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Live Trump Impeachment Investigation

In a closed-door testimony released on Wednesday, William B. Taylor, Jr., the acting ambassador to Ukraine, said Trump's associates were trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Meanwhile, Trump complained Thursday morning after a Washington Post report that he wanted Attorney General William P. Barr to hold a press conference saying Trump was violating laws during a July phone call that pressured the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky for investigations.


3:25: Former Advisor to Volcker returns to the Capitol arrived at the Capitol.

It is customary for witnesses to review transcripts of their deposits.

Anderson testified that at a June meeting, Bolton warned that Giuliani was a key vote for Trump for Ukraine and could be an obstacle to White House engagement.

12:40 hrs: Meadows unconcerned with Bolton's possible testimony

Ans. Mark Meadows (RN.C.) said Thursday that he was "not concerned" with any indication that Bolton could provide investigators with an impeachment if the court cleared the way for the former National Security Advisor's involvement in the investigation.

Coming out of the closed door on Thursday, Meadows said he did not believe Bolton's testimony would be harmful to Trump "based on other testimonies I heard."

"The more transparent we can be let's be with all this, it's a nice thing, but it's not my call – it's [House Intelligence Committee] chairman [Adam] Schiff, "he said when asked if Bolton was supposed to appear on Thursday.

Meadows refused to share details of Williams' ongoing delay, but said he also wasn't worried about Pence's role in the saga of Ukraine , reiterating his assertion that "there was no connection between the aid [military] and any other conditions."

Before the open hearings next week, Meadows said the Republicans would be a focus used to disclose to the public "to understand what motives are hidden behind certain witnesses or lack thereof. "

12:30 pm: Schiff gives Republicans a deadline for proposed witnesses on Saturday

House Republicans must submit a list of proposed witnesses by Saturday morning, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. said. Schiff (D-Calif). in a letter to Thursday to rap. Devin Nunes (California), the top Republican in the lineup.

"The Committee expects to receive, by the deadline of the resolution by 9 November, the written request of the minority witnesses and is ready to consult the proposed witnesses to assess their applicability to the scope of the investigation," Schiff says

Some Republicans have passed on the idea of ​​requesting an anonymous signal officer to testify before the committee, others have suggested that Schiff himself be obliged to testify, though the likelihood of this happening is low: All witnesses need

12 pm: Pence says there was no "quid pro quo" with Ukraine

In exchange with reporters in New Hampshire, Pence defends Trump and claims there is no "quid pro quo" with Ukraine, despite testimony from current and former administration officials in recent weeks.

"The American people have a transcript of the president's call and they can to see that there was no pure pro-quo, "Pence said, citing allegations that Trump is condoning the release be trans ferred US military assistance to Ukraine to initiate investigations that seek Trump.

Pence claims that the Trump administration has "provided military support to Ukraine" since shortly after Trump entered the White House, and described the impeachment investigation as a "shame" and Democrats' effort to undo the 2016 election results

Pence was in Granite State to submit the Trump-Pence 2020 ticket to New Hampshire's primary newsletter. [19659002] 11:45 am: Trump Jr. says he has no regrets tweeting about alleged abusers

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on ABC Watch with his partner Kimberly Gilfoil on Thursday morning to promote her new book, Activate. But the outbreak quickly flared as hosts, led by Abbey Huntsman, squeezed Trump Jr. in a retweet of a Breitbart News article Wednesday that allegedly christened the whistle.

Trump Jr. stated that he "did not want to create hysteria" but did not regret sending the tweet, arguing that the identity of the anonymous whistleblower was "not some secret."

"I am not sorry I did," he said he, "I don't think I should give up my First Amendment rights."

Gilfoyle, a former prosecutor, was asked if he advised Trump Jr. not to revise the article. She replied that she did not know after he sent the tweet.

"I left you alone for 10 minutes," she said. "What happens when the mamacita goes away?"

11:40 am: Bolton does not appear before House investigators

Former Homeland Security Advisor John Bolton declined to appear before House investigators on Thursday, according to an Intelligence Committee official who said that Bolton's lawyer said he would challenge the subpoena.

"We regret Mr Bolton's decision not to appear voluntarily, but we have no interest in allowing the administration to play with us in the courts for months. Rather, the White House's instruction not to appear will supplement the evidence of obstruction of Congress by the president, "said an official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss closed-door procedures.

