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Meet The Man Who Limits the Power of Trump Without Noticing Anyone

Washington Times Washington DC Dream City: Race, Power and Decline of Washington

A few hours before President Donald Trump entered the Rose Garden last Friday for to declare its intention to declare a state of emergency at national level so that it can build its long-promised border wall.

"We will not hesitate to use our lawful authority to defend the rule of law," said 56-year-old attorney general of Washington, DC, in a concise statement.

This is almost a routine pose for Rasin, who, as co-chair of the National Democrats Association, plays a little noticeable but extremely influential role in fighting the Trump administration in the elections, in the courts, and in the media.

The past few years have been an unusual high profile of the American legal system. The President is in personal and professional legal danger. Several of his former assistants and councilors were charged with a crime. Every move of the administration is subject to major court cases.

But while the public is hypnotized by Trump's legal problems, Rasin quietly builds the ability of Democrats to check his administration at the state level. Without much attention, he appeared quietly as perhaps the only most important player in restoring the Democratic power in the American legal system.

As DC Attorney General Rasin leads the current claim against the president's salary for allegedly corrupt Treasury International's patronage in downtown Washington, along with Maryland AD Brian Froch. As co-chair of DAGA, he helped coordinate legal and political strategies behind lawsuits brought against the Trump administration on issues including the separation of children and parents at the border with Mexico, maintaining the DACA Recipient Accessibility Care and Protection Act. Even more importantly, Rasin is the architect of one of the least discussed but most comprehensive results of the November elections: Democrats earn the majority of state advocacy positions ̵

1; success with electoral implications for workers' rights, immigration, civil rights, defense users and the ability to build a courtroom against the Trump administration.

All this put Racine on a trajectory for … well, exactly what? Washington, DC, has no Senators or a member of the Congress with the right to vote. He may return to private practice, but his passion for public service and the ambition to achieve lasting change makes the public arena more attractive, which has led some friends and colleagues to speculate that he may be set to take on senior a post at the Ministry of Justice if a Democrat recovers the White House in 2020 – maybe a general attorney or a deputy chairman, or even, as he proposed to POLITICO, a lawyer-general. To a great extent, however, such speculations do not matter: having any of these positions, Rasin has already helped to change the American legal system. Three days after threatening legal action against Trump's declaration of national emergency, 16 countries filed a lawsuit against the president in a federal court. Three of these states – Colorado, Michigan and Nevada – are transferred from the Republican to the Democratic AG under Rasin's clock.

But you will not hear any praise from Rasin: "I was educated, trained, and trained not to emphasize my role in a team.


The most important fact who knows about Karl Rassin is that he is competitive as hell. A former athlete at college, he has an impressive structure – his shoulders and biceps fill his jacket with the garter suits – without threatening. He's nice. Warm. Mill.

But he likes – no, he needs – to win.

"I was attracted to the racing spirit I had throughout my life," he said in an interview with POLITICO. "Nothing came easy to me. I always had to prove myself. "

Rasin emigrated from Haiti at the age of 3, grew up in the Northwest District of Columbia and attended the" St. After graduating, he went to the University of Pennsylvania where he was the captain of the basketball team, led him to a pair of Ivy League championships and made the second team team Ivy twice. (He also played a key role in one chapter of the Pen-Prunston race when in the final seconds of a heavy game he was polluted by Craig Robinson, the brother of the future first lady, Michelle Obama, and sank two free kicks. that he plays hoops, sometimes against his friend and voter, former US Attorney General Eric Holder

After college, Rasin graduated from the University of Virginia and returned to the district to work for a short time as a public defender before to turn to private practice he landed at Venable, one of DC's largest white shoes companies. In 2006, his colleagues chose him as a managing partner – making him the first African American in every top 100 American law firm that holds the title of " partner

"Carl Rasin is not a natural politician," said Tom Lindenfeld. a political operative, and a former counselor in Washington, mayor Muriel Bouzer, a rival of Racin. "He does not … take time to build his own brand. He is not as good at working with the press as in his work. "

Rasin confesses that he personally discovered that he was" uncomfortable "for the first time in office – he was not used to speaking with voters face-to-face, dealing with reporters, and so on. – but that did not prevent Mayor Bozer from seeing him as a threat after both were elected in 2014. She immediately tried to control her budget, limit her jurisdiction and bring the new independent AG under the mayoral control. This reflects what Rasin calls the "battle of a grand piano" in the district council.

