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MLB Deadline: Ranking the 10 most important commercial goals of the Yankees with Madison Bugnerer, Marcus Strumman high on the list

Key statistics: 57.9% land ball (second in height in baseball)

Marcus Strawman has not secretly said he would welcome the opportunity to play in New York. "I'm built for it, everybody can say anything, but I'm built for bright lights, I'm not afraid of it." he told reporters recently . A native New Yorker speaks the conversation, if nothing else.

Blue Jays will sell the deadline and Stroman, with its extreme ground ball and a year of control in 2020, makes it attractive to any team. The Yankees and Blue Jays contacted J. Trading last year, so trading within the AL East should not be a problem. It's just a matter of finding a common ground.

Between his age (28), his knowledge of the division, his ability to play Yankee's land in Yankees, and the next year of control, Stroman stands out as the best trade suitable for a Yankee team that needs Depth of rotation more than a rotary savior.


Key Statistics: 2,649% / Min. Average Ranging Speed ​​(Fourth Highest in Baseball)

Rangers struggled and reports show that Mike Minor is likely to be traded before July 31 . He is one of the best baseball pitchers this year and has signed an ultra-affordable contract that every team can afford. Minor is not rented and flexible enough to relieve it if necessary.

Yankees are one of the most analytical organizations in baseball, and Minor offers the highest levels of spinning. He may not bring an elite blow or a ball of earth, but this spin and his veteran suggests that he can skip the barrel. The little one will be upgrading to the rotation of New York this year and next year, even if it is not the sexiest name there.

Key Statistics: 25.9% Percentage of Deletion in the Last 14 Launches

A few weeks ago, the best thing to say about the lefties of giants Madison Bumgarner as a commercial candidate, was that he could be rejuvenated by post-seasonal pressure and perform well. Now, after getting to 3.65 ERA in their last 14 starts, the teams that want to add Bumgarner should no longer hope that the shot of the shot is still there. Attacks are up and speed is upwards, which is encouraging. The downside is Bumgarner, which is one of the highest hits in baseball (41.3%), so when he does not miss the bats, the opponents tend to hit the ball very loudly. In the spacious Oracle Park, he can escape with him. At Homer Happy Yankee Stadium (and in the DH League)? Maybe not.

Still, Bumgarner has been tested by veteran battles and there is something to be said that knowing a person will not be ashamed of a great moment. He may not be the pitcher a few years ago, but Bugarner is not a person who will easily be scared. There is value in this tranquility.

Key Statistics: 0.84 year over Hoomers for nine innings (biggest in baseball)

The Indians look ready to buy and sell this year and Trevor Bauer is most likely to go, given its imminent huge salary for 2020. Bauer is good this year, but not as big as last year, largely due to the fact that his household rate has almost tripled from 0.46 HR / 9 to 1.30 HR / 9. Blake Max Kepler, I guess . For Yankees, the greater concern about Bauer may be his behavior outside the field. He is a frequent social media user who has turned into hot water, and Yankees are trying crazy to avoid distraction. Few pitchers can match Bauer's potential, but there are other quality appetizers on the market, and Yankees can pick someone who feels more comfortable with the off-field.

Key statistics: 30.6% crossing rate since 2016 (third highest in baseball)

There will always be a demand for hard-leaved leftists who miss bats and Diamondbacks. Ray is certainly looking for . The Yankees have been associated with it at various locations over the years, so here is a long-standing interest that makes sense. New York loves powerful weapons. More than anything, the question is how much Yankees tend to tolerate high walks and high rates. Ray goes a lot of assaults, and he gives up a lot of homerums. Many. Move it to Yankee Stadium and the problem with Homer can only get worse. In other words, leftist forces are worth it. Yankees may be willing to live with walks and dikes to get anonymous. [196590021] Key statistics: 32.1 percent crossing rate (fourth highest in baseball)

Yankees are inclined to direct the pitchers who are elite to something. It's not always possible – Sony Gray was among the league's leaders in the rate of erasure and course on the ground when they got it – but that's their thinking. James Paxton is one of the biggest play chairs, for example. Soothing Stromen, Mala's spin speed, Ray's cleansing, and so on.

Tigers left-handed Matthew Boyd has a top-of-the-line tool. Few pockets miss this lot of bats and, as an extra bonus, Boyd will remain under the control of the team as an arbiter in 2022. This is very long-term control of a very good pitcher. That's why Boyd could very well be the biggest scaling prize in the trading term . Boyd, of course, would be suitable for Yankees, although the reason why he did not rank higher on this list is the price sought. It was reported that the "Tigers" wanted Gleyber Torres when the two teams spoke recently . Thinking here is that tigers will stick to their high price (remember Michael Fulmer?) And push the Yankees to look elsewhere. [19659906] Key statistics: 31.7% Hard Contact Rate (Top 30 in MLB)

Of course, the focus is on Yankees who add rotation assistance. The damage to Belins Deline and Jonathan Holder's regression means that New York has a jailbreak, but there is also a rumble that the Yankees will search for another fighter. They do not need a highly dominant dominating factor (Kirby Yates, Brad Hand, etc.). Just deeper.

The Yankees tried to sign Tony Watson two years ago and his high ball / low walk approach would fit well in the middle of the inning, along with all those reject powers. Throw a very luxurious tax treaty and you will have a sneaky fit. Do not be surprised if Watson, not Bugarner, is the giant left that the Yankees add to the deadline. [196590029] Key statistics: 11 home runs in their last seven starts and 40 2/3 innings

The regression monster for home escape would bite the red-right Tanner Roark at some point, and that's a bit it's difficult for the last seven to begin. Roark, however, remains a quality food for eating. He is a person who can strengthen the end of the rotation of a rival but not necessarily lead them to glory. He is also an impending agent.

Yankees are looking for more influence than depth, but there is no such thing as too tilting, and Roarke would be a great man on the inning. He will not struggle with walks and will miss enough bats to limit the damage from all these home runs. If anything else fails, Roark may be a cheaper pickup truck on July 31.


Zack Wheeler

New York Mets SP

Key statistics: average speed of fastball (third highest in baseball)

Yankees and Mets seldom come together for deals but in this case Zack Wheeler is an upcoming free agent and I think Mets will take all he could get for him, especially after his recent shoulder injury . Its commercial value is in the tank. If the Yankees come along with the best offer, Mets would be stupid to pass.

Before Disability, Wheeler had more things than results. He still has a huge fastball and a wide range of secondary playgrounds, but he's also prepared for a household and holds it back. Between the shoulder wound and the fact that the Yankees and the Mets do not do business often, I guess Wheeler is the last instance of the Yankees. Now it's hard to see that they make it a serious push for him.


Basic statistics: 0 (number of Yankees-Mets deals since 2004)

In vacuum, Mets righty Noa Syndergaard is perfectly suited to the Yankees. He is young (26), he comes with many years of team control, he brings the look of the high-octane teams that they crave, and he showed up well in the postseason a few years ago. Build a pitcher in a lab, and it would look terrible near Sandergard.

But this is not a vacuum, and even not paying attention to Sundergaard's unbearable year, there is almost no chance that Willpons will sign Yankees-Metz's trade in its magnitude. They would not even give Jake Bruce's salary wrench in 2017. I have to see a big deal with Yankees-Mets to believe it will happen. Still, Syndergaard will be appropriate. Definitely. He would rank much higher on this list if I had any reason to believe that trade was actually possible.

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