Android has always been known as a system open for deep integration with third-party applications, allowing us to automate our devices through services such as Tasker and IFTTT. However, Google intends to change this with Android Q, and wants to make it difficult for applications to hook into the operating system as a security measure. To compensate for this, it seems that the company is working on a rule application, much like the rudimentary Tasker, which allows you to reproduce some of your abilities natively.

XDA developers have discovered a disabled APK system called SettingsIntelligence (which actually pops up in Android Pie already) and delves into it. The string inside is pretty straightforward in explaining what the app should do once it's done:

The rules help automate the changes you make regularly in Settings, like switching the phone to silent when you get started.

The application will be located in Android settings and will allow users to automate switches that are regularly turned on and off in settings. Currently, there are only strings that show support for automatic WiFi setup and location rules, such as turning off WiFi after leaving a certain place or at certain times of the day. Once a rule is enabled, Android will send users a notification that it is performing a specific action.

Currently, functionality seems to be significantly reduced compared to Tasker, even if we suppose that we could automate every single switch in the settings. We'll have to wait and see what development the Rules app gets before we evaluate it in a pre-released state. It can develop very well over time.

The application may not even be developed with Tasker in mind, but with other competitors: It looks a lot like Samsung's Bixby Rutines or Apple's Shortcuts, which allow the same rules. In particular, the latter can show us where the Rules app is, since Apple allows users to create powerful rules and workflows that are also integrated with third-party applications ̵

1; all with an interface that, to be honest, is much easier to master than Tasker.