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Live Democratic Debate Updates: 2020 Candidates Democrats Face Presidential Debate in Atlanta Today


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Ten Democratic presidential candidates took the stage in Atlanta Wednesday night, just one hour after the blockbuster investigation into the impeachment investigation US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sundland testifying that he worked with Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, at the behest of the president. The candidates were first asked for impeachment, with Senator Bernie Sanders warning that Democrats should not be "consumed" by President Trump.

"Unfortunately, we have a president who is not only a pathological liar, he is probably the most corrupt president in modern history," Sanders said, though he claims that focusing only on impeachment would be a mistake. "The US Congress can simultaneously to go and chew, "Sanders added.

Warren's proposed wealth tax and Medicare For All, two of the dividing points among Democrats, were also addressed early.

There are two fewer Democrats on stage than in the last debate. Former Congressman Beto O'Rourke dropped out of the race in early November, and former Obama Housing Secretary Julian Castro failed to qualify for this debate.

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Applicants Deal With Housing Costs

9:50 PM: Steyer was the first affordable housing issue, a growing problem, especially in big cities. The billionaire said that so much depends on where someone puts their head at night.

Warren stated that the housing problem was a supply-side problem, and the federal government and private contractors were not building the type of housing Americans needed, or enough.

"Housing is how we build wealth in America," Warren said. She added that the federal government subsidized housing for white people, but not for colored people.

Her plan, Warren said, would resolve this imbalance and reverse it.

Booker then resolved the issue by stating that he began his career as a tenant rights lawyer. But one thing hadn't come out yet, Booker noted – gentrification. Booker said his plan would allow people who pay more than one-third of their rental income to receive tax relief. That would help low-income families, the former Newark mayor said.

Catherine Watson

Applicants discuss paid family leave plans

21:46: For the first time since the debate began, moderators asked applicants for their proposals for universal paid family leave. Jan said only two countries – Papua New Guinea and the United States – do not provide paid family leave. In fact, several other countries also do not provide paid family leave, but their number is extremely small.

"We should get out of this list as soon as possible," says Jan.

Klobuchar compares his plan, which would provide three months of paid family leave, to Harris's plan. Klobuchar said she "accurately" calculated how she would pay for her family vacation plan.

"I won't go for things just because they sound good on an armor sticker and then throw themselves in a free car," Klobuchar

Harris notes that more and more women have children in their thirties and thirties, that child-rearing people also often take care of their parents.

"These families and parents often raise young children and care for their parents, which takes a lot of work," Harris said. "What we see in America today is the burden on women."

Grace Sagers

Biden says Trump has "indicted"

9:45 PM: NBC's Rachel Madwood has raised recent "shut it down" scandals against the president of the World Series in question to Sanders. The American people, Sanders said, "get to the point that this president thinks he is above the law."

He added that the American people "said," No one is above the law. "He added that if this president violates the law, he should be prosecuted" like anyone else who violates the law. "

Biden, joining the conversation, stated that such a decision was up to the Department of Justice.

Sanders said he agreed that such determination was dependent on the independent justice department. But the American people, Sanders repeated, were beginning to realize that at his discretion,

Biden agreed and said that the question of whether the president should be impeached was a separate issue. But the president, said the former vice president, has "already been indicted." Biden also suggested that the attorney general should decide whether Mr Trump should be prosecuted for violating the law while in office.

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Klobuchar: Candidates for women "need to work harder and that's a fact"

9:36 PM: Klobuchar addressed the comments he made earlier made regarding Butigig, where she said a woman with his qualifications would not reach the debate stage.

"I think Pete is qualified to be at this stage. It is an honor for me to stand by him," said Klobuchar. However, she added that women were simply held to a different standard.

"Otherwise, we can play a game called 'call your beloved wife a president,'" Klobuchar said, laughing.

"We have to work harder and that's a fact," Klobuchar said of the presidential candidates She advertises her experience as a senator who wins red counties more than once, saying this is proof that she can win the election against Mr. Trump.