The Washington The Post reported earlier Thursday that Bolton is ready to disprove the White House and testify in the House's impeachment investigation into his anxiety in a pressure campaign in Ukraine if a federal court clears the way, according to people familiar with his views. [19659002] 11:35 am: Pompeo Rejects Former Counselor Account

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denied on Thursday that his former senior advisor Michael McKinley raised the issue of a deposed US ambassador to Ukraine when he was asked about McKinnes's testimony, three times about her situation in Pompeo.

"When Ambassador [Marie] Jovanovic returned to the United States, he did not raise this issue with me," Pompeo said during the news

. Pompeo added that since MacKinley's emphasis it was not Ukraine, "it should not surprise us

Pompeo was criticized for his failure to protect Jovanovic, as details of her ouster were made public in her testimony to House's impeachment investigators last month. .

Pompeo's decision to focus on May appeared deliberately to avoid the fact that McKinley testified that he raised the idea of ​​defending Jovanovic three times in September.

McKinley testified that he urged the State Department to defend Jovanovic in a statement after publishing a rough copy between President Trump and the President of Ukraine showed that Trump ignored her and called her "bad news." "

At the time, McKinley said he wanted a statement to emphasize" Jovanovic's professionalism and courage. " McKinley, however, testified that Po mpeo decided to issue such a statement that it "did not draw undue attention to it."

McKinley described the State Department's lack of response as "puzzling and disturbing" because he confirmed with Jovanovic that " would welcome a "statement of support.

11:30 am: Bolton ready to refute White House and testify if court clears path according to people familiar with his views

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton ready to refute White home and testify in the House impeachment investigation into his anxiety over the pressure campaign in Ukraine if a federal court clears the way, according to people familiar with his views.

Bolton may be a powerful witness for Democrats: Supreme State Department and Homeland Security officials already have evidence that he is deeply concerned about efforts by Trump and his allies to force Ukraine to launch investigations into presidential political rivals while administration detains military assistance for this country.

A former National Security Advisor who abruptly resigned his post in September is expected to confirm his statements and describe his talks with Trump, according to people who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

– Carol D. Leonig and Tom Hamburger

10:40 am: Sumer criticizes Paul for blocking signaling resolution

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y.) criticizes Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) ) To block a resolution on Wednesday This would reaffirm Senate support for laws to protect whistleblowers.

"Although his account has been corroborated by other sources, the White House – and especially the junior senator from Kentucky – seems committed to discrediting whistleblowers. by revealing the offender's identity and turning the right media machine over that person, and they can be vicious, "Schumer said Thursday in Senate remarks.

The laws protecting offenders were cited in Wednesday's resolution, which was introduced by Sumer and Senator Mazi Girono (D-Hawaii) "have been in the books for a long time," adds Sumer.

"We are going the dangerous way when members of this body have refused g to uphold the laws of our nation "Sumer declared.

Paul said he was blocking the resolution because Senate Democrats refused to consider their own reporting legislation, Hill reported.

10:30 am: Trump complains about House rules, takes another shot at The Washington Post

Trump has returned to Twitter to complain that according to House rules he will not be allowed to attend a lawyer next week when public hearings begin before the House Intelligence Committee.

"It was just explained to me that in the coming weeks, a false hearing (trial) in the Chamber, while they never interview others, I get NO LAW and NO LONG PROCESS," he tweeted before striving to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)

"This is Pelosi, Schiff, a fraud against the Republican Party and me," he added. "This Witch Hunt Should Not Be Allowed!"

Trump will be allowed to have a lawyer in the courtroom if the Judiciary Committee proceeds with impeachment proceedings after the Intelligence Committee finishes its work and issues report. [19659002] Trump will also be represented by a lawyer if a trial is conducted in the Senate following an impeachment by the House.

In another tweet, Trump made another shot at The Washington Post because of his report that Trump was seeking Barr to hold a press conference in connection with his conversation with Zelensky.

In his latest tweet on the subject, Trump called the three authors of the story, calling them "low-life reporters" and said that the Mail was a "garbage newspaper."

10:05 a.m.: Williams testifying under official statement says

Williams testifying under summons, according to an impeachment investigation official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss legal proceedings .

"In light of the White House's attempt to direct Jennifer Williams not to appear for her planned deposition and efforts to limit any testimony that occurs, the House Intelligence Committee issued a summons to compel its testimony. this morning, "an official added that Williams is now answering questions from Democratic and Republican lawmakers and employees.

