Michigan football coach Jim Harbow spoke to the media on Monday, October 7, 2019, in Ann Arbor.
Rainer Sabin, Detroit Free Press

The video was posted on YouTube on May 16, 2017. It runs just over two-and-a-half minutes, features a tall, well-built quarterback shooting in the 7th 7 race.

Headline: "Joe Milton's Hand is an absolute tool." Video description: "Completing the QB for 2018 throws an absolute fastball. Better bring gloves. ”

Milton has come a long way from throwing rockets to high school students down in Florida and occasionally moving his fingers. He is in the midst of his second season with football in Michigan. A lot has changed.

The strength of the hand is not.

"I'm just trying to stay away from him," said corner Laverte Hill. "If I go against him, I'm just trying to carry the ball down."

Milton, who said he could throw football 85 yards, told reporters Tuesday night that he could also throw 76 yards without He did it three weeks ago.

"I always knew I could throw away," Milton said. "When I was younger, I never had the accuracy to throw that much. But I developed over time. time. "

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Fourth Michigan Wolves quarterback Joe Milton (5) warms up before a rally against the Knights of Scarlett Rutgers on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Michigan's Ann Arbor Stadium. (Photo: Kirtmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press)

The hardest part about Milton is accuracy. He had a below-50% completion rate and three seasons he started at Olympia High School. When he arrived in Michigan, there was a great deal of recognition for his arm strength – but also for how much development he needed.

This process continues. But the early signs are positive. Recently, both Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Josh Gatis praise Milton for his improved touch.

"He works very hard at this," Harbaugh says on September 30, "and it's going very well. There is definitely a lot of weaponry talent. "

Milton tried to" just lower my wrist more "and" let the ball do the job. "He also took advice from Harbaugh, who taught him not to look at the ball in the air and focused on the goal.

" I throw so hard it's hard enough to touch the ball, "Milton said." But so far so good. I touched the ball, my accuracy improved a lot. I'm just getting better at everything I can do. "

Milton is easy to spot the improvement. You can see Michigan coaches getting fired and jumping up and down when throwing with touch and accuracy. "That's how I know I'm improving," he said.

After Dylan McCaffrey recovered from a concussion, Milton served as a backup quarterback with mixed results. In Wisconsin, he completed 0 of 2 passes. The second throw was an interception.

The following week, Milton received an extended playing time in Michigan's 52-0 rout of Rutgers. He completed 3 of 4 passes for 59 yards and made his first touchdown in his career and added a quick touchdown.

It seems that it is not yet Milton's time. But he seems fine with that. Fastball has always been a part of his repertoire – now he takes the time to add other games.

"I'm just getting better day by day," Milton said. "That's all you can do."


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