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Missile Report: Proton Cost Reduced, SpaceX HD Starter Video, SLS Stroke

  The electron starter is ready to jump
Enlarge / The electronic rocket is ready to jump

Welcome to version 1.42 of the rocket report! It was another big week for boosters, NASA's space system under the gun. Almost as soon as Vice President Mike Pens said that NASA will consider alternatives if existing contractors fail to do the job, the White House and the NASA administrator get hit by the political supporters of the big rocket. These and many other things can be found below.

As always, we welcome the comments of the readers, and if you do not want to miss a problem, please subscribe using the box below (the form will not appear in AMP-enabled site versions). Each report will include information on small, medium and heavy loads, as well as a quick look at the next three calendar runs.

Initial launch of OS-M Chinese missile failed . For the second time, the experience of an orbital start from a private Chinese company failed. On Wednesday, OneSpace Tech's OS-M Chongqing missile took off from Jiuquan's launch center and attempted to orbit the small demonstration satellite for Lingque-1B but failed shortly after entering a second stage flight, NASASpaceflight reported .com. OneSpace was created after Chinese state institutes began licensing technology for the "private" sector. This was in 2015 and since then the company has launched three major business lines, starting with the development of a commercial M series launch vehicle to provide high-frequency, cost-effective and high-quality retail and micro satellite customers. The cosmos is heavy in China as well. (represented by Unrulycow and Ken the Bin)

DARPA is trying to demonstrate a nuclear rocket in orbit . The Defense Research Agency is planning to demonstrate a nuclear thermal propulsion system that can be assembled in orbit to expand the US operational presence in space, according to Aviation Week . The agency is seeking $ 10 million in 2020 to launch a new missile reactor program to develop a highly efficient low-power uranium propulsion system. This is a home … a heat rocket, a propellant like liquid hydrogen is heated to a high temperature in a reactor and then thrown through a rocket nozzle to obtain thrust. The projectile has a higher specific impulse than the chemical missile. $ 10 million is a small amount to devote to what will surely be an expensive research and development program. (filed by danneely)

Two minotaur launches planned by Wallops . Northrop Grumman prepares for four shots this year on Virginia Island (including two Cygnus cargo delivery missions to the International Space Station) and two Minotaur rocket fields for the US government's spy satellite agency, Spaceflight Now reports. Miscellaneous Minotours … The classified missions will be placed on board the Minotaur 4 rocket launcher (which uses decommissioned engines from the Air Force Missile Ballistic Missile) and a smaller Minotaur 1 (which uses a similar combination of saved solid fuel rocket engines and new upper floors, but based on the Minuteman rocket). With the rocket lab, which also develops facilities in Wallops, an increase in activity can be observed on the Virginia coast. (filed by Unrulycow)

The Canadian launch plan is facing environmental problems . The New Scotland Environment Ministry has voiced concerns about the Cyclone 4M rocket that Maritime Launch Services proposes to launch from an undeveloped spaceport in the Canadian province. The second stage of the Ukrainian 4M amplifier is fed by hydrazine. The Ministry of the Environment should decide until May whether to authorize the project, reports . Still widely used … In response to concerns, Marine Launch Services reported on the use of hydrazine from NASA's space shuttle in SpaceX's space capsule and other vehicles. "While both (the European Space Agency) and NASA identify the benefits of developing a green alternative to hydrazine, both agencies still rely on and use it for current and planned future releases," the report said. Hydrazine is a nasty thing, but it is quite useful. (submitted by GM)

Russia will reduce the cost of its Proton rocket Roscosmos will reduce the cost of launching the Proton-M rocket to the level of SpaceX's Foxon 9 rocket to make it more competitive. Cost savings will be achieved by "lower costs for terrestrial preparations," said Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin, according to TASC. … "The Proton-M missiles are at Sega now we have taken steps to reduce the cost of launching services for us by reducing some of the costs of the Terrestrial Space Infrastructure Center" "said Rogozin, an interesting development, but with Proton's latest failures, it is unclear whether international customers will be more concerned about reliability or cost (presented by Unrulycow)

The new FAA rule seeks to Simplify the Start After the meeting of the National Council on a question on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed rules to rationalize federal commercial transport requirements in the future for future service providers related to commissioning

Deadline … According to the FAA , the proposed rule will provide a safe, implementation-based regulatory approach to commercial space transport. It would promote safety practices by creating flexibility for operators in compliance with safety requirements and by stepping up cooperation between stakeholders. Several space industry employees praised the government for moving quickly and completing the new rules for about 12 months, within the deadline set by Vice President Mike Pens. (sent by Ken the Bin)