10am: Ukrainian twist in Greenland's "debacle" of Trump puzzles Danes

When it was first revealed in August that Trump wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark, many Danes initially they assumed it was a joke. Only when the president postponed a visit to Copenhagen – citing the Danish government's lack of interest in selling the autonomous island, did many Danes realize that he was serious about the idea.

The US president may have taken it seriously, but the whole concept is "absurd", as Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen said.

The awkward episode that strained the Danes. S.'s relations have re-emerged in recent months on Wednesday, when House investigators released a closed-door testimony of incumbent Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor, Jr.. As part of the ongoing impeachment investigation, Taylor was expected to testify on Trump's decision to refuse military assistance to Ukraine this summer.

9:55 am: Trump requires Bidens to testify in the impeachment process

Trump asked Biden and his son Hunter to testify as part of the impeachment procedure on Thursday.

In a tweet Trump quoted Senator John Neely Kennedy (R-La.) As saying, "What did Hunter Biden do for money?"

"A very good question," Trump added in his own words. "He and Sleeping Joe Must Testify."

Trump routinely refers to the former vice president and presidential candidate in 2020 as "Sleeping Joe."

Hunter Biden served on the board of a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president, reportedly earning about $ 50,000 a month.

9:40 a.m. Trump's allies are targeting an online campaign in search of masking the Ukrainian whistle

Tweets on Wednesday by Donald Trump, Jr. more than a month of efforts by the president's allies to disclose the alleged name of the reporters.

Most news organizations, including The Washington Post, have denied the name of the culprit whose account of Trump's call to Zelensky is largely corroborated by diplomats and others with first-hand knowledge, as well as a reconstructed White-issued transcript house. The name of the culprit was kept confidential by US officials in accordance with federal law designed to prevent retaliation.

But the alleged name of the whistleblower has been spreading to conservative nooks and crannies on social media since at least October 3, culminating in a Trump Jr. retweet of a Breitbart News article Wednesday morning that named an individual. Over the course of a 24-hour period last week, the name of a CIA employee was mentioned in more than 150,000 tweets.

– Isaac Stanley-Becker and Craig Timberg

9:05 am: Jordan Says Republicans Will Ask for Witness Reporting

. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), an unwavering Trump advocate, told reporters that Republicans would ask the offender whose complaint prompted the impeachment investigation to be included in witnesses who would testify in open hearings.

According to rules passed by the House, Republicans have the right to ask for witnesses, but they must be approved by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-California) or by a full committee vote in which Democrats have a majority majority.

9am: Trump calls for termination of impeachment investigation, citing Tweets for 2017 by whistleblower lawyer

Trump calls for immediate termination of impeachment investigation , citing 2017 tweets predicting his impeachment by Mark S. Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the offender whose complaint sparked a Democratic investigation.

"Based on the information posted last night about the fraudster lawyer, Impeachment Hoax should be done IMMEDIATELY! Trump tweeted . "No case, except against the other party!"

Zaid responded on Twitter in January 2017 to Trump's dismissal by Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to implement enforcement policies.

"#The coup began. Many steps first. #Rebellion. #Impeachment will eventually follow," Zaid writes.

През юли 2017 г. туитове Zaid също прогнозира в Twitter, че CNN" ще играе ключова роля в @realDonaldTrump, който не завършва пълния си мандат като президент ", и каза:" Ще получим отървете се от него и тази страна е достатъчно силна, за да оцелее дори той и неговите привърженици. ”

8:55 ч. Уилямс е пристигнал в Капитолия

Уилямс е пристигнал в Капитолия преди нейното планирано отлагане на затворени врати.

Lt. Полковник Александър Виндман, висш служител на Съвета за национална сигурност, също влезе в сигурната зона на Капитолия, където с е внасят депозити. Обичайно е миналите свидетели да се връщат, за да прегледат преписи от своите депозити.

Виндман преди това свидетелства, че висш адвокат от Белия дом го инструктира да не обсъжда сериозните си притеснения относно разговора на Тръмп със Зеленски с никого извън Белия дом.

