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Meet the Ostrich in discussing Trump's Science Fight Panel

In its constant attempt to discredit decades of climate science, Trump's administration reports that it reaches some of the world's most experienced down-turners to join a new panel to present an alternative climate change response. Washington Post for the first time reported on Sunday that the administration is recruiting scientists and researchers to challenge the scientific consensus that climate change is an immediate crisis triggered by the world's addiction to fossil fuels. First of all, the list of committees will be the National Climate Assessment Congress report issued by Congress, published in November by scientists from 1

3 federal agencies. In this report, President Donald Trump said he did not believe it came to the conclusion that planetary warming "could increase by 5 ° C or more by the end of this century" without dramatic changes.

The purpose of this presidential climate committee will be to conduct a "competitive scientific peer review" of climate science, E & E News reported on Monday citing a note from the White House. For anyone who has pursued Republican efforts to question the climate crisis, the names that appear as potential participants will be known.

Many have appeared at congressional hearings, a representative of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology organized to sell disinformation about the climate and its own anti-scientific views. Trump & apos; s reports that he is the Leader of the William Hamper panel retired physics professor in Princeton with without experience in climatology. E & E noted that the students also included Judith Curry a former professor at the Georgia Tech Earth and Earth School of Earth science and atmospheric sciences; John Christie, Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama; and Richard Lindstedt, retired Professor MIT.

Kurt Davies, director of the Center for Climate Studies, told HuffPost that the early list of candidates would show that the White House chose to address the people in academia and not think-tank representatives who deny Climate change. While this may make them seem more trustworthy, they all have "different flavors of denial," Davis said.

"These guys' arguments are held only in high place among a very small club by climate-neutral," he said. "They are not involved in mass thinking about climate science. And they attack the temperature recording or modeling differently. "

Happer, who serves as Trump's deputy assistant for emerging technologies at the National Security Council, has a long history of colorful commentaries on climate change. He called the climatology "cult " and repeatedly claims that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

  Physicist William Haaper in the lobby of the Trump Tower in Manhattan on January 13, 2017.

Physicist William Haaper in the lobby of the Trump Tower in Manhattan on January 13, 2017.

"Demonstration of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews at Hitler," said Hamper in an interview with CNBC for 2014. He added: "Carbon dioxide actually benefits the world as well as the Jews."

A Testimony to the Senate Commission on Environment and Public Works in 2009 Haaper said that "CO₂ increase will be good" for humanity. And he compares today's climate movement with the abstinence movement of the early 1900s, which led to the ban.

"Deeply honest people thought they were saving mankind from the mischief of alcohol, as many people now genuinely think they are saving people from the collisions of CO₂," he said. Judge Curry

] Retired A retired climatologist, known for mocking "climate alarms", has been repeatedly invited by Republican lawmakers, including Smith, to testify at congressional hearings. While acknowledging that the planet is warming, it questions the scientific consensus about it.

"Climate is always changing and will change in the future," she said at a meeting of the House Science Committee. – The question is how much of the change is caused by people. We do not know. Curry came to defend Scott Pruitt, a former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, when he told CNBC in 2017 that he did not believe. carbon dioxide is a major factor in global warming.

In an interview last week with Andrew Rekvin of National Geographic, Carrie said the White House is "the last bastion of hard denial." on its new Climate Committee, if invited, as long as the panelists have to follow the data they are leading.

Christie, another favorite resource for Republicans, was appointed this month to serve as a member of the EPA's Scientific Advisory Board . Like Hapert, he often claims that burning fossil fuels is beneficial for the planet.

" There is a benefit, not cost for the production of carbon energy," he told E & E News earlier this month. And in an interview with The Guardian in 2015, Christie said, " Carbon dioxide makes things grow. Plants like these things. It creates more food. There is absolutely no question that carbon energy provides … a longer and better life.

Christy opposes federal regulations targeting greenhouse gas emissions. And in the editorial article by The Wall Street Journal in 2007, he writes that he sees no developing crash or smoke that proves that human activity is to blame for most of the warmth we see. Richard Lindzen

Lindzen is a senior research associate at the Cato Institute, a liberal think tank based in Washington DC, funded by the millionaire of the Koch brothers. Like Happer, Lindsen equates those who believe in climate change with members of the culture.

"As with any cult, once the cult mythology begins to collapse, instead of saying, oh, we are wrong, they are becoming more and more fanatical," he told the Massachusetts Radio in 2015, according to The Daily. Mail.

Last year, Linden headed a letter signed by more than 300 climate skeptics, calling on Trump to withdraw the United States from the UN climate convention. "Since 2009, the United States and other governments have taken action on the global climate that are not scientifically grounded and already have and will continue to cause serious social and economic damage – without environmental benefits," the letter said. In his letter of reply to the President, more than 20 of Lindstedt's colleagues at MIT wrote that they wanted to make it clear that this was not an opinion shared by us or the overwhelming majority. the majority of other scientists who have devoted their professional life to a careful study of climate science. "Michael Mann, a climatologist at Pennsylvania State University, has named the list of names who have appeared as Candidates for the White House Panel, the" true dream team of climate change adversaries, opponents and adversaries. "


" Exactly what we would expect from an administration that, when it comes to energy and environmental policy, is a tire seal for the Koch brothers and the interests that pollute the environment, "Mann said in an email.

The committee will be something like a "red team, a blue team", an initiative launched by Pruitt in 2017 that sought to provide additional industrial support for researchers based at the same table as real climate scientists. Trump's new commission will not be required to meet publicly or to be subject to public demands, according to The Washington Post.

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