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MLB Open Day Power Rankings – The Best and Worst Case of Each Team

The 2019 MLB season is only one day!

At the end of the 2018 season, Boston Red Sox celebrated its fourth World Series titles since 2004. But according to our experts, even with almost all of the Red Sox star players that will appear this year, they will not be easy. They have hardly won the first place in our pre-season study, diverting from Houston Astros (champions for 2017) and their archivists, New York Yankees. These three teams split all voices first, with Red Sox and Astros receiving six and Yankees getting the other three.

Worst Case: Given the story of success in the Bronx, achieving the post-war is always goal number 1. With a division that is stronger, this goal will not be easily achievable. So, the worst case scenario – which still seems so overly conceived at this point – would be if the mistake caused by this spring's injury continues deep in the season, causing the Yankees to fail to go through the Red

Player: Perhaps there are no missed training for Yankees like Luis Severino. The inflamed shoulder from the right-hand side of the launch seems to be something the club can manage for now, but what if it becomes a deeper problem later in the season? Although New York was surely focused on the weaknesses in its rotation, it did not expect its ace to start the season on the list of casualties. –

2019 designed entry: 19659015] World Series Odds: 7-1

Best Case: The Dodgers will again benefit from the best depth of baseball. Their biggest fears last season ran around the back end of the prison and their success – or lack of one – against left-handers. But stubborn discarding Joe Kelley was signed to strengthen the former and right hit center of the AJ federal squad. Pollock should help the latter. The Dodgers are worried about their wealth, both on the list of their 40s and their farm system. They also live in a bad division. The worst case: Their ace, Clayton Kershaw and their closest, Kennie Jansen, both seem to be trending in the wrong direction, each disappointed in 2018 by their standards – costing more than $ 41 million, combined in 2019. Their long struggle can cause many disturbances. Dodgers also delayed Max Munsey, duplicating his stunning success from last summer, and Corri Seagger returns to the all-star form he showed in 2017. Nor is it a guarantee. Kershaw, who signed a three-year expansion for $ 93 million just days after a second consecutive defeat in the World Series. He is already the first favorite room, but he has also gathered nearly 2,250 inning before the season to 31, missed each of the last three years with a back injury and suffered a dramatic drop in speed last season. The Dodgers has youngsters who start boarding with Walker Buhler and Julio Urias, but probably need a near-elite Kershow in 2019. Alden Gonzales

] Best manager: Craig Sunsel could play both the "unfinished business" and the "disrespect" even though the Brewers have gone all the way to Game 7 of NLCS last year. Las Vegas has over / under just 86.5 wins and there is no doubt that many will choose Cubs or Cardinals to take them to the top of the division. On the pitch, they are as deep as before, and there is no reason why MVP Christian Jelic could not take the place where he stopped. He is in the heat – and these are the brewers. Worst case: It is possible that all of these questions about starting out will prove to be justified, as Milwaukee's creative strategy of 27 outs comes to an end. The bulk of this revolves around Josh Hader, which allows the council to cross six to nine outs almost every time he puts it. Milwaukee did nothing to upgrade the mound, probably because everything worked last season. The brewers also played the best possible baseball and just creaked out of the division.

Player: Probably there are a few junk jars that you can choose from, but you really have to get to Hader. He is such a luxury manager and, if it is limited or ineffective in any way, brewers will have to change their plans on the go. Their crime is deep, and the rest of the staff have their roles, but Hader gives them so much in the days that he gets up. It remains the key. –

2019 designed entry: 19659015] World Series Odds: 12-1

Best Case: The cubes stay healthy and reach the peak potential of the starting staff, composed of five. crime goes back to walking / slugging mentality that they abandoned last season. It would not hurt if Brandon Morrow came back in May and gave them solid – and healthy – five months. But most of the Cubs' success will include turning the aging and middle of the order. On paper, names scream talent and potential. At worst: It is possible that the rest of NL has reached Cubs, as breweries proved last year, and the ceilings for the crime and the mound are much lower than the team expects. As it is, they do not have a real No. 1 – I think that Shercer, DeGrom or Noha – and their offensive production in the field looks almost the same as a year ago. In other words, it is not very good. And if Morrow can not deliver it, it has tremendous tension on the rest of the pen as well as on the front office. They will probably have to get help from the ninth turn

Player to make or break: Wilson Contreras' catcher is a key on several fronts. First, it attracts high-speed employees at high speed. Little beginners just will not inflate anyone, which means they will have to steal as many punches as possible – an area of ​​the game they worked on. It is also very important for the crime simply because it has to compensate for the lack of production in the field. – Rogers

