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Live Coronavirus: Updates from around the world

At a political congress, China aims to show that it will not be covered by protests or a pandemic.

As China’s top leaders launched a rigorously choreographed legislative competition on Friday, they demonstrated a force to face the Hong Kong challenge and the economic damage caused by the coronavirus.

“Currently, the epidemic is not over yet, while the tasks we face to promote development are enormous,” Prime Minister Li Keqiang told lawmakers on Friday. “We need to redouble our efforts to minimize the losses caused by the virus.”

“Stay at home with your family and mix your hope with hope, because those who rely on God, he will protect them,” he sang, according to Agence France-Presse. “Strengthen yourself with prayer and wear the mask as a shield against the pandemic.”

In villages and towns in the Middle East, some Ramadan drummers still maintain a living tradition that has given way to alarm clocks and smartphone signals in recent years. But under the coronavirus cloud, almost everything else for Ramadan – and the usually joyous holiday that marks its end, Eid al-Fitr, which begins this weekend – was new, and not in a good way.

As a nod to the holy month, and in part because the workload on the Covid-19 cases seemed light, several Arab countries have eased restrictions on collection and trade – only to tighten up again when the cases suddenly take hold.

Eid will be a major challenge for the authorities: Instead of participating in common prayer, holidays and parties, many people in the Middle East and the Muslim world will be more closed than they have been for weeks.

As for prayers, religious authorities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia have ruled that they should be performed at home.

The largest number of displaced people so far is in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where more than 480,000 people have fled their homes in recent weeks during clashes between armed groups and the military.

In Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Syria, Somalia and Myanmar, more than 10,000 people have been displaced in each country over the same period.

The Norwegian Refugee Council, in a statement issued with the report, called on world leaders to “become an occasion and jointly encourage parties to cease fire and unite in defense of all Covid-19 communities.”

People who have taken drugs are more likely to have abnormal heart rhythms, according to a study published in The Lancet.

But the study was observational, meaning that patients were not randomly selected to receive the drug or not. This type of study cannot provide conclusive evidence for the safety and effectiveness of drugs.

However, the study authors recommended that the drugs not be used outside of clinical trials and said that urgently controlled trials were urgently needed.

As schools in China slowly open, teachers have found new ways to protect students from the coronavirus and impose social distancing.

In one school, that meant giving wings to children. Pictures showing fourth-graders in Taiyuan, northern China’s Shanxi Province, wearing colored wings on their backs, with the message, “Because I love you, let’s go one meter.”

The wings are designed and created by students and their parents from recycled materials. One wore wings made of green cardboard and decorated with heart-shaped notes, and another was decorated with fabric feathers.

“We organized this activity in honor of the most beautiful people – the angels in white,” said Zhao Geiling, the principle of the Xinghualing Primary School for Foreign Languages, to the Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily, citing health professionals. She said it also helps students better understand social distancing as they adapt to their new wingspan.

The school has also organized “breathing classes” that allow children to take off their mandatory face masks and get fresh air outside the classroom. At the end of January, with the spread of the coronavirus in China, primary schools were closed, but most opened in April with strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a similar move, first-graders at a primary school in Hangzhou wear “one-meter hats” with cardboard plumes and even balloons to remind themselves of social distancing.

Plans for a potential Scandinavian “travel bubble” that would see neighboring countries open their borders to travel among its residents have one major element: Sweden.

Allowing Swedish visitors to enter Finland could risk undermining coronavirus control measures in the county, Finland’s largest infectious disease expert said on Friday, arguing that the large number of deaths and deaths in Sweden is higher. threat from others.

Mika Salminen, director of health security at the National Institute of Health and Welfare of Finland, told Swedish television station SVT that it would be risky to receive Swedish tourists.

“This is a political decision, but the real difference in the spread of the infection is a fact,” said Mr Salminen, one of the experts leading Finland’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Salminen’s statement voiced concerns from Finnish Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo, who said a traveling bubble covering the Nordic countries could be difficult to implement because the situation is “more worrying” in Sweden than in the rest.

Members of the Malaysian parliament, wearing face masks to match their fresh white uniforms, gathered this week in the huge lower house for the first time this year.

The King of Malaysia, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, sat on a decorated golden throne and spoke for half an hour. No issues were resolved. No votes were taken. Parliament was then postponed until July.

Muhididin Yassin, the newly appointed prime minister, and his allies have taken advantage of restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus, but it has also limited the ability of opponents to organize and provoke them. Mr Muhididin’s government imposed social distancing measures that slowed the spread of the virus but also conveniently minimized opportunities to mobilize opponents.

He canceled the March session of Parliament because of the pandemic and restrictions on public gatherings prevented the kind of protests seen in the Najib era, when tens of thousands of people took to the streets demanding his resignation.

Mr Muhididin’s office announced that he had been quarantined at home on Friday after attending a meeting Wednesday with an official who later tested positive for coronavirus, but had so far tested negative for the virus.

None of the others present at the post office meeting were identified, but all were ordered to undergo preliminary testing and 14-day quarantines.

“We’re stuck,” said Daniela Vassallo, 52, as she walked across the field and headed for Giulio, the runaway camel.

A former administrator who has become a concordator, Ms. Vassalo is a member of a family that has worked in the circus for at least six generations and has owned this particular show for 29 years. The latter period was perhaps the smallest event, as she and her relatives and various circus performers spent months here in trailers embracing mint-striped tents.

In fact, the Rolly Rolls are not so much trapped as they do not want to go their separate ways. Like other dynasties in the life cycle of large cycles with 60 circuses in Italy, Vassalos owns homes and properties about an hour south in Latina, a city that has to circulate people like Tampa, Florida, for professional wrestlers.

