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Live Updates for the Trump Impeachment Investigation: Live Updates: The House summons two OMB officers in an impeachment investigation; Trump praises Juliani

In a speech to White House reporters, Trump said Democrats were "trying to make us look as bad as possible" in the ongoing investigation.

Closed-door deposits are scheduled to resume on Saturday after a two-day recess with a statement from a Foreign Service official based in Kiev, who is expected to testify about the efforts of Giuliani and others to oust the former US ambassador in Ukraine.

● Investigation into Russia's probe into Russia's probe is criminal in nature, a person familiar with


:10 am: House investigators issue summonses to two OMB officers

House investigators have issued calls on Friday to two Office of Management and Budget officials, one of whom said "they would not respond to requests for deposit. "

The three groups conducting the impeachment investigation want Russell White, acting director of OMB, and Michael Duffy, the agency's national security chief, to testify early next month.

White said in a tweet earlier this week that neither he nor Duffy would testify.

The question is whether the Trump administration has refused nearly $ 400 million in military assistance to Ukraine as a lever to force it to investigate domestic political rivals.

A third summons was issued on Friday to State Department Counselor T. Ulrich Brehbhul, a close confidant of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

12:40 pm: Trump defends Giuliani as a "major crime fighter"

Trump has said he is not worried about the growing criminal investigations surrounding his personal lawyer Rudolf W. Giuliani. because "Rudy is a great gentleman. He is a great crime fighter, looking for corruption wherever he goes.

The president continues to vigorously defend Giuliani, adding that he was "a good man, he was the greatest mayor in New York history and he was one of the greatest fighters against crime and corruption. "

" Rudy Giuliani is a good man, "Trump said.

There are questions lately whether Trump will retain Giuliani as his lawyer so that Giuliani can play a prominent role in seeking assistance from Ukraine in the Bidens investigation, which is

Trump also mocks William B. Taylor, Jr., his acting ambassador to Ukraine, as "Never a Trumpeter."

In testimony earlier this week, Taylor said to deputies that the White House has threatened to withdraw much-needed military aid, except for n If Kiev did not announce investigations into Trump's political gain.

Speaking about Taylor's hiring, Trump said, "All ma kes mistakes."

Trump also defended himself by using the term "lynching" to describe the investigation into tweeted earlier this week, saying Democrats also used the term.

10:45 am: In praise of Cummings, Hillary Clinton nods several times to hold Trump accountable

In praise of the funeral of late Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (D -Md.), Hillary Clinton recalled that at the end of his life Cummings told him, "I ask the American people to pay attention to what is happening, because if you want to have democracy intact for your children and your children's children, for generations, unborn. We have to keep that moment. This is our watch. "

Back then, Cummings was, as Clinton was now, talking about the Trump investigation and the House impeachment. Cummings was one of the chairmen leading this effort.

Clinton, a former secretary of state and presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 2016, stated that Cummings had "little tolerance for those who put the party above the country or the party above the truth."

She received strong applause, when she compares the Maryland Democrat with the eponymous prophet in the Old Testament, who "stands against the corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel."

10:30: Inspectors-General take the Ministry of Justice's opinion

In a letter published at five uk, the group representing the government's inspectors general said the complaint by intelligence officials about Trump's telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart had to be forwarded to Congress and the Justice Department was wrong to block it

. the inspectors-general for integrity and efficiency claim that the intelligence community r-general inspectorate was right to ask the lawmakers to get the complaint because it was an "urgent care" and The Department of Justice's Office of Counsel blocking its transmission is "mistaken as a matter of law and policy." Signed by dozens of inspectors-general of an eclectic mix of government agencies, she pleads with Stephen A. Engle, who heads the Office of Counsel, to withdraw or amend its opinion.

"If intelligence officers and contractors believe that independent IG decisions can be guessed by effectively blocking the transmission of their concerns to Congress and raising questions about their protections, they will lose confidence in this important reporting channel and their desire to provide information will be cooled down, ”the group wrote. [19659002] The letter probably supports the allegations that the Ministry of Justice wanted to bury the complaint on legitimate grounds for the protection of the President. Justice Department officials have defended their work on the issue, saying the complaint was more properly viewed as a criminal referral because the complaint is for someone who is not in the intelligence community.

10:15 Conway says those who receive parking tickets have more rights than Trump

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway continues White House attacks on Democrat leadership investigations on Friday while she spoke with reporters.

