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McConnold firmly heads Pelosi's agenda

  The Democrats - especially the 60 and the first newcomers - have a new reality: it does not matter what they do as long as the Republicans control the Senate, and the White House </p>
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The House Democrats are ready to boast of everything they do with their new majority.The only problem is that most of them go to Mitch McConnel's trash can

From an extensive healthcare package to ambitious proposals on the safety of weapons, voting and voting reforms, the chairman of Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her growing class of freshmen quickly follow the promises of the campaign that won the House, after passing on their suggestions, it is as far as they are – a disappointing

"I'm not sure that all we are doing will come to the foundations of the Senate, President Said House Budget Committee, John Yarmuth (D-ku.). "This is the reality."

McConnell (R-Ky.) Facing his own re-election and defending a difficult SD map in 2020, he has no incentive to work with Home Democrats on his internal agenda. will reject the tangible victories of the Democrats in order to rise during the campaign while preserving the vulnerable parties of the senate party who have to take difficult voices. The Republicans also intend to protect President Donald Trump from potentially inconvenient vetoes of legislation that is being conducted well.

As Mr John Kornin says (R-Texas): "We are a firewall."

"Most of these things are very easy for Republicans in the Senate to send messages against," said Bill John Tuine (RS.D.) "We think many of the ideas there are crazy. people who have a lot of messing with most of what's going on in their agenda. "

Gridlock in a divided government is a longstanding tradition in Washington, with the rapidly developing Senate home. It's not that bad for Democrats, who can help lay the foundations of the Democrats' agenda for 2020, and to tell the voters what the party can do if it goes to power in the next election

But this is the last check of the reality for House Democrats came to power in the middle of the longest closure in the history of the government and saw that their the agenda is frozen until the Trump border problem is resolved in weeks

When Pelosi and her MPs finally managed to turn to the tickets, including the passing of arms testing bills and the growing fight for fighting Corruption, they were overshadowed by infighting and procedural obstacles.

Now the Democrats – especially the 60-year-olds – face a new reality: it does not matter what they do while the Republicans control the Senate and the White House.

"We are currently doing nothing, the Home and the Senate are combined," said Max. "I'm disappointed that Mitch McConnell is a coward. Not willing, unable to put legislation on the floor. "” data-size=”promo_xsmall_rectangle”/>

Senate Democrats know this dynamics too well after seeing McConnell stifling President Barack Obama's agenda, not mentioning the Supreme Court candidate in 2016." He will treat him with the treatment of Merrick Garland, "said Dean Durbin (D-Ill.) of Senate Minority Senators' Agenda.

McConnell is not quite opposed to putting liberal proposals on the floor, at least when he feels a political benefit. With the break-up of Democrats on the Green New Deal, McConnell has put this measure to a vote last week to see that 43 Democrats have voted "current" – an inconvenient outcome for a plan endorsed by many Senate Democrats applying for a president. [19659004RepublikantsiteotSenatasashtobihamoglidanastoyavatzaglasuvanena"Medikarizavsichki"ilidadarzhatVarhovniyasadvdevetsadiidaseopitatdarazdelyatdemokratiteDemokratitetvardyatche"current"strategiyazaglasuvanesegasevazpriemakatonay-dobriyatnachinzaspravyanesglasovetena"McConnell"[19659004] But when it comes to a comprehensive ethics and election reform HR 1 or other major progressive proposals Democrats have no hope to get Republicans in the Senate even record. This leaves relatively little legislation as the only potential for success in a divided government, but little attention has been paid to improvements in infrastructure or other ideas for both parties.

"The public support for the program" For the People "was crucial to our victory in November and it will be key to removing any obstacles on our path

Pelosi tells us that public pressure can force McConnell to make [includingtheRepublicanSenate"saidPelosispokesmanDrewHammill

The dissatisfaction of some Democrats is focused not on McConnell, but on their own group.

"It's time to move away from the talks and proceed to legislation," said Mr. Kurt Schader (D-Ore), a moderate democrat who is not shy about criticizing his party's leadership. "I have not heard of anything that is related to the economy or some of the other issues."

Shader noted that he and other members of the left coalition Blue Dog sent a letter to Pelosi and the leader of the majority Steny Hoyer (D)

"I guess it's just a game on the left wing of our base and we'll pass to the infrastructure, with prescription drugs, "added Shader. current agenda.

Other moderate people also hope that leadership will soon go past what they see as sky reports.

"I would not call it frustration. I would call it an expectation, "said representative Jim Heims (D-Conn.). "I very much hope that, both for transport and for infrastructure, and for healthcare spending, we can move on to this phase."

House Democrats have held numerous hearings on infrastructure and medicines that precede the drug According to collaborators, the legislation will be lifted later this year.

Pelosi's staff is at an early stage in talks with the White House and senior Senate Republicans about a potential package of prescription-only medicines. But even infrastructure – the idea that most widely unites Democrats, Republicans and Trump – comes with its own obstacles.

House Democrats are expected to turn their infrastructure package in late spring or early summer. But, as in recent years, finding a long-term solution for highway and other transit investments will be difficult. Legislators opposed the 25-year gas tax increase.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party will see a repeat momentum of eight years ago when the encouraged Republicans took the majority of the home and sent the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D) -Nev.) Dozens of conservative accounts. Reid left almost everyone to get sick. "When you are in the hall, you are consumed" with the agenda, said senator James Lankford (R-Okla.), Former MEP. Then "look at the papers … and go: no one talks about what we are working on. Because everybody knows that he will not go anywhere.

Perhaps the best result for Democrats would be that the inaction of their legislation puts pressure on CS Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado, Susan Collins of Maine, or Marta Macsally of Arizona to break up want votes to reform campaign finance or environmental bills. Although it is a long shot, it will at least show that even if the Democrats defeated Trump, they must also capture the Senate.

"If everything they do under McConnell's mind blocks everything in a presidential election year, I think they really risk losing some of their places like Maine, like Colorado, like Arizona," said representative Jerry Connolly -Va.). "If they want to keep control of the US Senate, they better deliver something."

Andrew Desiderio and Sara Ferris contributed to this report.

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