Dream Chaser goes through another stage . The spacecraft developed by Sierra Nevada has passed the NASA 5 Integrated Review, a key check of the company's status from various ground and flight operations. Sierra Nevada said the vehicle was on track to launch in 2021 at the top of the Atlas V rocket. Major milestones and more … According to the company, the review includes the development of flight computers and software the Car, Mission Simulator, and Mission Management Center. Sierra Nevada also performed cargo demonstrations using high-precision vehicle models and its load module, showing the timing and efficiency of loading and unloading. Dream Chaser has signed a contract with NASA for at least six cargo fields to the station in the early 2020s. (represented by Ken the Bin)

Germany has a missile capture plan . The German space agency DLR is launching a study of a new concept of reuse that will use the first-degree wing, captured on a plane drop and pulled back to the ground, SpaceNews reports . The three-year study aims to develop a "missile capture" with an international team based on previous DLR simulations and flight experiments Oh, the name … My favorite part about that at first glance The idea is that it is called FALCon. Landings such as those that SpaceX runs with the Falcon 9 hopper require additional fuel to slow down the car's movement when they return to Earth, said the project manager. By equipping a wing booster and sliding it to an airplane, the rocket can use more fuel to deliver a payload in orbit. That's what we need to see. (represented by Ken the Bin and danneely)

Launch Falcon 9 High Resolution . SpaceX has recently updated Falcon 9 on its website with a new video showing some of the latest missiles and landings. One of the playback options makes it possible for 4K videos, and is a spectacular Ars reports.

Stop reading, start watching … Some highlights of the video include close-ups. of the Falcon 9 engines that illuminate to prepare for landing and deploying the landing feet themselves. But it is actually something to be observed, not to be read.

Legislators in Alabama seek assurances of SLS . The questions came to the hearing of the household budgets a day after Vice President Mike Pens announced the Space Launcher missile program for his desire to send people to the lunar surface by 2024. "If our current performers can not achieve this goal

By asking questions … Alabama's representative, Martha Robby, asked assurance from NASA Administrator Jim Bridestein that the SLS missile remains essential to NASA's research plans., Robert Aderholt, another Alabama representative, said: "Pro SLS and Orion are, of course, key to the health of our national aerospace suppliers. "It has rarely been clearer that Congress does not really prioritize the" study "aspect of the development of research systems Also, NASA is looking to accelerate the SLS This week, Bridenstine also admitted that the idea of ​​launching Orion's first commercial missile mission was dead. Instead, he looks for ways to speed up this mission aboard the SLS, SpaceNews reported. The biggest idea (which we will hear will be accepted after a 45-day study) includes skipping a Green Run test at the Stennis Space Center, which removes five to eight months of schedule. Waiting for the ASAP panel … During the Budget House hearing this week, Bridentina said, "The question is whether this is necessary, can we test each engine individually in very high nominal conditions to get security or at least to eliminate the risk or almost as great a risk as we would if we were in the green We are eager to hear what NASA's safety panels that absolutely baked SpaceX are charging for with fuel on the rocket Falcon 9.

В C did not want to postpone competition The last call for a public tender for launch will be released sometime in the next two weeks, said Lieutenant General John Thompson, commander of the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center This is the race for military launch contracts from 2022 to 2026, which has sparked some controversy The Air Force's Ready … Thompson's comments came at a meeting of the Senate subcommittee, covered by SpaceNews . Subcommittee Chairman Sen Fischer (R-Neb.) Senate member Martin Heinrich (DN.M.) pointed out Thompson explained the Air Force's rationale for narrowing competition from four to two. "We are ready to release RFP for LSP," Thompson said. "All potential bidders are mature enough, we expect strong competition." Thompson's acronym is strong.

Blue Origin Expands Facilities in Florida . The missile company, founded by Jeff Bezos, plans to add 90 yuan of southern campus to its already extensive facilities at Exploration Park, near the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center. The southern campus will double almost twice the size of the land Blue Origin, which is already hired by NASA, Florida today reported

Large missiles, large area … The company refused to provide details, but according to the papers received from the newspaper, "The facilities will ensure the production and supply of commercial media to space". The fact that a company building an extremely large rocket needs more space near its launch in Florida should not be a surprise. (sent by Ken the Bin)

The next three starts

March 28 : Electron | Mission DARPA R3D2 | Peninsula Mahia, New Zealand 22:30 UTC

March 30 : Long March 3B | Tianlian 2-01, TDRS satellite | Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China 16:30 UTC

April 1 : PSLV | 29 smaller satellites per mission of rideshare Sri Kharkotta, India 04:00 UTC

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