"You probably have more rights if you get a ticket for parking or moving an offense regarding the presentation of evidence, the contestation of evidence, the presentation of witnesses, statements, the contestation of witnesses of other people, cross-examination of them," Conway claims .

Republicans complain that Trump is not allowed to attend lawyers during closed-door deposits.

Democrats compare this stage of the process to a major court hearing.

House Majority Leader H. Hoyer (D-Md.) Said Thursday that Trump would have enough options to defend himself after the Senate process.

"Frankly, Chief Justice Roberts will preside over the trial," Hoyer said, referring to John G. Roberts, Jr., who heads the U.S. Supreme Court. "This is in America. , where you have the ability to call witnesses, present evidence, cross-examine people who report misconduct. That's when you get that opportunity, not now. "

10am: Composition for the filing of impeachment declarations next week

The congressional aide confirmed the following list of witnesses to appear before House investigators next week.

The committees will hear for the first time on Monday from Charlie Copperman, Trump's deputy national security adviser who works with former national security adviser John Bolton.

Then Alexander Windman, Director of European Affairs at the National Security Council, will appear on Tuesday. , Windman was on the US delegation attending Zelensky's inauguration ceremony in May.

And on Wednesday, Catherine Wilberger, acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security, will testify, perhaps, to what the Pentagon knew about the White House's decision to refuse.

Finally, on Thursday, Tim Morrison, director of the National Security Council of Europe and Eurasia, will be questioned. Acting US Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr. told investigators that Morrison was at the July 25 conversation between Trump and Zelensky. Taylor said he spoke with Morrison several times about his concerns that Trump is using the leverage as a lever to pressure Ukraine to investigate the bids.

9:45 am: Kerry weighs activities at State Department [19659002] Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry says he is not ready to draw conclusions about what happened between Trump and the President of Ukraine , but notes that "professional diplomats are seriously questioning what is going on," according to excerpts from an interview by tweets by reporter Christian Amanpour.

"They saw politicization, weapons, American aid," he said, quoted by Amanpour.

In an interview with former US top diplomat on both CNN International and PBS on Friday night, Kerry called the Trump evidence "more powerful than what we saw in Richard Nixon's impeachment."

] 9:15 am: Biden, Trump Assists Spar for the Role of Men's Children

White House Councilor Kellyanne Conway fired Friday at former Vice President Joe Biden as his older children and Trump's children continue to be a flash in the presidential campaign.

The role of Hunter Biden on the board of a Ukrainian gas company was central to the drama of impeachment. Trump has pressured Ukraine to investigate the campaign, and Republicans have broadly argued that Hunter Biden would not have had a position that pays $ 50,000 a month if his father were not then acting vice president.

In an interview on CBS '60 Minutes, part of which airs Thursday, Joe Biden tried to turn the tables on Trump.

"All I can tell you is that if I were president, if you were elected president, my children would not go to have offices in the White House. My children will not attend cabinet meetings, "Biden said.

Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner are both senior White House officials.

Conway responded to Biden during a Friday appearance on Fox News.

"His children will not have an office in the White House because he will not have an office in the White House. He will not be elected president, so this is controversial," Conway said.

discusses issues Kushner and Ivanka Trump have worked on during their term in the White House, sounding a statement Thursday In the evening by Trump, campaign manager Brad Parskale.

During an interview with Fox News, Conway also referred to the process used in the Democrats' leadership of the Democrats.

"We know what looks like a fair process, and that is ridiculing mysteries and marshes for many in America, "she said.

8:55 am: Trump shares Lou Dobbs's assessment that the investigation is "illegitimate"

Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning to share the opinion of television commentator Lou Dobbs that the impeachment investigation is an "illegitimate effort".

“Donald J. Trump is now absolutely historic president, after less than 3 years in office, "Trump tweets apparently quoting the Fox Business N host of e-work" His record is there for everyone to look at and to study and compare. This is an illegitimate effort to overthrow the president, not a formal investigation into the empire. "

" Thank you Lou, "Trump added in his own words.

Trump's tweet followed several other topics, including his policy on Syria and the exit of Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) from the Democratic presidential race.

8:50 a. m: Reader's questions about Trump's impeachment query, replies

Amber Phillips of The Fix deals with questions from Washington Post readers about the impeachment query. Among them:

Can Republican members of Congress who enter a secure room with their cell phones be counted for their behavior?

Is it possible to punish President Trump?

What is the process for writing an impeachment article?

8:40 am: Republicans take advantage of Gabbard's criticism of closed-door deposits

Republicans seized on Friday over criticism of a Democratic presidential candidate against closed-door deposit.

