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Lindsay Graham faces heat from right-wing media over failure to investigate alleged democratic corruption

Right-wing media figures – including heavyweights such as Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbo and others – suggest that Graham failed the president by not using his power as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate the origin of the study of Russia and most recently of the impeachment investigation.
Graham promised in May that the Senate Judiciary Committee – which is responsible for overseeing the Department of Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation – would "look long and hard" as the investigation into Trump's campaign interactions with Russia began during the 2016 presidential election. He then reiterated the need to examine the origins of the investigation in Russia in interviews with the media.

But such hearings did not materialize. In recent weeks, a scandal with Ukraine has put conspiracy theories surrounding the origin of Russia's probe back in the spotlight.

Right-wing media figures, in addition to Trump himself, recently revealed a debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, hacked Democratic National Committee emails in 201
6. The theory is popular in pro-Trump circles because it puts Russia on the sidelines. the hook for electoral interference and suggests that probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is unnecessary and corrupt in origin.
The Justice Department has opened a study into the origin of the Trump-Russia investigation.
  Right-wing media figures are all over Trump's impeachment deposition

[1965] subject to scrutiny for not delivering his word.

"Lindsay Graham is chairman of the committee He claimed he would get to the bottom of it," says Carlson, who hosts Fox's premiere show, in an Oct. 21 interview with Republican Senator Rand Paul. "Why not? "

Paul agreed that Graham" had the power "to" attract these people "for questioning and said he" encouraged him publicly and privately to do so. "

Carlson later added to the segment, "When he goes on cable news, not in this show, but in others, and he makes those statements, 'I'll do this. I'll do this. I'll do this. I'll fight for then he doesn't. "

Carlson is far from alone. Right-wing chorus has grown stronger over the last few weeks.

"Lindsay Graham, you are the chairman of the Senate's judicial system," Sebastian Gorkha, a former White House aide who now hosts a radio show, said during a Nov. 8 Fox business statement. "You can summon anyone you want. You can call Adam Schiff. You can call the whistle. Where are you?"

Rust Limbo, the highest rated conservative talk show host, asked a similar question.

"Many people raised a good point, where is Lindsay Grahamnesty? Where is he?" Limbo asked during the episode of October 22 on his show. "He has a Senate committee he chairs, the Judiciary Committee. he can call people, he can ask to see – he can do in the Senate what they do in the House, except he can do it to the people who run this false Trump investigation. "

And Lou Dobbs, the host Fox Business Network said in late October that Graham was a "troublemaker" who "didn't raise a finger for the president."

On the pro-Trump Internet, Gateway Pundit – a blog known for conspiracy theories but popular on the far right and among Trump supporters – blasts Graham.

"LIES!" One headline recently read. CIA, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Muller, Stefan Halper. "

Trump is known for consuming right-wing media, so commentary can help shape his opinion of Graham, who has become his close ally. Everyone knows that Carlson, Limbo and Dobbs are close to Tr

Graham's spokesman declined requests for comment on right-wing attacks when reached by CNN Business.

Graham's spokesman cited a recent interview that Graham made to Sean Hannity of Fox, in which Graham stated that some areas of jurisdiction fall under other Senate committees.

Trump himself is

When asked in October about Graham's criticism of his decision to withdraw from Syria, Trump said Graham "must find out what happened" to former FBI Director James Comi , former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strock, and former President Barack Obama. Russia.

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