"It was very unpleasant," he said, "but we have learned how important it is to build alliances with voters and other interests." Bowser, maintains and extends its jurisdiction, then builds a robust juvenile justice reform system in DC, winning cases against slumlords and introducing successful cases of consumer protection.

Months in his first term in 2015, then asked Connecticut attorney George Jepsens, at that time DAGA's co-chair, to meet him at dinner at Marcel's French restaurant in West End, DC. He had something in his mind: "We were driven out of our strikes," Rasin remembered.

At the time, the Dagha was a Denver-based dormitory organization with part-time staff and a low annual operating budget. She did nothing more than the organization of annual meetings. At the same time, his RAG colleague had already become muscular in campaigns throughout the country. During the years of Obama, RAGA has increased its political capacity and fundraising capacity, building staff, coordinated with other PP commissions, and setting up its own PAC.

"Why do we still have a part-time organization with a budget of $ 3 million when Republicans have full-time staff who have collected nearly $ 20 million?", Asked Jesse. "How can we compete?"

He recites the list of countries where Democrats have lost seats in the AG at the last election. "Unless we are ready to change," he told Jessen, "we will continue to lose our seats." He suggested that they move the organization to Washington, USA, hire full-time employees and become serious about raising money.

Rasin, a rookie at the local and national level, realizes he is at risk. But Jepsens agreed with his assessment. "It was time for DAGA 2.0," recalls Jepsen. "We can not rediscover the organization overnight, but we wanted to compete in 2016"

The recruiter became co-chair of DAGA with Oregon's chief prosecutor Ellen Rosenblum.

The first line of work was to hire the first CEO of the group. After national search, Sean Rankin, who was Rasin's political advisor in 2014, won baking. In the spring of 2015, while Rankin hired office space in Washington and started hiring staff, Rasin and Rosenblum walked on the way to court courtiers and gathered money. "It was difficult," Rasin said. "We met with potential donors – trade unions, advocacy groups, law firms – to fund the Dagha and make it appropriate. It was not easy. "Some donors have suggested the organization is useless and instead of increasing their contributions, they intend not to donate at all. "We [were] met with honest disagreement about whether our mission is useful," Rasin said.

The most common refrain: Prove.

With the 2016 elections on the horizon, Rasin and Rankin have been trying to do just that. They decided to turn to open for the Democrats seats in two major states: North Carolina, a political battlefield that turned red in the last election, and Pennsylvania, where the current Ag Kathleen Kane, the first Democrat to take his seat more than 35 years – was forced to resign after being convicted of a crime with criminal offenses.

"We were not given much hope to be successful," Rasin said. Both races will be difficult, especially with Trump at the top of the presidential ticket.

In Pennsylvania, while most national democrats have ignored the warning signs that the state is not a reliable blue-shade in the presidential election. and spent $ 500,000 on choosing Josh Shapiro, who was proclaimed a Progressive District Commissioner from the Philadelphia suburb. – an educated liberal who has worked for a disgraced former senator John Edwards and will give the state an extraordinary progressive policy. While RAGA entered $ 3.8 million in the race, DAGA made direct contributions and partnering with donors to drop $ 3.1 million.

November, North Carolina and Pennsylvania came to Trump, while they also chose Democrats. He "surprised many people," Rankin said.

But just as Rasin and Dagha are beginning to prove their ingenuity, the policy of applying for a general attorney has been drastically changed. By the year 2017, after years of Republican lawyers who sued the Obama administration for everything – from the Law on Affordable Care to Environmental Regulations, it was well established that state agencies will use their posts to fight the White House on issues of political or guerrilla difference. But between them, AG had a long history of working in bipartisan fashion across state lines on issues ranging from water protection to consumer advocacy to Big Tobacco's 1990s.

Emphasizing this collegiality, the AGs had a handshake agreement that RAGA and DAGA would not challenge the seats owned by the partners on the other side. "This move is obvious -" RAGA has a clear mission to win competitions, "said Zack Roday spokesman when DAGA responded in kind but gave up cash flows and resources that led to more competitive competition. and expensive AG races than ever before.

The first test of the gloves approach was made in the Virginia race for 2017, where Republicans poured nearly $ 9.6 million – RAGA directly injected $ 6.7 million of the Democratic Leader. DAGA responded with $ 3 million, plus $ 500,000 in natural donations, according to Virginia's impartial public access project – part of more than $ 10 million spent by Democrats to take over.