"The resistance of Adam Schiff's Kangaroo Court is two-sided," tweets Rep. Matt Gatz (R-Fla.), Trump's leading advocate, citing Adam B House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff (D-Calif.) [19659002] Gaetz included a clip from an interview on rap Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Fox News on Thursday, which called into question the need for indoor impeachment hearings.

"This investigation must be conducted in a very narrowly focused manner and must be made transparent. I don't know what's going on in those closed doors, "said Hubbard, a White House hopeful in 2020." I think the American people deserve to know exactly what the facts are, what is the evidence that is presented in this investigation. "

Schiff and other leading Democrats have likened the early stages of the impeachment investigation into a closed large-court trial, saying that the transcripts will be provided later and some witnesses will be called to testify.

and the Republican MP three House Committees Attend Witness Examination

8:15 am: New poll shows Americans are evenly split on impeachment and removal

Poll released Friday morning, shows that Americans are evenly split over whether President Trump should be removed from office.

Forty-nine percent believe they should be impeached and removed from office, and 49 percent are against it, according to a NBC News poll -SurveyMonkey.

The poll also highlighted a sharp split along party lines.

Ninety percent of Republicans and Republican independents are against impeachment, and 89

of those who do not lean toward either party, 53 percent support impeachment and 44% do not.

Impeachment and removal support in other national surveys published this month ranged from 43% to 52%.

8am: How does this impeachment process compare to the Nixon and Clinton investigations?

The Republicans' persistent complaints that the Democrat-led House is conducting an impeachment inquiry against all precedents and traditions, accepts a Washington Post fact-check look at how the procedures compare to those involving Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton .

7:30 am: GOP continues to focus on closed-door production

Trump Republican allies continue to attack Democrats on Friday

"What Shif and House Democrats Hide From the American people with their secret hearings? ", said Republican National Committee Chairman Ron McDaniel in a tweet, referring to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-California). "It's simple – their impeachment investigation is just another guerrilla scam, and they know it!"

7 AM: Trump highlights lack of testimony from signaling officers

Trump on Twitter late Thursday night to highlight the lack of congressional testimony from whistleblowers whose complaint prompted the impeachment investigation. His tweet came when Democrats said such testimony by an anonymous US intelligence officer may be unnecessary, given what they consider to be enough evidence from top Trump administration officials to support his allegations.

"Where is the Whisper and why does he write such a fictitious and incorrect account for my telephone conversation with the Ukrainian President?" "Trump wrote in his tweet.

In fact, the whistleblower's account closely follows a rough transcript of a call in July that Trump pressured Zelensky to investigate Offers at a time when US military aid to Ukraine was denied.

Trump tweeted to the intelligence chief inspector, who considered the complaint "urgent" and "credible," and the House Intelligence Committee. President Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)

Trump reiterates the unjustified claim that Schiff is an abuser.

„Гигантска измама!“ Тръмп заключи в своя т weet.

Той ретуира и редица туитове от републиканските съюзници, включително един от реп. Лий Зелдин (RN.Y.), който оспори искането за импийчмънт „е произвел НИЩО за импийч POTUS.“

6:30 ч.: Тръмп заплаща битка срещу импийчмента с куп провокации, противоречия и увещания

Тъй като първият пълен месец от разследването му за импийчмънт започна да отшумява, Тръмп отключи риторичен натиск.

Той обяви, че неговите съперници на демократите са „луди“, „мразят страната ни“ и „искат да унищожат Америка“. Той очевидно нарече оратора на „Дома“ „политик от трета категория“ в лицето й, нарече критиците му от GOP „човешки измет“, почука първия му министърът на отбраната като "най-надцененият генерал в света" и твърди, че кюрдският народ от Северна Сирия "не са ангели", тъй като са изправени пред турската инвазия и евентуален геноцид.

Докато адвокатите му твърдят, че президентите не могат да бъдат разследвани за м настоятелно и заплашен да съди CNN за това, че твърди, че създава журналистика, Тръмп се пошегува, че ще опровергае 22-ата поправка на Конституцията, за да остане на поста още 20 години, като отхвърля „тази клауза за фалшиви възнаграждения“ в член I, раздел 9. Той многократно призова американците гласува за бившия си прессекретар на „Dancing With the Stars“, погрешно нарече настоящия си министър на отбраната „Марк есперанто“, вместо Еспер, и заплаши, че ще се включи в про цес на убийство в Ангила.

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