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Maher warns Amy Connie Barrett as “Terminator” sent to reject Rowe against Wade

Real-time presenter Bill Maher closed the show on Friday night, raising concerns about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination for Judge Amy Connie Barrett.

Maher began by mocking Democrats for threatening to pack the Supreme Court, saying it was “already full – of Catholics.”

“Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Cavanaugh, Sotomayor and Gorsuh – who I consider to be Catholics because he was raised a Catholic and is now a bishop, which is just a Catholic who has erred in Latin,” Maher said.

“And after Mitch McConnell and company complete FedExing’s Amy Connie Barrett on the bench, seven of the nine judges will be Catholics.”


The HBO star noted that Roman Catholics make up only “20 percent” of the U.S. population, suggesting that there should be a “healthier balance in our supreme court” that represents the people, and stressing that atheists are a “growing denomination.” on an empty stomach “in the country.


“We are 26 percent of the country … where is our vote in the Supreme Court?” Maher, an outspoken atheist, asked. “And atheists actually make better judges because we don’t have to work to separate the church and the state. We’re not torn between rational decision-making and what the old book of Hebrew says.”

Maher then tapped Barrett on a remark she made to a law graduate in 2016, when she said, “Keep in mind that your legal career is just a means to an end … This end is the building of the kingdom of God.” “.

“No, it’s not,” Maher replied. “That’s not the point of a legal career, and you experts are seriously discussing whether she will vote to repeal Roe against Wade? Of course she will! She was prepared from birth to repeal Roe against Wade. She is like the Terminator, a robot programmed to perform a task except that it was not sent from the future, but from the past. “

Maher then divided Catholics into two categories, “terrible” and “not terrible.” And while he said most of them were “not scary,” he warned that “uber-conservative Catholics who have an agenda” want to “go back to the Middle Ages,” citing Attorney General William Barr and the Federalist society as examples.

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“These old-school Catholics are playing the long game. Amy Barrett has been on their radar forever because she was raised in an extremist Catholic community called People of Praise, where husbands’ responsibilities include” correcting “his wife if she deviates from the right way and where women were called “servants”, Maher explained. “It’s not wrong to call nuts when s — is nuts!”

“Chuck Schumer said the Democrats would not turn Barrett’s religion into a problem,” he concluded, “but you have to, because being crazy matters.”

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