Elvis Presley married Priscilla Bolly in Las Vegas. (May 1st)

A photograph of Lisa's son, Marie Presley, channeling her famous dad, Elvis Presley, has internet which all rocked.

Presley shared a rare family picture of Twitter Thursday with his four children – daughter Riley Kueg, 30, son of Benjamin Keeh, 26 and two twin daughters Harper and Finley Lockwood, 10.

she signed a black-and-white photo of herself, embraced her offspring during the Los Angeles meeting for Riley's 30th birthday at the end of May.

But one particular family member attracted the attention of the people.

The fans could not fail to notice Benjamin's striking resemblance to his emblematic grandfather, Elvis Presley, himself the King of Roll and Roll. Related : John Stamos and Billy's son wear matching coats of Elvis Presley in birthday birthday dress

"Your son is your father's twin! Nice family!" one user commented while another added "It's really cool how your son has the features of your dad and yours."

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