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Live Coronavirus Updates: UK, Vaccine, China

Britain declares quarantine for all international air passengers.

Britain will quarantine everyone who flies into the country, including citizens, for 14 days, starting on June 8, to fight the spread of the coronavirus, Home Secretary Priti Patel said on Friday.

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers will have to provide contact details and address where they will stay, Ms. Patel said. She said those who disproved the complacency rules would be fined 1,000 pounds, or about $ 1,200, and that the government could increase the penalty.

She said some workers would be fired, but did not go into details. Previous news reports that trucks and freight workers, along with citizens of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, will be released, but not arriving from France. The BBC reported that those entering isolation would be encouraged to withdraw N.H.S. Covid-19 application

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary described the new quarantine plan as “hopelessly flawed”, “idiotic” and “incompatible”. UK Airlines said the measure would “effectively kill” British international travel.

This move is supported by opposition lawmakers. Jonathan Ashert, secretary of the opposition Labor Party’s health party, told Sky earlier Friday that “many people have asked why we didn’t do it earlier,” adding: “Not taking all the measures we need to take , is the idiotic position. “

The vaccine is considered the best long-term solution to end the pandemic and help countries reopen. Nearly 100 teams around the world compete to test different candidates.

The vaccine reported today was developed with an adenovirus called Ad5, which readily enters human cells. However, many people have already been exposed to Ad5, so there are concerns that antibodies to it will be too common to allow the vaccine to work widely.

In addition to injection site pain, nearly half of the participants also reported fever, fatigue, and headache, and about one in five had muscle pain. Participants knew whether they were receiving a low, medium, or high dose, which may have influenced their perception of side effects.

As the pandemic ended much of everyday life, microphones listening to cities around the world took over a man-made environment suddenly devoid of human sounds.

In Manhattan, a comparison of audio clips from a busy corner a year ago and now, according to home orders, found that the usual chaos of sounds – car horns, empty talk and the rumble of subways that often pass from below – have been replaced. from the low noise of wind and birds. The sound levels there dropped by about five decibels, enough to make the day sound more like a quiet night.

Whether you will find this welcome or meaningless is another question.

“For me, this is the sound of pain in the city,” said Juan Pablo Bello, who runs a project at N.Y.U. studying the sounds of New York. “It’s not a healthy sound in my mind.”

Researchers compared footage from the square outside the Tate Modern in London, taken last May and last month. Similar recordings from the project at Piazza San Marco in Venice showed a lively public space last year.

Ten government ministers in South Sudan tested positive for the coronavirus, giving the country the highest number of infected cabinet members in Africa.

Ministers infected the virus after coming into contact with a former member of the high-level coronavirus task force, Information Minister Michael McVeigh told BTV. The announcement comes just days after First Vice President Rijeka Machar; his wife, Angelina Tenny, who is also defense minister; and its staff and bodyguards tested positive for Covid-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus. Officials have been quarantined for the next 14 days.

In Burkina Faso, five government ministers and two ambassadors – including US Ambassador Andrew Young – tested positive for the coronavirus in March.

South Sudan, emerging from a devastating civil war, has so far reported 481 cases, including four deaths and four recoveries. Although this figure is relatively low compared to the number of cases in other countries, aid groups have raised the alarm for a sharp increase in cases in recent days, despite limited testing, monitoring and follow-up. Many are also concerned about the spread of the virus in densely populated civil protection areas, where the cases were discovered in mid-May.

“We expect to monitor the number of cases that continue to increase in South Sudan until it becomes widespread in the community, as social distancing is difficult to implement in this context,” said Rosalind Crowther, director of the NGO Care. “In South Sudan. statement. “The actual number of cases is much higher and there have been reports of people dying from Covid’s symptoms that have never been tested.”

The widespread disruption of routine immunization programs around the world during the coronavirus pandemic puts 80 million children under the age of 1 at risk of contracting a deadly, vaccine-preventable disease, according to a report Friday by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Gavi, Vaccine Union.

The groups surveyed 129 low- and middle-income countries and found that 68 had some degree of disruption to vaccination services through clinics and large-scale inoculation campaigns.

Many public health experts say they worry that deaths from diseases, including cholera, rotavirus and diphtheria, could far surpass those of Covid-19 itself.

“Currently, the epidemic is not over yet, while the tasks we face to promote development are enormous,” Prime Minister Li Keqiang told lawmakers on Friday. “We need to redouble our efforts to minimize the losses caused by the virus.”

