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You can exhale, football fans in Michigan.

Of course, the Twins' 24-21 double victory against the Army was ugly. And you certainly have more questions about Josh Gathis' Speed ​​in Space crime than you did this season.

But profit is profit.

And in the world of college football big money, it's better to pay $ 1.5 million to a school and beat it than to pay $ 1.5 million to a school and beat you up.

Just as much as Michigan paid the Army to play Saturday's game in Ann Arber, according to sports business analyst Darren Rovel.

Michigan crushes an army 14-7 at halftime, squats four times, rallies in the second half and avoids becoming the second Power 5 program this season. to spend big and win. (In the first week, Tennessee lost to Georgia State after paying $ 950,000.)

Even with a profit, that's a lot of money to scare the hell out of Michigan fans.

And boy, were they scared

The Army struggled to release Rice in Week 1, but on Saturday the Black Knights seemed more than capable of defeating the Big Ten's preseason favorites.

Here are some of the more fun reactions from social media:

Michigan lost three in the morning on Saturday (including two by Patterson). He lost three beans all last season.

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