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Maura Heyley is not a fan of Martha Kokli's new employer: Julian

Martha Kokly has a new job and she is in a company that is investigating her successor.

The former Massachusetts Attorney General joins the government's electronics giant Yuul's government team, said Tuesday in the company, just hours before the current Chief Prosecutor, Maura Heyley, spoke of the dangers of their product. "Yulli accounts for two-thirds of the US $ 2 billion e-cigarette market – they are so popular that vaping is also known as" Juuling "- and too much of their product rolls into our schools," Healey said at a forum Tuesday night at Newton for a vaping "health epidemic. "

" This is a highly addictive product that should not be "anywhere near the lungs or brains of a 1

2, 14 or 16-year-old child," she says. "The worst is that many have no idea that they take any health risk – up to two thirds think they are just delicious scents. "

Coakley – who called on the federal government to ban cigarette sales for minors in 2013, compared to similar concerns about the addictive effects of nicotine – can largely agree with these points Politico's former ex-prosecutor and Democratic Governor and US Senate member join Juul to raise awareness of their efforts to combat youth use and eliminate smoke-free cigarettes for several months while it is was a partner at Boston-based law firm Foley Hoag, but she will start work in mid-April

"JUUL has an incredible opportunity to change old smokers and I look forward to working with stakeholders from private and public sector while we perform this mission and prevent young people from ever using money products like JUUL, "said Coakley in a statement.

Juul has become a safer alternative to smoked cigarettes that are the cause of death in the United States. The company cites studies that show that 47 percent of elderly smokers will switch entirely from flammable cigarettes after 90 days of use of tobacco-free products.

However, electronic cigarettes and other firing devices still contain nicotine, a highly addictive drug, produced from tobacco. And he's more concerned about their attractiveness to teens, especially in Massachusetts.

"It turns out that many companies that fall out have pulled a page from Big Tobacco's smoking book. "Healey said on Tuesday at Newton. , The Federal Drug Administration estimates that more than 28% of high school students have used electronic cigarettes for at least 20 or more days last year, an increase of 78% compared to 2017. Healey cites anecdotal assessments in local schools, which are significantly higher. 19659004] According to Healey, a vape cartridge contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Underlining the elegant label of Jules and sweet-flavored pods, she said some of their products "look to attract young people to nicotine."

Asked about the new job of his predecessor, Healey's office said on Tuesday that their investigation

"Juuling and vaping in schools has reached epidemic proportions, and our office will continue to explore the role of this company in creating this health crisis, "said Jillian Fennimore, spokesman for the Chief Prosecutor. , "This message has no impact on our efforts to keep young people healthy and safe in Massachusetts."

Concerns about young people is one of the areas in which Hilly, who is a Democrat, and the administration of President Donald Trump – who is progressing to new policy to reduce the use of teenagers is in line

In Washington Post issued last month, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb and secretary of health and social services Alex Azar write that while electronic cigarettes can be effective in changing older smokers, there is evidence that "a young person trying to use electr oon cigarette is more likely to experience ordinary cigarette tobacco. "

According to a comprehensive report by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine last year, the long-term net impact is still unclear. However, Gottlieb and Azar warned that if youth use continues to rise this year, they may think of "more drastic regulatory action." Gottlieb even reports that he even dropped the idea of ​​temporarily removing all nicotine-based products from the market.

A reversal of the trends in the use of electronic cigarettes amongst youth, we imagine a world where the FDA will continue to narrow the detour for adults looking for a less harmful alternative to flammable cigarettes to close the ramp that has led to the widespread and increasingly frequent use of electronic cigarettes by teenagers, "they wrote in . Juul, for its part, says he has already taken action – and supports some additional government regulations – reducing the number of teenagers using their products. Juul Chief Executive Kevin Burns noted that the company has stopped selling scented shopkeepers, shutting down their Facebook and Instagram profiles (which have been fired) for their advertising), stepping up their online age verification process, and will remove retailers that sell to customers under 21 years of age.

Burns said the company also supports a ban on the industry for "child-appealing tastes" such as those that mimic candy or baby food. And while the national age minimum for buying electronic cigarettes, like regular cigarettes, is 18, Burns said the company supports the movements of states like Massachusetts to raise it to 21.

raising the minimum age for buying all tobacco products, including money products, up to 21 ", he writes. "Tobacco laws 21 are struggling with one of the biggest players in this problem – social sources from peers in legal age – and they have shown that they dramatically reduce teenage use." , including how they track the use of minors by their products and whether rising rates are "deliberately the result of their own marketing". said on Tuesday that the use of electronic cigarettes is now the "number one issue I hear from parents and teachers in every community: urban, suburban and rural."

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