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Malaysian "Najib" weakens brilliance at 1MDB grafting court | News

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – While he was prime minister, Najib Rabac has often been accused of being too touching with the lives of ordinary citizens.

But now, out of office and facing dozens of criminal charges in connection with the extraordinary multi-billion-dollar scandal in the state investment fund of 1MDB in Malaysia, the 65-year-old man seems to be reinventing himself as a human being.

Italian costumes disappeared with carefully coordinated ties and handkerchiefs. His wife, Rosmah Mansor, in his traditional traditional silk suits, adorned with diamond jewelery, can not be seen anywhere.

These days, Najib, swinging with a hood and kicks, hangs with young cyclists, riders of

Every moment is shared in his social accounts and signed with the slogan: Apa malu bossku? (What should be ashamed, boss?). There is even a set of T-shirts.

The new appearance of Najib comes when the prosecutor's office is preparing to file a lawsuit against Najib at the Supreme Court of Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, for the first time a Malaysian leader will be in the harbor on charges of crime, including money laundering , bribery and abuse of power.

The United States Department of Justice claims that $ 4.5 billion has been transferred from 1

MDB to finance everything – from luxury suites to expensive jewelery – and even from Hollywood movie Wolf of Wall Street. Part of the money from the state-owned investment fund, which Nadiyib created in 2009, appears to be in the personal bank account of the former prime minister.

"In fact, this is classical populism," Meredith Weiss, Southeast Asia Policy Expert at the University of Albany in New York City, who travels regularly to Malaysia, told Nadiib's public at the beginning of the trial.

"Ignorance and vendetta"

The scale of corruption in the 1MDB was one of the reasons for the electoral shock in May 2018 , which propelled Pakan Harapan's opposition into the government, the first defeat for the party of Najib, the United Malaysian National Organization (UMNO) and its Barrisan Naisson coalition for six decades.

Malaysia: Prime Minister Nadjeb Razak gave a warranty after failing to convict

Malaysians watc Last year the police shook shopping carts loaded with designer bags, money bags and expensive jewelry items related to Nagib and his family.

Investigators then revealed that the replacement was worth $ 273 million. It took 22 people, six counting machines and three days to count all the money that was in 26 different currencies.

Nagib has denied any violations.

In an interview with the 101st East Al Jazeera program last year, he said, he did not know what was going on in the fund, although as prime minister he chaired a council of 1MDB advisers and as finance minister was authorized to sign their basic financial transactions.

the song he released in January through the social media in Manhattan's Malaysian classic "Kiss and Say Goodbye" – accused the government of spreading lies and a desire for revenge.

Najib's defense and strategy will be mostly ignorance and vendetta, "said Ashrah Hadi Abdullah Sani, a political analyst at Kuala Lumpur. "It will be very difficult for him to argue otherwise."

Political career

Born in July 1953 in the sleepy rural town of Kuala Lipsi, when Malaysia is still Malaya and a British colony, Najib is the first child of Abdul Razak Hussein, the man who would become second prime minister of Malaysia. His uncle will become third.

Like many children in the country's elite, then he was sent abroad as a teenager by first attending Malvern College – one of Britain's most expensive private schools – and later graduating from Higher Education Economics at the University of Nottingham .

But in 1976, Razak dies, and Najib is stuck in politics by taking away his father's old place in Pekan, a small town that surrounds the shores of the Phaang River on the east coast of Malaysia.

his father's reputation, Najib's political growth was guaranteed: the youngest member of the federal parliament soon became state-level the youngest minister-general.

"He came into politics at a very early age – he did a good job with a Chief Minister, although he was the youngest [and]many people really liked him," said Safuddin Abdullah, who worked with Nagibe in OMTO and government before resigning from the party in 2015

ver Good PR, no doubt about this, added Saifuddin who is now Malaysian Foreign Minister. "It's someone who is politics since they were 23 years old," says O Sun Sun, a political analyst working with Najib when he first becomes prime minister "

Nagyib plays golf with then = US President Barack Obama in Hawaii in December 2014. [File: Hugh Gentry/Reuters]

After becoming a Minister of Education and Defense Minister, Najiib became Deputy Prime Minister in 2004 at the top five years later, promising to build economic and politically dynamic Malaysia and double doh per person up to $ 15,000 by 2020.