2019 designed entry: 92-70 19659016] If the rotation of the Indians is up to its billing, and if Cleveland's front office is motivated by a little pressure from the other clubs in AL Central, Cleveland has enough time 10-1

to identify and fill the remaining holes in your list before the post-season. After the Indians return in October, the hot stripes of this stellar rotation and elite attackers Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor can direct Cleveland along the heavy playfield of the AL and their first title for 71 years. Pesting one of the herd starts and growing the potential signs of decline of Cory Cluber could put Cleveland in an early hole opening the door to the twins. Even if that is not enough, and considering the limit of Indian talent, they may have to play a role outside the Ramirez or Lindor season as well. In any case, if the Indians face a significant deficit in the division when we arrive in July, we can see that the front office decides to restart. Make or break a player: trades with veteran Lovech Jan Gomez, who puts Roberto Perez under the pistol. Perez has been one of the best baseball advocates in the role of part-time for several years. But can you continue this work with the clever Cleveland employees in a larger role? Forget your bat – if Cleveland has any bust caused by the loss of Gomez, that's a big problem. – Bradford Dulit

second in NL East)
World Series Odds: 20-1

Best Case: If Josh Donaldson has a healthy return season and Ronald Akuna Jr. improves his season Braves have the potential to illuminate SunTrust Park as a pinball machine. Spring injuries to field staff are a concern, but the Atlanta organization has enough high-level hands to work. There is a reason why Locks were not so aggressive during mid-time: This is a system that is stacked.

The worst case: Alas, it can not be assumed that the rainbow of Akuna will continue upward. It will be great, but these events do not always evolve in order. If the league adjusts to it, Donaldson will be hurt again, and the younger Braves like Densby Swanson and Ozzie Albby do not take a step forward by bringing a sudden problem. If that happens, then the club will be put under control to keep track of Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. A thought about the Braves approach to the winter is that they do not need a decade of Harper or Machado. They needed a season of this because Acuna and Albies are still on the climb and will soon join Austin Riley and Christian Pache. We hope that this season of star levels will be provided by Donaldson, an MVP candidate when he is healthy. The problem: Donaldson has not been able to stay healthy. – 1919

2019 foregone entry: Best Case: Chiefs Max Shercer, Stephen Strasbourg and Patrick Corbin end 1-2-3 in the vote of Cy Young. 12-1

Juan Soto is based on his innovative campaign and at the age of 20 breaks the record of Bryce Harper for the youngest unanimous MVP in the history of baseball. Adam Eaton remains full, Trea Turner steals 100 bases, and Victor Robles wins the rookie of the year, as the nationalists, who have never won as much as a series of playoffs, win the World Series in the first year. (After Bryce)

Worst case: Shercer proves that, contrary to the common belief, he is a man. Strasbourg proves that bionic elbows actually have a time stamp. And Corbin proved that his 2018 was a mirage. A thin ball can not conceal the woes of rotation, and the crime spreads in the first year. Nats missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season. Even worse, they are forced to watch while Harper wins his second MVP and leads Phyllis to a championship. Make or disconnect player: As it comes to DC in 2017, the Base Rate is 11th in NL (min 100G). The problem is that its percentage in the field is only .364 (as it is in it, it has missed 64 percent of the games in Washington). In order for citizens to do what they think they will be able to do, they will need Ethon to be a regular player in the squad – not just at the top of the line but also in the right field where there must be a significant defensive improvement. above the person who played there. – Matz

2019 designed entry: 84-78 ] World Series Odds: 12-1

Best Case: Everything is on the table for a team that has not posted a winning record since 2011. The crime must be one of the best of the league, especially if some free agent is acquired. Защитата? Е, не може да е по-лошо, нали? Крилото изглежда силно, независимо дали Phils добавят към задния край. Това поставя тежестта в началото на въртене. Аарон Нола трябва да се доближи до големия си сезон 2018, Джейк Ариета трябва да остане легитимен номер 2, а Ник Пивета, Зак Ефлин и Винс Веласкес трябва да забият местата си. Ако Филис станат силни, започвайки от стъблото до кърмата, те ще спечелят NL Изток.

Най-лош случай: Какво ще стане, ако през първата година от 13, Брайс Харпър удари. Филистите можеха да открият, че техният конфликт, който сякаш просто се отваря, е заседнал. Тези фенове на Филис стоят отвън, гледайки през него?