Within India imposed a national blockade on March 25, thousands and thousands of migrant workers deprived of work began long treacherous journeys from Indian cities, often on foot.

But Mohan Paswan, a lower-belt rickshaw driver in India’s caste system, was injured in a car accident in January and could barely walk. He and his 15-year-old daughter, Giotti Kumari, had no transportation and almost no money as they seemed to be returning from the village of New Delhi, halfway from India.

Their saving grace was a $ 20 motorbike bought with the last of their savings. Starting on May 8, Giootti walked 700 miles with his father on his back, delivering the two quietly home last weekend.

They had little food for many days. They slept at gas stations. They lived on the generosity of strangers. Cycling was not easy. Her father was big and he was carrying a bag. Sometimes people annoyed them, upset him.

Reached over the phone on Friday in her village of Sirhuli, in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states, Jooti said in a scratched and exhausted voice, “I’m excited, I really want to go.”

“Stay at home with your family and mix your hope with hope, because those who rely on God, he will protect them,” he sang, according to Agence France-Presse. “Strengthen yourself with prayer and wear the mask as a shield against the pandemic.”

In villages and towns in the Middle East, some Ramadan drummers still maintain a living tradition that has given way to alarm clocks and smartphone signals in recent years. But under the coronavirus cloud, almost everything else for Ramadan – and the usually joyous holiday that marks its end, Eid al-Fitr, which begins this weekend – was new, and not in a good way.

As a nod to the holy month, and in part because the burden of Covid-19 cases seemed light, several Arab countries have eased restrictions on collection and trade – only to tighten again when cases suddenly take hold.

Eid will be a major challenge for the authorities: Instead of participating in common prayer, holidays and parties, many people in the Middle East and the Muslim world will be more closed than they have been for weeks.

As for prayers, religious authorities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia have ruled that they should be performed at home.

People who have taken drugs are more likely to have abnormal heart rhythms, according to a study published in The Lancet.

But the study was observational, meaning that patients were not randomly selected to receive the drug or not. This type of study cannot provide conclusive evidence for the safety and effectiveness of drugs.

However, the study authors recommended that the drugs not be used outside of clinical trials and said that urgently controlled trials were urgently needed.

As schools in China slowly open, teachers have found new ways to protect students from the coronavirus and impose social distancing.

In one school, that meant giving wings to children. Pictures showing fourth-graders in Taiyuan, in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi, wearing colorful wings on their backs, with the message, “Because I love you, let’s keep a meter away.”

The wings are designed and created by students and their parents from recycled materials. One wore wings made of green cardboard and decorated with heart-shaped notes, and another was decorated with fabric feathers.

“We organized this activity in honor of the most beautiful people – the angels in white,” said Zhao Geiling, director of Xinghualing Primary School of Foreign Languages, he told the Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily, referring to health professionals. She said it also helps students better understand social distancing as they adapt to their new wingspan.

The school has also organized “breathing classes” that allow children to take off their mandatory face masks and get fresh air outside the classroom. At the end of January, with the spread of the coronavirus in China, primary schools were closed, but most opened in April with strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a similar move, first-graders at a primary school in Hangzhou wear “one-meter hats” with cardboard plumes and even balloons to remind themselves of social distancing.

The largest number has been displaced so far in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where more than 480,000 people have fled their homes in recent weeks during clashes between armed groups and the military.

In Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Syria, Somalia and Myanmar, more than 10,000 people were displaced in each country during the same period.

The Norwegian Refugee Council, in a statement issued with the report, called on world leaders to “become an occasion and jointly encourage parties to cease fire and unite in defense of all Covid-19 communities.”

Плановете за потенциален скандинавски „балон за пътуване“, който би видял съседните държави да отворят границите си за пътуване сред жителите си, има една основна стихия: Швеция.

Разрешаването на шведски посетители да влязат във Финландия може да рискува да подкопае мерките за ограничаване на коронавируса в окръга, заяви в петък най-големият експерт по инфекциозни болести във Финландия, като се аргументира, че големият брой случаи и смъртни случаи в Швеция представлява по-голяма заплаха от останалите.

Мика Салминен, директор на здравната сигурност в Националния институт за здраве и благополучие на Финландия, каза на шведския телевизионен оператор SVT, че би било рисковано да приемате шведски туристи.