There is no doubt that DAGA has provided a counterbalance to the flow of republican money, Herring reminded. "Besides, I have a special relationship with Rasin." The two were cross-border comrades in adjoining jurisdictions, which made it easier for DAGA to work closely with Herring's team from the outset.

to join Virginia. With the elections that took place one year before the 2018 mast, it offered the group the opportunity to test its new text and social media tools, both aiming to increase the number and quality of interactions with potential voters.

Hering said DAGA "has been deployed in many different ways, particularly with regard to direct contact with text messages and social media connections." According to DAGA's information, social media efforts have increased Facebook's "likes" by 8,000 to over 50,000 six months, and her efforts to organize volunteers allowed the campaign to reach 330,000 vvv voters via text messages from equal partners.

"Think it's a jerk on the iPhone's neck," says Elizabeth Haynes of Open Progress, who focuses on testing digital tools and partnering with DAGA in the Herring race. "It replaces face-to-face interaction with screen-to-screen. We've found that more and more people will engage with you. "

DAGA went all-in to the digital and social media. "Carl was great in working with us," said Haynes. "When we needed Carl's point of view … we had it. That was important. "

With Herring's great victory, potential funders of the Dagha sent the organization a message: OK, do it again in 2018.


Dana Nessel is unlikely to Michigan Prosecutor. "I had never run for a library board, not to mention an office all over the country," she said. It is sharply progressive. She is an outsider lesbian in a country that has never chosen an open LGBT politician to a high post. She is a vocal feminist who released a # MeToo-themed video at the end of 2017, in which she remembers her campaign, asking: "Who can trust her most to keep her penis from showing up in a professional environment ? Candidate who has no penis? I would say so. "For all these reasons, Nessel was rejected by much of the democratic establishment of the state as a person whose liberal politics and open style can prove responsibility for the candidates up and down the ticket. ” data-size=”promo_xsmall_rectangle”/>

Still, on April 15, 2018, she won the party's candidacy for a general attorney – a move that revolts many democratic moods at the Detroit black political institute that favors her mainstream African-American counterpart.

None of this was of any relevance to Rasin's team: There were elections for victory.

Nessel said the first phone call he received after receiving the nomination was by Sean Rankkin. Three days later, she was on an airplane to Washington to meet Rasin and the DAGA executive team. "I knew I needed help, and I hoped they would be the organization that would provide it," she said. Carl spread his hand. Nessel and Rasin were bound by the military stories of their days as public defenders. Rankin began training her to set up a campaign machine. She returned to Detroit with a sense of direction and confidence. The organization traces again and again with money and electoral efforts, and in November, Nessel defeated the well-funded Republican candidate and became the first 20-year Democrat to win the Michigan AG race.

was sitting here as a Michigan general attorney without the Dagah and Carl, "Nessel said. The election was a team effort, but Karl was at the center of it. "

This is the story in Nevada.

At the beginning, Rasin helped recruit the Aaron Ford Senate Majority Leader to run for Nevada's Chief Prosecutor. His candidacy, like Nessel, is historic: Nevada never chose an African-American general attorney.

In the middle of the summer of 2018, RAGA created a Ford ad for insignificant arrests when he was a student in Texas in the early 1990s. , "Aaron Ford Ranin" from the law – ads and the website broke out. Critics in local media have suggested that advertising is concealed by the "dog whistle policy".

Any ingeniousness in this line of interrogation was lacking in what went on.

През ноември 2017 г. Синът е бил сред група деца, които полицията ги е призовавала за малък инцидент в частна собственост в квартал на Лас Вегас. Когато пристигнаха правоприлагащите органи, те решиха, че въпросът най-добре се обработва от родителите и ги призовават да дойдат и да си върнат децата. Форд беше сред тези родители.

RAGA съди, за да накара полицията да пусне кадри от фотоапарата, взети от офицери. "Това е много просто", каза тогавашният говорител на RAGA Зак Рода. "Обществеността заслужава да знае какво е казал Аарон Форд този ден."

"Отидоха след Аарон Форд и неговото семейство по суровите расови условия", каза Расин. Лекият адвокат му позволява да бъде „възмутен“. Той веднага се обади на Форд и му предложи подкрепа. Той слушаше. Той съчувства. Тогава той атакува обратно.

DAGA публично нарече тактиката "не само расистка, но извън границите и неприемлива", изсипа повече пари в кампанията на Ford и противопостави RAGA на партида пресни реклами. – Карл и ДАГА бяха кавалерията, която дойде да осигури решаваща подкрепа – каза Форд. – Попадна на борда: морална, финансова и тактическа.

През ноември Форд спечели с по-малко от 5 000 гласа, преобърна седалката и се превърна в първия черен AG в историята на държавата.