8:50 ч .: „Прочетете преписа!“ Тръмп настоява своите последователи в Twitter

Тръмп се върна в Twitter, за да направи още един изстрел в „Вашингтон пост“, като нарече публикацията „изродена“ заради доклада си, който той търсеше пресконфе ренция на Бар и да призове своите над 66 милиона последователи да „Прочетете преписа!“

Той има предвид грубия препис, издаден от Белия дом от призива през юли, в който натисна Зеленски да разследва заявките. Тръмп многократно е казвал, че призивът е „перфектен“ и твърди, че това показва, че той не е направил нищо лошо, тъй като не изрично обуславя освобождаването на задържаната военна помощ за разследванията, които той търси.

7:30 ч. Сутринта: Тръмп се отблъсква с доклади, че е потърсил пресконференция на Barr

Тръмп е уволнен като „FAKE NEWS“ съобщава, че иска Barr да проведе пресконференция, в която заявява, че Тръмп нарушава закони по време на телефонно обаждане, в което натиска украинския си

Според историята, за която първо съобщи The Washington Post, Бар в крайна сметка отказа да го направи, а Тръмп спомена денорацията на Barr пред сътрудници през последните седмици, заявявайки, че желае Barr да проведе пресконференцията.

Други търговски обекти, включително New York Times и Wall Street Journal, по-късно съответстват на доклада на The Post.

„Бил Бар не отказа молбата ми да говоря за Украйна“, туист туитира Четвъртък сутрин. „Историята беше фалшива вашингтонска поща с работа с„ анонимен “източник, който не съществува.“

Коментарите му отекват други туитове изпратени след полунощ, в които той нарича доклада на „напълно неверни“. и само поредната история с ФАЙКОВИТЕ НОВИНИ. "

" Медията LameStream, която е Врагът на хората, работи извънредно с измислени истории, за да стимулира раздора и недоверието! ", Тръмп оспори . [19659002] Туитовете му дойдоха рано в четвъртък сутринта, след като се завърна от кампанията за провеждане на кампания в сряда през нощта в Монро, щата Лаос.

На това събитие Тръмп обвини демократите, че "се опитват да свалят американската демокрация, за да наложат социалистическия си дневен ред" и нападна един от адвокатите. представляващ злоупотребителя, чието оплакване предизвика разследването за импийчмънт.

7 ч. сутринта: Очаква се служителката в Пенс да се яви за депозиране при затворени врати

Следователите от дома очакват да чуят в четвъртък от първото лице

Уилямс е специален съветник на Пенс по въпросите на Европа и Русия и може да предложи важна информация за взаимодействието на вицепрезидента с украинските лидери и всеки контакт, който той може да има с Рудолф У. Джулиани, личният адвокат на президента.

Адвокатът на Уилямс потвърди в сряда вечер, че клиентът му възнамерява да се яви.

„Дженифър е дългогодишен служител на Държавния департамент“, казва нейният адвокат Джъстин Шур. „Ако се изисква да се яви, тя ще отговори на въпросите на комитетите. Очакваме, че нейните показания до голяма степен ще отразят онова, което вече е в публичното досие. “

Уилямс е сред последните свидетели, планирани да предоставят депозиране при затворени врати, преди публичните изслушвания да започнат следващата седмица.

6:30 ч. : Очаква се Болтън да не се яви за депониране

Бившият съветник по националната сигурност Джон Болтън е извикан в Капитолия за депозиране в четвъртък, но не се очаква да се появи.

Болтън, който напусна белите Къща на фона на сближаване с Тръмп през септември може да предложи директни свидетелства за предполагаемите усилия на президента да окаже натиск върху Зеленски за информация относно Bidens в замяна на американската военна помощ и среща с президента.

Служители на Държавния департамент и националната сигурност вече имат свидетелства, че Болтън е силно загрижен за тези усилия.

5 ч. сутринта: Сенатор Кенеди нарича Пелоси „тъп“ на митинга на Тръмп

Сен. Джон Нили Кенеди (R-La.), Появявайки се заедно с Тръмп на митинг на кампанията в Монро, щата Лариса, в сряда вечер постави под въпрос интелигентността на председателя на парламента Нанси Пелоси (D-Calif.), Която започна разследването за импийчмънт. [19659002] „За три кратки години президентът Тръмп удвои растежа на най-голямата икономика в цялата човешка история. А знаете ли какво са направили нашите приятели Демократи за него? – попита Кенеди. „Говорителят Нанси Пелоси се опитва да го задържи.“

„Нямам предвид неуважение, но трябва да е гадно, че е толкова тъпо“, добави Кенеди, докато Тръмп застана до него, ухилен.

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