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“Mandalorian” Katie Sackhoff said it was “incredibly special and rare” to play Bo-Katan in both animation and live action

For new ones star Wars or The Mandalorian fans who haven’t watched past series in the franchise, this week’s episode was definitely exciting, but there was one key fact they may not know. The actor who played Bo-Katan is her original voice from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and later Star Wars Rebels. And for her it is such a “surreal” experience to play the character in both media. [Spoilerwarning:Spoilersarecomingsoon[Spoileralert:Spoilersaheadfor[Предупреждениезаспойлер:Предстоиспойлериза[Spoileralert:SpoilersaheadforThe Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 3, “Chapter 11: The Heiress.”


Katie Sackhoff voiced Bo-Katan in animated form and has just played it for the first time in live action

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Katie Sackhoff began voicing Bo-Katan in 2012. Star Wars: The Clone Warsfourth season. That was when Bo-Katan was part of Death Watch and she worked with Pre Vizsla, who was their leader.

They were a group of Mandalorians who wanted to adhere to the ancient military ways of their people and to oppose the pacifist government of Duchess Satin Criese, Bo-Catan’s sister. They were considered a terrorist organization because of their ruthlessness.

Most recently, in the show’s seventh season, Bo-Katan asked Asoka Tano for her help in getting Mandalor back from Mall’s paws. This led to the siege of Mandalor, which ended just before Order 66.

“Honestly, it’s pretty surreal,” Sackhoff told Entertainment Tonight on November 16 about Bo-Katan’s play in both animated and live action. “This character has been a part of my life for so long and is extremely special and can rarely be played live. So, there are a lot of nerves that come along with this. “

Sackhoff said she grew up in science fiction and star Warsso he voices it Clone Wars and Rebels “It was a dream come true.” And she didn’t even think it was possible live.

“So I mentioned it to Dave Filoni when I saw him at one point and he said, ‘Well, you never know,’ in the cheeky little way he does it,” Sackhoff said when he heard The Mandalorian has happened and could possibly affect Nite Owls and Bo-Katan. “And then when I got a phone call to sit down with John Favreau, I think my brain was exploding.”

It was complicated to try to get her character’s appearance to be properly translated from a live action animation.

Katie Sackhoff at Entertainment Weekly 2016 Pre-Emmy Party on September 16, 2016 / Bo-Katan in Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Katie Sackhoff at Entertainment Weekly’s 2016 Pre-Emmy Party on September 16, 2016 / Bo-Katan in Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars | David Livingston / Getty Images / Disney + / Lucasfilm Ltd.

But then Sackhoff was called in to meet showrunner John Favreau, and that’s when it became real. Or more surreal.

“[Favreau] it was like, “Do you want this?” I didn’t even know how to answer the question, “Sackhoff said. “Of course I want to do it! I was a big fan of the show and it was pretty amazing. ”

It’s one thing to agree to bring your favorite animated character to life on screen, but it’s another to actually do it. Of course, a cartoon character may not look the same in real life, even in star Wars. And Sackhoff said it was “a really interesting translation.” [Bo-Katan] on live action. “First, they couldn’t dye Sackhoff’s hair because she had to take pictures Another life on Netflix soon after and the right orange hair color was hard to find in a wig. There were other physical aspects.

“It may look really crazy, but Bo-Katan has that scar on his face and I was really attached to it,” she said. “I was really attached to her freckles. I was really attached to the way her eyebrows went down. But even with her Nite Owl armor and eyebrows, they did very well.

It’s been a decade since Bo-Katan was last seen by audiences

In chronological, canonical time, it’s been about 11 years since fans last saw Bo-Katan. She appeared in Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels and then appears now. The last time the fans saw her Rebels, she had Darksaber, which was why it was such a surprise to see Moff Gideon with him in the season 1 finale of The Mandalorian. And why it also makes sense that she’s on the hunt for it in this episode.

And although it’s been more than a decade between then and now, fans don’t know what happened to the character. This was something Sackhoff had to understand with Philoni and Favreau.

“I really wanted to see how Bo-Katan could fit into this world and it took a lot of conversations and a lot of timelines to understand, and that meant talking a lot with Dave and John,” Sackhoff told Entertainment Tonight.

She got into the way they talked through Bo-Katan’s story, and of course there were a lot of questions. Obviously, Sackhoff cares about her character and really understands Bo-Katan’s significance star Wars galaxy. Many thumbs are crossed that Sackhoff and Bo-Katan are back by the end of the season.

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