Queen in the Sistar System, and a hero describes the post-apocalyptic Tahlburg as "sandy" and "cooler" aimed at intelligent, multifaceted consideration of how players and games can be born, whether it's important, and how children handle it as they become older.

In the end, however, the film chooses a story that is sweet. but much less complicated. Lego Movie 2 begins to feel more strict about a worldview that can be described as a "poptimist" which is to say open to how people of all ages have fun … as long as they are not too "dark". In the first film, the song "Everything is Awesome" is both a delightful and hideous criticism of solidity. Here is a gift to the world that you really need to shine and admit that you love. The job is there, Lego Movie 2 is nice. You do not have to reproach growth just to get there.

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