Под Racine, DAGA се превърна в пъргав и добре финансиран политически удар. във Вашингтон – този, който през 2018 г. е събрал и похарчил рекордни суми пари, предприе кампания за „дигитална вратичка“, която се свързва с 12 милиона гласоподаватели в повече от дузина целеви държави чрез текстови съобщения от равнопоставени партньори и се играе важна роля за обръщане на местата в АГ в Невада, Мичиган, Уисконсин и Колорадо. само един от онези, които неминуемо ще бъдат много юридически битки между новите Демократически АГ и администрацията на Тръмп. г, се оттегли от поста след като разкри, че веднъж е носел чернокожи на парти в колежа – и демократите, и републиканците се чудят какво ще последва.

"Карл е супер-талантлив адвокат – добре обичан от всички страни" – каза изпълнителният директор на RAGA Адам Пайпър. "Той е конкурент, но е лесно да се разбираме с него."

От своя страна, Пайпър е "много бичи около картата през 2019 г." и вижда блестящи възможности за републиканците в Северна Каролина, Кентъки и Мисисипи.

На Демократическата страна, както се очаква, други мислят, че синята вълна все още не е избухнала. [Virginia Attorney General Mark] Херинга, и те са загубили [Brad] Шимел в Уисконсин, ”казва Джордж Джепсен, бивш Коннектикут АГ и бивш председател на DAGA. "Това е съвсем различен свят, ако републиканците трябва да харчат пари, за да защитят местата си в държави с високи разходи като Кентъки, Флорида и Тексас."

Джепсен си позволява да обмисли възможностите: "Представете си, ако Тексас се превърне в Демократична АГ."

Разбира се, нещо друго е завладяло въображението на повечето демократи, Расин сред тях: край на администрацията на Тръмп. Но кой трябва да бъде номинираният?

"Обичам Камала Харис", каза Расин. Нейният съпруг, Дъглас Емхоф, адвокат, базиран в Лос Анджелис, е бил бивш партньор на Racine в Venable, а двамата мъже са близки приятели. „Възможността да помогнеш на някой като Камала е интригуваща“, добави Расин.

През 2015 г., когато Расин се появи на първата си конференция на ДАГА, Харис, тогавашният адвокат на Калифорния, го забеляза в стаята и го присвои. – Хей, Карл – каза тя, – сега имаме две афро-американски АГ. [Расин отбелязва, че вече има пет.]

Но преди президентът Камала Харис да встъпи в длъжност, Расин ще трябва да продължи да се занимава с президента Доналд Тръмп. Генералният прокурор Карл Расин на пресконференция до плакат с изписаната клауза за възнагражденията на Конституцията " data-size="interrupt_lg"/>

Расин на пресконференция за 2017 г. относно неговия иск срещу президента Тръмп за предполагаеми нарушения на клаузата за възнаграждения на Конституцията. | Гети Имиджис

С Фрош, АГ на Мериленд, Расин е завела дело срещу Тръмп за нарушение на клаузата за обезщетения – забраната на Конституцията срещу федерални служители, които получават обезщетения от бизнес начинанията, докато са на власт. Расин и Фр ош твърдят, че чрез собствеността си върху хотел "Тръмп Интернешънъл" на Пенсилвания авеню в центъра на Вашингтон, президентът незаконно се е облагодетелствал и се е отворил за корупционно влияние.

Случаят се проваля през федералните съдилища в Мериленд, като повечето на решението, което ще бъде по пътя на Расин. Заседанието е насрочено за 19 март и в очакване на изхода процесът на откриване може да започне скоро след това.

Междувременно той управлява 300 адвоката като DC AG, като се фокусира върху работата, която е по-малко публична и по-осезаема в живота на Вашингтонците. Адвокатите му са принуждавали наемодателите да ремонтират нестандартни сгради, преместили са 1723 деца от приемната грижа и са получили повече от 10 милиона долара облекчение за потребителите на ДК. Той също се присъедини към ръководството на двупартийната Национална асоциация на адвокатите, за да стане президент за две години.

Расин казва, че сърцето му е в реформирането на правосъдието за непълнолетни и създаването на пътища за извеждане на децата от системата на наказателното правосъдие.

Но интересно ли е сърцето му да се премести да служи във федерален офис? В края на краищата, Расин е работил в офиса на адвоката на Белия дом по време на изслушванията на Клинтън.

"Разбира се, че бих", каза той.

Изглежда, че Карл Расин става по-малко спокоен за амбициите си.

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