"If you think a woman can't win Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every day, "said Klobuchar, applauding.

Grace Sagers

"I raised $ 17,000 from ex-boyfriends," says Klobuchar. the senator from Minnesota. "I raised $ 17,000 from ex-girlfriends," she said.

This remark came after Steyer had to respond to critics who cited people like him as indicative of the money problem in politics. Steyer is a billionaire who self-finances much of his campaign.

Klobuchar tried to make her an external candidate who understood Middle America and could win demographics of other liberal candidates from richer environments.

Katherine Watson

Tulsi Gabbard turns to criticism of Hillary Clinton

9:25 PM: Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker asked Gabbard about her criticism of Hillary Clinton. Gabbard said she criticized Clinton for representing the creation of the wing of the Democratic Party.

The creation of the Democratic Party, she said, "continues to be influenced by the foreign policy office in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton and the foreign policy of other countries, by the military-industrial complex. "

Parker turned to Harris and asked her if she wanted to answer.

– Oh, sure," Harris said to laugh. She then condemned Gabbard for criticism of former President Obama on Fox News and for meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. Harris said Gabbard "spends full time during this campaign, again criticizing the Democratic Party.

"What Senator Harris is doing is still trafficking in lies, strokes and hints," Gabbard replied. She said Harris's words indicate that Harris "will continue the Bush-Clinton-Trump strategy for the regime change war."

Grace Segers

Warren is pushing for a Medicare for All plan, which Biden assumes is unrealistic

9:20 PM: Warren was forced to defend his Medicare plan which is unpopular with Republicans and, according to critics, can exclude many independent voters.

"I see and see tens of millions of Americans struggling to pay their medical bills," Warren said.

Warren has been criticized for the cost of his plan, which, in her opinion, would still result in lower overall costs for average Americans.

Then Sanders was invited into the conversation, making one of his favorite remarks – that he "wrote the damn bill."

Biden, considered a more moderate candidate, insisted that Americans do not want to be deprived of their health care. The former vice president said he trusted Americans to make the best choice for them. "Medicare for all," he said, will never succeed.

"This cannot pass the United States Senate now with the Democrats, it cannot pass the House," he said.

"If you go the route of my two friends on my right and left, you have to give up your private insurance," Biden added.

Katherine Watson

Warren says her wealth tax is "not for punishing anyone"

9:13 PM: Warren has rejected criticism that her proposal for a tax on the rich are punitive, saying it is about justice.

"To do a wealth tax does not mean to punish anyone," Warren said. She referred to a speech she made during her 2012 Senate campaign stating that wealthy people built their wealth on the work of others, such as teachers and government officials.

"Find two cents so everyone else gets a chance to do it," Warren urged millionaires and billionaires to pay the tax.

"A two-cent wealth tax and we can invest in the future of an entire generation,"

Booker responded by saying that he believed in investing in public services but that he disagreed with Warren's proposal for a wealth tax.

"Tax is the way we put it right now, I'm sorry, he's cumbersome, "Booker said of the wealth tax. He added that It would also be difficult to estimate. He also suggested that the same revenue could come from income tax rather than wealth tax. "We as Democrats need to start talking not only about how we tax this stage, "he said.

Grace Segers

Biden asked how he would work with Republicans who wanted him and his family investigated.

9:09 PM: Andrea Mitchell from NBC asked Biden how he can work with Republicans calling for investigations on both him and his son, Hunter Biden .

The former vice president said he could win stating that others could not, arguing their eligibility argument.

"I think we have to ask ourselves the honest question of who is most likely to do what needs to be done," Biden said.

Biden did not address directly Republicans are worried about his son's work aboard the Burisma Ukrainian company while he is vice president.