The plan was to diversify the economy beyond natural resources in areas such as green energy and technology and reduce subsidies, and the political focus had to be on removing repressive laws that allow detention without trial and strengthening democracy [19599007] For Sifudin, I was the promise of transformation that attracted his attention. "He seemed to say all the right things," he told Al Jazeera.

Nagyib's urban way made it popular on the international scene, and he and Rossmach make frequent trips abroad – scouring with world leaders at the UN Assembly, attracting technical titans like Chinese Jack Ma and playing golf with former US President Barack Obama. But internally, support for longtime Barrisan governor continued to shrink. In the 2013 election, the coalition lost its vote for the first time, although the "winner-all" voting system, increased by the disproportionate influence of rural areas, helped Barrisan remain in power. The tax on goods and services further undermines support for the government of Najib – but he was about to face an even more serious challenge to his authority.

At its launch in 2009, 1MDB was

Later there were multi-billion transactions with the United Arab Emirates to develop the massive stock exchange development. in Kuala Lumpur, as well as oil and gas banking projects.

But suspicions about the fund's investment strategy began to appear, critics indicating that debt was increasing and asking questions about fate

There were questions about Nadiber's Passion, Riza Aziz, and how he raised the money to make Wall Street Wolf, 2013 for financial surplus and debauchery with Hollywood star Leonardo. di Caprio. Suspicions also focused on a young Malaysian financier, often seen with Risa, whose name was included in the films: Jho Low, whose location is currently unknown. investigation. But then the bomb came. The Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal reported that hundreds of millions of dollars were deposited in Najib's personal bank account shortly before the 2013 election.

Najib denied receiving cash "for personal gain", saying that this is a donation from a Saudi prince who was then returned.

But in defense, the prime minister revealed that there is a heavier end to his seemingly charming public image.

In July 2015, he stunned Malaysia by firing the chief prosecutor who led the 1MDB investigation and removal of senior ministers who questioned him about events in the fund. Edge, a local business publication that has reported extensively about 1MDB, has been suspended for three months, while access to the Sarawak report and other critical sources has been blocked. Opposition politicians who raised concerns about 1MMB were hindered from leaving the country, and rituals were faced with charges of the laws that Najib had promised to cancel before .

where you consolidate power at the expense of the ruling elite, "said Lee Morgensbeer, author of authoritarian governments at the Australian University of Griffith. "Then he had this corruption scandal that left him a little room for maneuvering."

For O, the political analyst, Najib often seemed "cold and detached," but he was also a "good listener" who felt happy with the figures.

He recalled that Najayb was talking to Christine Lagarde, of the International Monetary Fund, who was then Finance Minister in France. "They threw economic conditions between themselves by comparing notes," he said. "I thought he was a person who knew his portfolio."

Namib and his wife, Rossmah Mansor, arriving in the Philippines at the ASEAN Summit in November 2017 [File: Erik De Castro/Reuters]

In October 2018, he told 101 East Al Jazeera that he was proud of what he had done as prime minister and would be acquitted.

"There has been progress in the country," Nabiob said for his years in office. "There was more wealth in the country when I left, so I'm proud of what the Prime Minister has done."

Namib is facing nearly 40 charges; Rosma at around 20. Former allies also have to be sued for corruption charges.

It can take years for lawsuits to go through the courts, while keeping the attention of Najib even without regular updates of social media.

But the story will probably prove to be a more demanding judge than the cyclists in their "bolow" shirts.

"The Nagi's heritage will be the historic loss of Barrisan Nassion," said Asrull Hadi. "He can not escape this, no matter what he says on social media platforms." Unfortunately for Tan Abdul Razak Hussein, the name Razak will be linked to Najib and 1MDB to next generations. "

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