„Това е политическо решение, но действителната разлика в разпространението на инфекцията е факт“, казва г-н Салминен, един от експертите, водещи на отговора на Финландия за пандемията на коронавирус.

Съобщението на г-н Салминен озвучи опасенията на министъра на вътрешните работи на Финландия Мария Охисало, която каза, че пътуващ балон, обхващащ скандинавските страни, може да бъде трудно да се приложи, тъй като ситуацията е “по-тревожна” в Швеция, отколкото в останалите.

“Заседнали сме”, каза Даниела Васало, 52-годишна, докато вървеше по полето и се насочваше към Джулио, избягалата камила.

Бивша администраторка, превърнала се в конкорционери, г-жа Васало е член на семейство, което работи в цирка от поне шест поколения и притежава това конкретно шоу в продължение на 29 години. Последният период беше може би най-малкото събитие, тъй като тя и нейните роднини и различни циркови изпълнители преминаха месеците тук прегърнати в ремаркета до палатки с ивици с мента.

В действителност ролините Роли не са в капан толкова много, колкото да не искат да вървят по отделните си пътища. Подобно на другите династии в жизнената култура на големи цикли с 60 циркуса в Италия, Васалос притежава домове и имоти на около час на юг в Латина, град, който трябва да циркулира хората, какъвто е Тампа, Флорида, за професионални борци.

Животно-укротител, облечен в заваръчен шлем, докато посещавал ремонти, бързо гонил камилата.

Докато облекчаването на ограниченията за пътуване остави членовете на цирка да напуснат менажерия и палатки от началото на този месец, г-жа Васало каза, че Латина е била натъпкана с други циркови актове и животни и че нейните изпълнители се страхуват от уединението на домашната изолация. Тя каза, че трупата се е съгласила, че е за предпочитане да продължите да наемате тази земя от царевично поле и да преминавате заедно към обучението за заключване.

„По-добре в компанията“, каза тя, беше консенсусът, „с моите хора.“

Андора, мъничка нация между Франция и Испания, е дом на едва 77 000 души и е най-известна със своите ски курорти и изграждането на богатството си като данъчен рай. Освен това има само една болница.

Мария Убах, външният министър на Андора, каза в телефонно интервю, че е поела малко вероятно инициативата да призове Куба за помощ.

„Когато сте в кризисна ситуация, трябва бързо да вземате решения, затова се обърнахме към Куба, тъй като сега имаме по-тесни контакти с континента Латинска Америка“, каза г-жа Убах. „Обикновено се обръщаме към нашите съседи Франция и Испания, но те също са изправени пред критична ситуация.“

Кубинците пристигнаха в Андора в края на март, но мисията им не започна добре. Един от лекарите тества положително за Covid-19 след пристигането си, принуждавайки целия екип да продължи карантина за седмица.

Но оттогава кубинците са допринесли важен принос в Андора, която към петък е имала официален брой на смъртта от коронавирус от 51. Въпреки че броят им е малък, той е пропорционално сред най-високите в Европа предвид малкото му население.

12-те лекари и 27 медицински сестри се интегрираха добре с местните медицински служители и помогнаха за споделяне на натовареността им, каза министърът.

Куба изпрати лекари и медицински сестри в дузина държави в кризата, включително Италия в началото на огнището и няколко страни от Централна Америка и Карибите.

Мобилни плажове. Препълнени паради. Натрупани обществени церемонии. Задния двор на барбекюта. Денят на паметта, който почита военните загинали в страната, дойде в началото на лятото в голяма част от Съединените щати, обикновено носи милиони рамо до рамо, кърпа за кърпа.

Много от традиционните събития на Деня на паметта бяха отменени или заменени с социално далечни алтернативи. Избраните длъжностни лица и организаторите на събития се надпреварват да върнат възможно най-голяма нормалност, без да застрашават общественото здраве. Резултатите са обнадеждаващи, подлудяващи и смайващи. Но много американци притискат и се опитват да запазят важното, като същевременно оставят това, което не е.

Хората също започват да усещат негативните последици за здравето от социалната изолация, което Стив Коул, изследовател на социалната геномия в Калифорнийския университет в Лос Анджелис, твърди, че може да увеличи шансовете за хронични заболявания и други видове заболявания, колкото по-дълго продължава.

„Не искаме да бъдем натъпкани като сардини в тълпата“, каза той, „но в същото време самотното човешко същество е рецепта за смъртта“.

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