As the impeachment investigation continues, Republicans continue to question Bidens' actions, even when impeachment officials say they have no evidence of anything illegal under Hunter Biden spent aboard Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

Kathryn Watson

Candidates Turn to First Impeachment Hearings Open

21:02: After three witnesses testified at Wednesday's open hearings, their first question of the night was the night. Warren seized the opportunity to hit the key witness today, US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sundland, noting that he was nominated for ambassador after donating $ 1 million to President Trump's inauguration.

"How did Ambassador Sundland get there?" Warren asked, referring to his donation, adding that the Sondland nomination "tells us about what's happening in Washington: corruption." It's about "how money buys a trip to Washington," she said, and she warned major donors not to want to be ambassadors for her administration.

Sanders noted the importance of the impeachment investigation, but said it should not be [19659004"Unfortunatelywehaveapresidentwhoisnotonlyapathologicalliarheisprobablythemostcorruptpresidentinmodernhistory"Sanderssaidthoughheclaimsthatfocusingonimpeachmentwillonlybeamistake"TheUSCongresscanwalkandbubbleatthesametime"Sandersadded

Butigigig made a similar note, stating that candidates should focus on what happens after Mr. Trump is defeated, and "absolutely" face the president "for their misconduct."

Grace Segers

Which candidates qualified for the debate?

2020 Democratic candidates head to Atlanta

There will be two fewer candidates on the stage than in October because former housing secretary Julian Castro failed to qualify this time and former Texas Congressman Beto O & # 39; Rourke completed his bid for the White House.

Here are the 10 candidates who qualified to appear:

  1. Joe Biden, Former Vice President
  2. Corey Booker, Senator in New Jersey
  3. Pete Butigig, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
  4. ] Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Representative
  5. Kamala Harris, California Senator
  6. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Senator
  7. Minnesota Senator
  8. Sand ers, Vermont Senator
  9. Tom 196590, businessman
  10. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Senator
  11. Andrew Yan, entrepreneur

The Democratic National Committee raised the criteria for the study and donor who o candidates must meet to qualify for debate in November. Applicants can either reach 3% in four national or early DNC-approved surveys or reach 5% in two early country surveys. They also had to demonstrate that they have 165,000 unique donors, including at least 600 each in at least 20 states, territories of the United States or the District of Columbia.

How to Watch the Fifth Democratic Debate

Warren Will Still Have a Purpose on her Back

Although she slid into the ballot box after the last Democratic debate, Elizabeth Warren will still have a purpose for her back on Wednesday night. especially regarding her plan to implement Medicare for All.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign blasted Warren's $ 20.5 trillion plan to pay for math gymnastics earlier this month. To Warren's left on the issue, Senator Bernie Sanders made a characteristic indirect attack on her three-year plan to transition to Medicare for all with a tweet, citing the Nursing Association leader's statement that any flood of his plan was a mistake.

Asked by CBS News last week to distinguish her transition plan from the more moderate Medicare for All Who Want It program from Buttigieg, Warren said his plan "is actually to give Medicare people everything, which will be full coverage. "Butigigig's spokesman declined, saying that" unlike Senator Warren, he will not throw tens of millions of American families out of their private health plans. "

Senator Amy Klobuchar also confronted Warren on the scene from October, claiming Medicare for All is impossible without raising middle-class taxes, a lawsuit for Warren's campaign.

Zak Hudak

Four candidates urge Comcast to investigate NBC / MSNBC

Two days before the fifth primary debate of the Democrats, hosted by MSNBC, four Democrats Presidential hopefuls have called on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to ask Comcast, the parent company of MSNBC, to engage in an independent investigation into the company's "toxic culture" that allowed sexual harassment and abuse

Senators Corey Booker, Kamala Harrasser , Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to DNS President Tom Perez on Tuesday, heightening pressure on the party to

"We, the undersigned candidates, are very concerned about the message it will send to survivors of sexually abused If our next debate is sponsored by MSNBC without clear commitments from Comcast, the parent company of NBC and MSNBC, to conduct an independent investigation into the toxic culture that enabled the abusers and to silence the survivors, "the 2020 hopes write.

