With the news that AAF was supposed to be saved by an investment from NHL owner Tom Dundon, we're discussing whether NFL should invest.
Phienix – The plans to introduce the MLS franchise in Detroit may never materialize, but the city may be ripe for another professional sports team.

So says the founder of the Alliance of American Football. 19659005] In a Twitter exchange with the Detroit Eminem rapper on Monday, Charlie Eberl, a television producer who founded the AAF, offered the opportunity to bring a franchise to the city.

February: The new AAF league has Michigan

The exchange began when Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mothers, marked AAF twittering by asking the league to fight as a hockey player.

"I would watch every game (even if there is no DETROIT team) – Do not hit," wrote Mears.

Ebersol answered with a twist of his own word: "Detroit is not a bad idea for letting me know if you want in it. "

AAF, who started playing as a football league for development earlier this year, is now comprised of eight teams in most markets other than the NFL such as San Antonio, Orlando, Memphis and Salt Lake City

The League also has teams in Tempe, Arizona, near the place where the Arizona cardinals play, and Atlanta, where the NFL Atlantean falcons live

It is unclear how serious Ebersol is about his proposal – an email, search a comment, was not returned immediately – or why he thinks Detroit will be a first-class expansion franchise

The city already has four professional sports teams, including NFL, and the Lions and the new team will probably have to fight the bad weather for home games (assuming it will be played somewhere else except at Ford Field's home in Lyons) touchdown in the first half against legends in Atlanta at Georgia's state stadium. "width =" 540 "data-mycapture-src =" "data -mycapture-sm-src = "" />

Kenneth Farrow II (20) scored touchdown in the first half against Atlanta legends at the Georgia stadium [Photo: Jason Gaetz, USA Today]

Seven weeks after its first season, AAF has received mixed reviews.

The League has enjoyed better than expected TV ratings but it also has financial and legal challenges and it is believed that Carolina Hurricanes' owner Tom Dundee has taken $ 250 million for the league against the reports that he has had problems with paying salaries and cash bleeding and Ebersol was sued by a man who claims the league is his idea.

The League will also face upcoming leaps and bounds such as the revised XFL in 2020

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