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Mario Kart’s music is now popular with last-minute teenagers

When people think of melodies designed to help you learn and focus, the first thing that may come to mind are the relaxing melodies of lo-fi beats. But when the clock is ticking and you have an essay in the morning that you haven’t even started, “cooling off” may be the last thing you want.

This may explain why at the end of October TikTok of a woman crouched over a computer, as the fast-paced melodies of Mario Kart’s boom loomed and became millions on the video platform. “My stress levels have dropped [up] but my word also counts “, the inscription reads.

To be more specific, the song seems to be what it plays when you use the invincibility star in Mario Kart. While the item is active, the music moves to emphasize both your newfound power and its state over a limited period of time. You should try to make the most of it as quickly as possible, which is why it lends itself so well to a stressful situation as pulling out all night or pulling out a multi-page essay.

“I’m doing this completely,” TikTok’s top comment said. “WHY IS THIS SO SMART,” exclaims another.

Hence, the music of Mario Kart generally has noticed a jump in platforms like Spotify, according to graphics trackers. Curiously, no upload to any site, whether YouTube or Spotify, is official for Nintendo. There is now a huge demand for something that the Japanese company does not provide.

On social media, a cavalcade of teenagers say they are trying out the method, or report how using Mario Kart’s music helps them finish their homework.


“Guys who listen to music on Mario cards while you’re working are SO EFFECTIVE, I’ve been working for two hours in a row and it seemed like 30 minutes of magic,” another tweet said.

“I just wrote 600 words out of my 1000 [word] an essay in half an hour, this shit really works, ”says another Twitter user about the effectiveness of Mario Kart’s music.

Most tweets seem to agree on one thing: Mario Kart’s music helps you put words on the page faster. Are these words good? It’s hard to say, but the quality may be beyond the point when you just want to get a draft on the table.

Polygon talks to a 19-year-old student, cosplaybysab, who recently tweeted that he used Mario Kart tunes to complete a 1,000-word essay for his mythology class. According to cosplaybysab, small things help her write 500 words in less than half an hour.

While many are embarking on the trend now, Mario Kart’s performance is nothing new to her – she’s been a player long enough to know video game music.

“I’ve actually been using Mario Kart / Nintendo fast music for years and it really works for all my classes !!” she said in a Twitter message. In the past, she says she also used Kirby’s music as well as dubstep to get into the right mindset to call out words.

The synergy between video game music and performance makes sense, as many songs are specifically designed to help players enter the area while performing repetitive in-game tasks. This is simply one of the most stressful choices one can make, and accordingly, it is not a method that works for everyone.

In the case of cosplaybysab, she doesn’t know if her essay on mythology has still received a good grade. But she is very happy that more and more people are discovering the magic of video game music combined with homework.

“People deserve to get good grades and get the job done quickly!” She said.

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