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Manafort bombs deepens the mystery in Russia probe

In a significant new twist in the 2016 election saga, a judge ruled on Wednesday that the former President of Trump's campaign "deliberately" lied investigators, violating a deal he had made as a witness who co-operated. encounters with a suspected Russian intelligence asset were related to issues closely related to Muller's wider investigation, which involved considering whether there was any link or co-ordination between Trump's campaign and the efforts of the Russian electoral intervention

Taken in isolation, the new Manaport Bomb would shake every presidency, given its prime role in Trump's campaign. But because the White House is concealed by suspicions like this one, after two years of stunning revelations about Moscow's election intervention, even worse news is that it will set fire to the feverish atmosphere and strengthen the pressure on Trump's inner circle.

Mueller has not yet provided evidence of a conspiracy or co-operation between Trump's campaign and the Russians despite receiving convictions and guilty requests from a string of former President's associates.

But on Wednesday's development, a lot of lies, changes in history, and confusion offered by Trump's other trustees for contacts with Russian officials or private individuals will be seen in even more anticipating light.

These are the calls of ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with the then Russian ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak, Donald Trump Jr. the changing story of a meeting with the Russians promising "dirt" to Hillary Clinton and its own false representations of the president for the proposed

None of these activities is not necessarily illegal, making it even harder to understand why there was an obvious need to cover them.

"This is the question of millions of dollars in the whole investigation," Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from Alabama, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time". "You just have to ask why everyone is lying about your ties to the Russians?" Manifesto is "doomed"

Judge's decision is a personal tragedy for Manavort, 69, once a high flying lobbyist in an ostriches jacket that has accumulated millions of counseling fees and huge debts before joined the Trump team.

"This is a doom for Paul Mannorth," says Jeffrey Tobon, CNN's legal analyst. The probability that the current imprisonment for an increasingly fragile political operation will be increased for tax and bank frauds is now likely to be prolonged. The end result may mean that he is dying behind the bars.

But the wider legal and political implications of the decision are also amazing and will probably revive speculation about the calculations Trump can expect from Muller's final report. of Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Mannorth lied to the FBI, the special counselor, and the great jury for his contacts with Konstantin Kilimnik, a political operative who is believed to have links with Russian intelligence.

The decision partly concerns a meeting between Manavourt and Kilimnik on the Manhattan cigar bar on August 2, 201

6. Due to the failure to file legal documents last month by Manafourt's lawyers, it became clear that Muller believes Manafourt shared data from the study and talked about Russia's and Ukraine's policy with Kilimnik.

last week, a Muller Attorney, Andrew Weissman, told Jackson that Mannorth's meetings with Kilimnick are very important to the center of the Special Advocate's office. investigating. "

Jackson, canceling the Manafourt Accord, ruled that he lied about $ 125,000 he received for legal bills and a separate investigation from the Justice Department. She decides that Mueller's team has not shown that Manaufort has lied about two further questions – about contacts with White House employees or about the role of Kilimnik in an attempt to influence witnesses.

Manaufort's lawyer claims that their client is not deliberately lying about anything

Sinister goal?

But the interactions of Manafort will Kilimnik will attract most of the issues in the coming days amid growing speculation that Muller is approaching the end of his investigation. for example, was Mannorth lying because it is simple, as evidenced by months of court proceedings that ended with a charge of bank and tax fraud, a native liar?

Or was there a more sinister purpose?

Was he trying to conceal the abuses that were essential to investigating whether there was a cooperation between Trump's campaign and the Russians? Hence, can his hindrance be part of an attempt to protect the president in the hope of attracting pardon? millions of dollars owed to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch? "There seem to be two reasons why he can do it – one that he thinks he can get pardoned," said John Dean, White House to President Richard Nixon at Watergate, to Erin Burnett OutFront "on CNN. "The second reason he can lie … is a fear for life and the well-being of his own family … he has played with heavyweight in Russia who do not like going into anyone and testifying against them or revealing the secrets "Dean said.

Former Trump White Trial Attorney James Schulz, who is currently a CNN analyst, raised the question of whether Manaufort acted on official or ordinary business Trying to alleviate his personal problems at the meeting with Kilimnik.

"Was there anything to do with trying to help the campaign or trying to repay the debt it owes?" Schulz said, referring to the alleged transmission of Manaufort's polling data.

"Has he acted within the scope of the duties of campaign chairman or acted within the framework of his attempt to protect Paul Mannorth?" Schultz asked for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.

In other words, the meeting of Manaport with Kilimnik is to revive his own profitable business relations in Ukraine, where he worked for pro-Russian politicians or wants to coordinate with Russia

The answer to this question can go a long way to reveal whether the most worrying interpretations of the immeasurable connections between Trump's and Russia's followers are part of a wider storyline, or just a network of grim, personal ties. Mueller already knew the answer.

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