Despite the letter, Booker, Harris, Sanders and Warren will all take the stage Wednesday night. [19659003] – Melissa Quinn

All eyes will be on Buttigig

Pete Butigig in the spotlight ahead of the Democratic debate

This is the first debate in which the 37-year-old Butigig is centered on вниманието , като се има предвид новата му водеща позиция в Айова и общ удар в ранните щати. Той ще бъде редом с другите водещи – бившият вицепрезидент Байдън, сенаторите Берни Сандърс и Елизабет Уорън. Не се изненадвайте, ако извикат ниското положение на Бътиги сред чернокожите и латиноамериканските избиратели – два избирателни района, необходими за спечелването на номинацията.

И докато анкетите показват, че демократичните избиратели внимателно наблюдават изслушванията на импийчмънта, те искат техните кандидати да се съсредоточат върху въпроси. И в сряда вечерта те ще имат особено здравеопазване – и как да го плащат – плюс икономиката и изменението на климата.

Демократите водят дебата тук в Грузия, защото това е държава, която биха искали да спечелят. Но той не е кандидат за демократичен президент от Бил Клинтън през 1992 г.

Ед О'Кийф

Първият дебат от началото на публичните изслушвания за импийчмънт

в сряда вечер бе първият демократичен дебат след като миналата седмица разследването за импийчмънт на Демократичните демократи влезе в публичната фаза. До каква степен демократите ще се съсредоточат върху разследването остава да видим.

В сряда посланикът на САЩ в Европейския съюз Гордън Сондланд свидетелства, че той не е част от "някаква нередовна или нелоялна дипломация", и се позова на имейли, показващи, че ръководството на Държавния департамент, Съвета за национална сигурност и Белия дом бяха информирани за обявяването на разследвания в Украйна, търсени от г-н Тръмп за изборите през 2016 г., сървъра на Демократичния национален комитет и енергийната компания Burisma, в която беше нает синът на Джо Байдън – Хънтър Байдън

Ако Камарата импирира президента Тръмп, половин дузина от кандидатите, които се кандидатират за президент, могат да се окажат настрана от пътеката на кампанията за голяма част от януари в решаващите заключителни седмици преди най-ранните конкурси за гласуване. Последващият процес на сената изисква присъствието на всички заседнали сенатори, което означава, че сенаторите Елизабет Уорън, Бърни Сандърс, Кори Букър, Камала Харис, Ейми Клобучар и Майкъл Бенет ще бъдат във Вашингтон след първата година, ако се проведе процес на Сенат през новата година.

Кампанията на Байдън очертава дискусионни точки

Наблюдателите на дебатите могат да предвидят три основни тактики от кампанията на Джо Байдън в сряда вечер:

  • Направете аргумент за това кой има опит и стабилно лидерство, необходимо да бъде командир-
  • насърчават "прогресивните победи" от ерата на Обама;
  • и продължават да контрастират подхода на здравеопазването на Байдън с този на други конкурентни демократи.

Старши служители на кампанията на Байдън обсъдиха предстоящия дебат с репортери на тема основен разговор днес.

По отношение на здравеопазването служителите на Байдън казват, че е ясно с последните демократични победи във Вирджиния, Кентъки и Луизиана, че изграждането на Закона за достъпна грижа е начин за победа на демократите.

Старши служители на кампанията често споменават Уорън по този въпрос, отбелязвайки, че планът й ще излезе от проверките на средната класа.

Относно анкетите, които показват, че Байдън изостава от Бутигиг в Айова, старши Официален представител на кампанията каза: „Ние сме в много добра позиция.“

– Бо Ериксън и Катрин Уотсън

Тръмп и дебатът

Няма дума дали президентът ще гледа тази вечер демократичния дебат , но предизборната му кампания ще направи известно присъствието му в Атланта предварително с въздушен банер с надпис „Социализмът на демократите ще унищожи работните места в Атланта“ и реклама на вестници на цяла страница в Конституцията на Атлант -Журнал.

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