Играч на победител: Очевидно този сезон ще бъде Харпър, през цялото време във Филаделфия. Неговите защитници виждат сезона му като по-представителен за истинското си ниво на талант от това, което се е случило оттогава. Вегас го вижда като фаворит с коефициенти, за да спечели NL MVP от този сезон. Неговите критици казват, че вече сме виждали най-доброто от Харпър и че той е твърде непоследователен, за да се счита за звезда от по-горно ниво. За добро или лошо, Харпър и град Филаделфия са в него заедно. – Дулитъл

2019 проектиран запис: 85-77 (трети в НЛ Централ) 19659016] Коефициенти на световни серии: 12-1

Най-добър случай: Кардиналите ще бъдат в най-голямата част от него, ако Марсел Озуна може да се върне от низходящия сезон до динамична офанзива с тройка Мат Карпентър и многогодишен преследвач на MVP Пол Голдшмид. Ако ротацията на кардиналите остане здрава и мениджърът Майк Шилд може да сглоби един плюс, който може да включва дългогодишната перспектива Алекс Рейес и определено ще включва Йордания Хикс и Андрю Милър, Сейнт Луис може да се окаже най-добрия отбор на дивизията. 19659002] Най-лошия случай: Има много глави на персонала в Сейнт Луис, но има и многолюдна смесица от въпросителни с нараняване и младежи. Ако нараняванията идват вълни и децата не са готови да вдигнат застой, това би било достатъчно, за да изтласкат кардиналите в класирането на много дълбоката Национална лига.

Когато миналата година Харисън Бадер поемаше в центъра полето за кардиналите, той промени облика на това, което е било подозрително. Той отново ще се върне в центъра, давайки на Сейнт Луис изключителна защита в средата. Но Бадер трябва да продължи да напредва с прилепа, така че Shildt да запази ръкавицата си в състава. – Дулитъл

2019 проектиран запис: 81-81 (втори в НЛ Уест) 19659016] Коефициенти на световни серии: 25-1

Най-добър случай: Задачите на „Доджърс“ се нуждаеха от 163-та игра, за да спечелят НЛ запад през 2018 г. сезон и улавяне на първата титла разделение в историята на франчайз. Оттам целта е още по-голяма: спечелете първите световни серии в историята на франчайзинга. Те имат кандидат за MVP в Nolan Arenado. И Тревър Стори постави почти идентични номера през 2018, така че това са двама кандидати за MVP. Ротацията беше много добра през 2018 г. Най-големите проблеми: коренното (което загуби Адам Отавино) и способността на Ян Дезмънд да играе централно поле редовно.

Най-лош случай: Прожекционните системи виждат Скалистите планини като .500 отбор, но това се чувства по-скоро като най-лошия сценарий, отколкото средния резултат. И все пак, ако Кайл Фрийланд и немският Маркес се регресират (или се наранят, винаги е проблем със залагащите на Скалистите планини), въртенето може да се разпадне. Дезмънд можеше да бъде катастрофа на полето и на чинията. Изтеглянето на КПК. Те завършват под .500, а Аренадо пита защо не е чакал безплатна агенция.

Играч на симулация: Джон Грей. Той може да бъде страхотен (3.67 ERA през 2017 г.) или не е голям (5.12 ERA през 2018 г.). Големият процент на изтриване беше все още там миналата година, така че не може да се отрече, че нещата остават елитни. – Шьонфилд

2019 проектиран запис: 81-81 (трето в AL East) [19659016] коефициенти на световните серии: 25-1

Най-добър случай: След като спечелиха 90 игри миналата година, включително и впечатляващите 41-25 марки през втората половина, лъчите ясно показват Връщайки се в плейофите за първи път от 2013 г. Избиването на Red Sox и Yankees няма да е лесно, но 95 победи и wild card се вписват в най-добрия случай. Разбира се, най-добрият най-добър случай ще бъде Red Sox и Yankees, които страдат от някои наранявания, Blake Snell печели друга награда Cy Young, Willy Adames прави The Leap, младите hitters като Austin Meadows и Brandon Lowe избухват, преобладаващите са отново и те спечели 99 мача и шокира света с дивизионна титла.

Най-лошия случай: Екипът позволи само 646 писти миналата година, второ най-малко в АЛ. Тук има много проектирани регресии, а не само от Снел – късмет, който повтаря, че средната стойност .088 е позволена с бегачите в позицията на точките – но от някои от освободителите. Лъчите бяха последни в домакините и техният връщащ се нападател е Адамс с 10. Комбинирай регресията на качването и съмнителната изходна мощност и те се връщат обратно към .500.

Играч: Томи Фам. Той беше 11-ти в NL MVP, гласувайки с кардиналите през 2017 г. и го разкъса в 39 мача с лъчите. Ако може да публикува линия .280 / .400 / .525, лъчите ще имат елитен нападател, от който се нуждаят. – Шьонфилд

2019 прогнозен запис: 87-75 19659016] World Series odds: 25-1

Най-добър случай: Въпреки всички промени, които Мец направи от началото на миналия сезон, историята за Ню Йорк е почти същата. Казано по-просто, Метс се нуждае от техните основни играчи да останат предимно здрави за целия сезон и по-специално, те трябва да получат 140 или повече стартове от първоначалните си питчери. Ако това се случи, има достатъчно талант на високо ниво по целия списък, за да постави Мец в средата на четиристранна битка за НИ Изток.

