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Lost treasure – special treasure and guide for day 2

Impact of GenshinThe Lost Wealth event has just begun. Now, on their second day, players will have several new places where they can collect iron coins. Similarly, there is a special treasure that can be found in Brightcrown Canyon. Here is our guide to help you.

Note: For more information see our Impact of Genshin hub guides and features.

Impact of Genshin: Lost Wealth Event – Day 2 seats and special treasure in Brightcrown Canyon

The two previous locations in Impact of GenshinThe Lost Wealth event was Falcon Coast and Lingju Pass. They should now give you 120 iron coins.

Two more seats are available today and you should be able to collect 240 iron coins for the event store.

Location # 3: Starfell Lake

Head northeast of Monstadt and walk around Starfell Lake. Activate your treasure Seelie Seelie and listen to the sound effect. Here you will find several places where you can dig up some iron coins.

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A key difference on day 2 of the Lost Wealth event is that some enemies may appear after you dig up the treasure. These guys are treasure thugs, so they shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Once you have received 60 iron coins in this area, you can search for the special treasure in Brightcrown Canyon or go to the Guili Plains. I’ll discuss the first one in a moment, so let’s talk about the Guili Plains first.

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Location №4: the Guili Plains

A quick trip to the Domain of Abandoned Ruins, as you will find more iron coins there. Like those in Lake Starfell, some of these places will throw a few treasures.

Check the area around the domain until you acquire all the iron coins. When you’re done, you should already have 240 iron coins. However, the other locations are still limited in time, so we will have to wait for a new daily reset.

Note: Make sure the last iron coins found are near the ruined temple. I will explain more below.

Gen Pct Lstrch D2 St Brcan 1c

Brightcrown Canyon special treasure

If you open the panel with details about the Lost Riches event, you will notice a clue where the special treasure can be found in Brightcrown Canyon.

The area itself is northwest of Monstadt, so use the fast travel point to reach it.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 1a

What we are looking for is a ruined church bell tower. You will find this further west as you walk around the gorge.

here it is Impact of Genshinmap of:

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 1b

After interacting with the light, a challenge marker will appear. When activated, several wizards will pop into the abyss (Cryo and Hydro).

Their levels adjust to yours, so make sure you have the right characters (elemental shields) with you. There is also a requirement that you should not freeze more than three times, so be quick with nuking.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 2a

After removing both mobs, you will get the following:

  • 3x Heroic wit
  • 60x Primogems
  • 30 000x Sea
  • 6x Mystical ore

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 2b

Cooperative challenge possible mistake

Now according to Impact of Genshinevent site:

While searching for treasure, Travelers may face difficult challenges that may be easier to overcome with the help of teammates … Once the Travelers complete the challenge, all team members will receive Mora or Heroic Wit.

Travelers can fulfill cooperative challenges both in their own and in a foreign world. Throughout the event, you can collect a total of three awards for a cooperative challenge in the world of other players. Once the event is over, you will not be able to participate in these cooperative challenges.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 2c

Update 1: I just joined Impact of Genshin friend to complete the meeting (he has not yet made this challenge). After defeating the two wizards, he received his awards for completion (Mora, Heroic Wit, Primogemi and Mystical Improvement Ore). Unfortunately, I did not receive any awards for Mora or the Hero.

Again, I’m not sure if this is the real difficult challenge for co-operation mentioned on the website, or if it’s something else entirely.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 2d

Update 2: The challenge for cooperation seems to lie in the Guili Plains. For reference, you should find the last few iron coins near the ruins of the temple (see below).

Upon receipt of all coins, an automatic pop-up message appears telling you that you have unlocked the cooperative challenge.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Location 2e

Unfortunately, the last iron coins I found were a little further from this place. The challenge marker and pop-up message did not appear at all. I even tried to restart the game without result.

I guess this is a mistake, so be sure to take the iron coins closer to the ruins of the temple. Alternatively, it may simply mean that unlocking the cooperative challenge is accidental, but I doubt it. If you have other findings, let me know.

In any case, here is what should happen with the kind assistance Genshin Impakt YouTuber IGNITE:

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