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Masahiro Sakurai’s new post has fans speculating heavily about what the next Super Smash Bros. might be. Ultimate DLC or when it comes

Is the internet still reading too much about things? Quite possible, but there are some wrinkles

No creator of fighting games likes to annoy his fans more than Ed Boone with Mortal Kombat, but Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo are known from time to time to provide small hints about what lies ahead in Super Smash Bros. games.

Although Steve of Minecraft hasn̵

7;t even been in the hands of players for a week in Smash Ultimate, internet abuse is working hard, burying itself in one of Sakurai’s latest posts, which seems to stand out from the rest, which is perhaps more than that. which corresponds to the eye.

A few days ago, the director of Smash shared what looked like one of his daily developer screenshots, which gives fans a little behind-the-scenes look at the developed version of Smash Ultimate, but many believe there is much more to it.

The image in question includes two timer elements next to each other with the purple distortion behind them, although what is on the watch has attracted everyone’s interest.

Both timers show different times when converted to a standard clock, with the left timer showing 12:14 and the right timer set to 10:30.

Image of Sakurai # 1 timer image

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Apparently, this has led some fans to believe that these are the dates / times we can see for the next DLC revealed for Ultimate, if it is converted to December 14 and October 30.

This particular theory doesn’t seem to contain much water, given that we already have a Smash message for Steve, so it’s unlikely they’ll show another one so soon. There was a three-month difference between Min Min’s and Steve’s revelations.

With a different perspective on what times may mean, Crash Bandicoot fans are hoping for his involvement, and the evidence is a little stronger than any other.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time recently came out as the first brand new title in the series for more than a decade earlier this month, which of course has a big focus on time and the multiverse, although there is one piece in particular that attracted the attention of the players.

Dr. Nefario Tropi returns as one of the antagonists of Crash 4 along with a new version of himself.

Most interestingly, both doctors have watches on their heads that appear to show the same time as Sakurai’s timers, as noted by VARMANi and others.

Crash's Dr.  N Tropy watches image # 1

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It could just be a nod that Sakurai has / has recently played Crash 4 or it could just be a coincidence depending on how you want to look at it.

Crash Bandicoot is one of the most sought after fighters to join the Smash list now, especially after his return to the spotlight with the N-Sane Trilogy, so it wouldn’t be right outside the left field if it ended up being true.

Chrono Trigger fans also raise eyebrows at the photo, given the game’s strong focus on time travel and that the background looks similar to the effect used to move forward or backward in the timeline, although this is the normal effect used for timers. .

Prior to unveiling Byleth earlier this year, Nintendo shared an image of Sakurai raising three fingers in an atypical pose, which also sent speculation to the superdrive, trying to figure out what the numbers might mean.

Sakurai himself explained his numbers during the breakup of Ticket, where he revealed that the director had counted using the binary method, with all three being 17, for the number of titles in the Fire Emblem franchise.

If Nintendo continues the release schedule for Fighter Pass Vol. 2, which they did for Min Min and Steve, we can see the next character only in January 2021 with four more scheduled for the season.

After reviewing the evidence for yourself, let us know if you think this is really coded clue or Sakurai is just trying to show something like the timer arrows are actually changing a change in Ultimate

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