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ATLANA – Kevin Pilar immediately went to face the dirt. The blood covered his nose, in fact so much that the crew of the park in Trust Park rushed into the field to clean it.

With the bases loaded in the game’s seventh inning on Monday night, Atlanta facilitator Jacob Web punched Pilar in the face with a fast ball at 95 miles per hour. James McCann, who was third, went to the mound to talk to hunter Jeff Mathis to ask if he had seen where he had hit the Ladder. First Base Braves Freddie Freeman stood with his hands behind his head, showing obvious concern. Webb had a sad look on his face because he had no intention of hurting Pilar.

“Devastating,” said hunter Thomas Nido. “I was sick to the stomach.”

WARNING: Graphic video

“It’s really scary,” McCann said. “Everything stops in a second.” He is hit from the field and the last thing that comes to my mind is to touch the plate at home.

“Man, it’s scary,” said Taijuan Walker’s right hand. “You never want to see someone hit in the face or hit in the head by a ball, especially at that speed. Pilar is a tough guy. It’s just one of those things where you just shake your head and you feel sick to your stomach. “

“It wasn’t an easy moment,” said manager Luis Rojas. “Our prayers are with KP. Everyone here feels for him and his family at home, who probably watched him. It’s hard.”

Mets head coach Brian Chiclo took Pilar to the hospital, where the outside player received a CT scan and additional tests. Pillar was still being tested when Rojas spoke to reporters after the club’s 3-1 win over Atlanta, so the manager had no results.

However, Pillar wrote on Twitter: “Thanks to everyone who reached out! Terrible moment, but I’m doing well!”

And as soon as it all happened, McCann saw Pilar walking. He took this as a good sign, even if the play made him shrink.

As a man who played for a long time, Rojas was at both ends of these scary plays. He saw his attackers being robbed of high-speed terrain and his pitchers being hit by hard-hitting balls.

“You think about the player’s career, you think about a lot of things right now and you get emotional,” Rojas said. “The best thing you can do right now is to pray and ask God for understanding and the best thing for the boys is that they recover quickly and be able to get back in the game if that’s the plan.”

Pilar performed well in the absence of Brandon Nimo. He hit only .250, but started several important households, scored several key goals and played a great defense on the field.

He then became the last Matt to be injured.

“This man is a warrior,” Rojas said. “He shows up every day to play hard.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with him,” McCann said. “It’s just a scary moment.”

Justin Toscano is the screenwriter of the Mets for