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Lucid Motors CEO says he has created a SpaceX team that helped design the Model X, dispelling rumors of a deal with Apple

Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson shared more details about his time at Tesla Inc and the rumors surrounding his company’s discussions with technical giant Cupertino Apple Inc. that Mr. Rawlinson was not significantly involved in the development of the Tesla Model S and the rumors of Lucid Motors’ discussions with Apple about a potential merger. He made the remarks in an interview with Patrick McGee of the Financial Times earlier this month in a conversation that covered several topics, including Lucid’s focus on ensuring a smooth transition to a carmaker.

The CEO of Lucid outlines the possession of a patent for his Model S as proof of his role in the development of a ground vehicle

On the Internet, McGee asked Rawlinson for his opinion on Twitter from Tesla’s boss, saying Lucid’s CEO was not a Model S chief engineer. The question comes when Mr. Musk tweeted earlier this month , said Rawlinson was never “chief engineer” at Tesla. Whether this implies that Rawlinson is not Tesla’s chief engineer, a position similar to Musk’s in SpaceX, or as Model S’s chief engineer, is uncertain.

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Musk’s exact words, which came in response to another tweet claiming that he had become “chief engineer of Lucid’s CEO”, were:

Rawlinson was never a chief engineer. It arrived after the Model S prototype was made, left before things got tough, and was always in charge of the body, not the drive, battery, software, production or design.

This was not the first time he had commented on Rawlinson’s role in Tesla. His previous comments came in September last year, when he reiterated that Lucid’s boss was not Tesla’s chief engineer.

Musk had then stated:

Rawlinson did not design the Model S. The prototype was made before he joined, and he left us in trouble, just when things got tough, which wasn’t cool. He has made some contributions to body / chassis engineering, but not to drive, battery, electronics or software.

Lucid Motors claims that its Lucid Air electric vehicle will be able to travel more than 500 miles on a single charge. However, during a presentation, he warned investors that this figure is approximate, which has yet to be confirmed. Image: Lucid Motors

In response to McGee’s question, Lucid’s boss said:

Strangely, I have a business card that has still remained here since I was. I don’t think I would go to, to the pain of creating mythical business cards, no, no, I mean, I mean one of the great ones. I was at Tesla for three years, from taking the Model S from a blank sheet of paper to ready for production, doing all the conceptual engineering, creating the team at SpaceX that was designed for the basic engineering of the Model X, not the Model S and was also responsible for the Model X. We took the Model S from a blank sheet effectively or a blank computer screen to the car you know today, and I personally hold a very large percentage of the patents on that car.

Here, the interview took an interesting turn, as Rawlinson also claims to have created a team at SpaceX; a team that he said was responsible for designing the Tesla Model X. Readers are advised to keep Lucid Motors in mind, not Wccftech rewriting the interview,, so in the off scenario it is wrong, take it with Lucid people!

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Rawlinson was also questioned about Lucid’s often rumored talks with Apple. Unconfirmed messages on social media speculated about this possibility and during the interview the head of Lucid canceled all such speculations.

Here is the relevant part about the rumors about Apple,

PM: Okay, that’s a very clear answer. Thank you. Another question is actually and I don’t know why it is asked, but it’s an intriguing question, are you currently talking to Apple?

PR: We are not currently in direct contact with Apple.

PM: Where is the meaning of direct? Do you have indirect conversations?

PR: We are not currently negotiating with Apple, no.

Of course, the answer excludes the possibility of Apple and Lucid could, maybe have been negotiating at some point, but at the moment, as Rawlinson made it clear, there are no negotiations between the couple.

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