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Lunar Landing: The REAL Reason for Neil Armstrong to be "Very Quiet" After Exposure to Apollo 11 | Science | News

On July 20, 1969, NASA completed the seemingly impossible Apollo 11 mission to put the first two men on the moon – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Armstrong creates a story by jumping from the eagle moon launcher and delivering his legendary "one small step" speech to millions of anxious people looking back to Earth. The late astronaut became a sensation overnight after he buried the American flag on the moon's surface and put an end to the space race with the Soviet Union.

On his return to Earth, Armstrong was questioned by the general public that he was diverting from the spotlight and famously avoiding interviews, prompting some to question him.

However, Neil deGras Tyson put all the speculations to bed earlier this year during an episode of his StarTalk podcast, confirming that this is natural behavior for Armstrong.

He told listeners in July: "Neil Armstrong was not bad, he was a very quiet man and did not seek publicity.

"He is not the life of the party, but sometimes people who are not of the party's life sit and do nothing.

"He sits there in his head, inventing things, this is the active mind of the restless brain of an engineer.

This is captured. "

The staff of NASA astronaut Mr. Massimino was a guest on the show and gave his sentence.

He added: "When I first met Neal, he stood before us and seemed to be meeting our hero.

"He is the man, isn't he? But he was getting there, and it seemed almost painfully shy, as though he had a hard time talking.

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"Do you think they thought it?"

Mr. Massimino agreed immediately before adding why his mind changed.

He explained, "I think they chose someone humble.

"Actually, I thought maybe at the beginning, but I think in the last few years I've changed my mind about it.

"Because I think I think almost too much.

"I think really what they saw was the right person to land on the moon."

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