The A-list's duo discusses a joint work in Quentin Tarantino's "Once in Hollywood" project for the 1960s film industry and the murders of the Manson family. (May 23)

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Camilla Moron shoots "medium" trolls who criticize the 22-year-old difference between the two men and suggests he will soon throw her away. a few pictures of the Hollywood couple in power Lauren Bachle and Humphrey Bogart, who just wrote: "A love like this." 25-year difference between age.

"Yes, this is her icon because Lauren liked her men 25 years older, known and ultra rich just like Camilla likes Leonardo," @ scottsee commented.

21-year-old Leo Dicaprio Cannes premiered to join him (19659005) Others suggested that DiCaprio – who has never met a woman over 25 years of age, as the Reddit user points out – uses only Morrone for his youth will break up with her when she gets older

"You only have a few more years before you get a girl down!" @veganncow commented while @ ka.th22 added, "Oh, please, what you have is not love, he uses you."

when she arrives at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival's 21st May 2019 film screening "Ever … in Hollywood" ( Photograph: LOIC VENANCE, AFP / Getty Images)

The model and the actress took in front of her Instagram Story Friday to turn to hatred.

"Good morning people and happy Friday I just read some of the comments of my Instagram and … My God, people are so innocent and full of anger with people they know nothing about," she said. "I suppose this Friday I hope people learn to live with less hate and put their time and interests elsewhere because life without hatred feels good."

DiCaprio and Moron meet for over a year and

In May, the lovers both attended the Cannes Film Festival premiere of DiCaprio's New Era in Hollywood's latest film. However, DiCaprio and Moron arrived separately and did not imagine together.

Moron has a connection with "Once in Hollywood." Al Pacino, who plays Dicaprio's agent in the film, has a long-term relationship with his mother, Lucilla Solla.

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