An animal tamer, wearing a welding helmet, while chasing repairs, quickly chased the camel.

While easing travel restrictions has allowed circus members to leave the menagerie and tents earlier this month, Ms. Vassalo said Latina has been crammed with other circus acts and animals and that her performers fear the privacy of home isolation. She said the troupe agreed that it was preferable to continue renting this land from a cornfield and move on to lock training together.

“Better in the company,” she said, was the consensus, “with my people.”

Andorra, a tiny country wedged between France and Spain, is home to just 77,000 people and is best known for its ski resorts and tax haven status. In addition, there is only one hospital.

Andorra’s foreign minister, Maria Ubach, said in a telephone interview that she was unlikely to take the initiative to call on Cuba for help.

“When you are in a crisis situation, you have to make decisions quickly, so we turned to Cuba, because we now have closer contacts with the continent of Latin America,” said Ms. Ubach. “We usually turn to our neighbors France and Spain, but they are also facing a critical situation.”

The Cubans arrived in Andorra in late March, but their mission did not start well. One of the doctors tested positive for Covid-19 on arrival, forcing the entire team to continue quarantine for a week.

But Cubans have since made important contributions to Andorra, which had an official coronavirus death toll of 51 on Friday. Although small in number, it is proportionately among the highest in Europe given its small population.

Cuba has sent doctors and nurses to a dozen countries in crisis, including Italy at the start of the outbreak and several countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

The British government confirmed on Friday that it will quarantine everyone who flies in the country, including citizens, to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers will need to indicate the address where they will be staying. Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis told Sky News on Friday that international passengers would face on-site inspections by public health officials and fines of £ 1,000, or about $ 1,200, if they failed to isolate themselves for 14 days.

But Jonathan Ashert, secretary of the opposition Labor Labor Party, told Sky that “many people have asked why we don’t do it sooner,” adding: “Not taking all the measures we need to take is an idiotic position.” . “

Concerns about coronavirus infections have added new dimensions to the already polarizing global debate on migration.

“Guatemala is an ally of the United States, but the United States is not an ally of Guatemala,” he said. “They don’t treat us like an ally.”

Ройтерс цитира шефа на президента Виктор Орбан Гергели Гуляс, който казва, че зоните са изпразнени след E.U. съдът постанови, че практиката за задържане на мигранти вътре в тях е незаконна.

Преди това г-н Джонсън се противопоставяше на призивите за освобождаване на работниците, като каза в сряда, че правителството му „трябва да разгледа реалностите“ на финансирането на N.H.S.

Поправка: По-ранна версия на този брифинг погрешно идентифициран Мат Ханкок, британски служител. Той е здравният секретар, а не говорител на премиера.

Пакетите бяха отворени от граничните служители в Сидни в началото на май. В първия момент около два килограма метамфетамини са били скрити под кутии с маски за лице и бутилки за дезинфекциращо средство за ръце. Във втория наркотиците се съхраняват в бутилки за дезинфекция.

Не е изненада, че престъпниците се възползват от пандемията за контрабанда на наркотици в страната, заявиха служители. „Продължаваме да откриваме и спираме незаконни вещества, постъпващи в Австралия, без значение как са били укривани“, казва Джон Флеминг, надзирател на граничните сили, който контролира пощата и товара.

Ограниченията за пътуване в региона също ще бъдат премахнати на тази дата, казаха по-рано тази седмица, за първи път от два месеца.

Призивът за молитва иззвъня наскоро следобед от Джамия Джамия, забележителност в центъра на Найроби със зелени и сребърни куполи и множество минарета. Там трябва да се сближават поклонници по време на този свещен месец Рамадан, но вратите на джамията останаха затворени, молитвените й зали бяха празни след затварянето си през март заради пандемията на коронавирус.

Без да ми се присъедини събрание, седнах в колата, търкулнах се по прозорците и слушах гласа на муезина – мелиорен звук, който ми накара да плача.

Аз се карам на наложените ограничения понякога, защото с 21 братя и сестри и 17 племенници и племенници, ифтарското ядене за прекъсване на ежедневния пост винаги за мен е било оживено семейно дело. Ще започнем с фурми, след което ще пролеем пикантни самоса и пилешки бириани, ще минем около легендарното камилско месо на майка ми и ще споделим торти и сладки чаи.

И така оставаме физически разделени, но намираме единство в ритуалите на постите и пиршествата. Нещата може да се разпадат, но аз открих утеха и приемственост в малките неща: самоса на панела, изпратен от майката на приятел, следобедът се движи в близка, почти празна гора, съобщенията от близки, които се проверяват от всички по света – и звукът на азана, призивът към молитва, излъчван от върховете на минаретите.

По време на посещението си г-н Тръмп продължи да настоява за по-нататъшното облекчаване на ограниченията за социално дистанциране. Той обвини демократите, че поддържат икономиката затворена, и предложи избирателите да ги накажат на президентските избори и да го разглеждат като “въпрос от ноември”.

Ето какво още се случи в четвъртък в Съединените щати:

Репортажите допринесоха от Рафаел Миндер, Елиан Пелтие, Меган Спесиа, Джейсън Хоровиц, Бела Хуанг, Вивиан Уанг, Остин Рамзи, Йонет Джоузеф, Вивиан Йе, Женева Абдул, Еван Ийстлинг, Изабела Квай, Абди Латиф Дахир, Хавиер К. Ернандес, Кийт Брадшер , Крис Бъкли, Майк Айвс, Никълъс Богъл-Бъроуз, Джеймс Горман, Кейд Мец и Ерин Грифит.

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