No, in the center of Los Angeles there is no meteor or an alien visit.

On Wednesday night, Twitter lit up videos and tweets from people troubled by an obvious fiery ball that sneaked into the heavens of downtown Los Angeles.

This flying object of fire above downtown Los Angeles? writes Dennis Hugstadt in a Twitter post with the mysterious flying object.

"Does anyone else see a meteor over downtown Los Angeles," wrote a Twitter @elliseckles user.

On Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department jumped to Twitter to assure the residents that it was not a meteor, not even an alien, but Hollywood.

"PSA: The Meteor did not hit the center of Los Angeles and no, it's not an alien invasion … just shooting. it is Tinseltown, writes LAPD, after all it is Tinseltown.

– LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) March 21, 2019