Най-лош случай: Повече от всеки друг екип най-лошият случай на Метс е обратната страна на най-добрия случай. С отварянето на сезона, Мец търсят полусезон без Йоенис Чепедес и вероятно ще отворят сезона без Джед Лоури или Тод Фрейзър. Дълбочината на нюйоркската лига се подобри, но няма голяма вероятност да се помогне на непълнолетните, с изключение на възможното изключване на първия бас Пийт Алонсо.

Играч: За да могат Мет да спечелят изток, те се нуждаят от Ноа Сандъргард, за да се присъедини към Джейкъб деГром. Млада гонитба. За Тор, общата сума на зачеркване е разказа. Ако той е около 200, това означава, че липсва старт. Ако е около 270-280, той има този вид кариерен сезон, който може да постави Мец над върха. – Дулитъл

2019 проектиран запис: 80-82 (трето в АЛ Уест) 19659016] Световни серии коефициенти: 40-1

Най-добър случай: Спечелването на 97 игри отново ще бъде страхотен сценарий. В идеалния свят нещо се обърка в Хюстън и тези 97 победи са достатъчни, за да уловят титлата на AL West. И щом влезете в постсезона, всичко може да се случи. Изглежда, че всичко се проваля в плейофите за А в ерата на Били Бийн – 0-за-9 при достигането на Световните серии – но може би това е годината, в която всичко отива точно в плейофите.

В най-лошия случай: Началото на качването беше проведено заедно миналата година с тиксо и лепилото на Елмър, тъй като А се разбъркваха през 15 различни начинаещи (включително се опитваха да отворят стратегията надолу). Трите най-големи момчета от миналата година вече са ранени (Шон Манаеа) и с Ангелите (Тревър Кахил). Тази година те разчитат на Марко Естрада, Брет Андерсън и новобранец Исус Лусардо да направят въздействие. Ротацията може да се окаже катастрофа и борбата на А да приключи.

Играч: Вероятно един от стартерите, но по-близкият Блейк Трейнън избухна от професионалната посредственост до 9- 2 с 38 спасявания и 0.78. Той доведе всички питчери в вероятността за победа добавя, което означава, че той е страхотен в тесни игри и съединител ситуации. – Шьонфилд

2019 прожектиран запис: 87-75 (втори в AL West) [19659016] коефициенти на световните серии: 40-1

Най-добър случай: Както миналата година, ангелите влизат в 2019 г. с шанс да спечелят дива карта, ако останат относително здрави. Майк Траут се издига много силно, докато Джъстин Ъптън, Коле Калхун и престъпно подценената Андрелтън Симънс помагат да се намери това, което прилича на над средното ниво. Ако ангелите могат да получат, да речем, комбинирани 100 започва от четворката на Андрю Хийни, Тайлър Скагс, Мат Харви и Тревър Кейхил, и ако мощните оръжия в техния КПБ се изпълняват, те ще направят натиск.

Най-лошият случай: И така, за тези наранявания – ангелите бяха принудени да използват 60 различни играчи през 2018 г., а това не е организация с достатъчно дълбоко ниво, за да поддържа нещо подобно. Ветераните, с които са сключили едногодишни договори – Харви, Кахил, по-близо Коди Алън, ловецът на Джонатан Лукрой и първият басист Джъстин Бур – всички са важни въпроси през този сезон. Ако не обърнат кариерата си наоколо, това ще бъде пета поредна липса на постсезон. С други думи, още един пропуснат сезон на пъстърва.

Играч, който се прекъсва: Шохей Охтани е важен за следващия сезон, но той означава всичко за бъдещето на ангелите. Ohtani ще прекара този сезон като DH, който също се възстановява от операцията на Tommy John, като се надява да възобнови двупосочната си роля през 2020 г. Той може да бъде най-ценният играч в спорта дотогава, но рехабилитацията му трябва да върви гладко. И няма план за това. – Гонсалес

2019 проектиран запис: 78-84 второ в AL Central)
World Series odds: 25-1

Най-добър случай: Близнаците са отскочили от 70 победи до 83 до 59 до 85 (и дива карта) до 78 през последните пет сезона. Те подписаха Nelson Cruz и C.J. Cron, които миналата година се събраха за 67 домакински турнира (Twins DHs и първите basemen удариха 32 през 2018). Ще им трябва версия 2017 на Байрън Бъкстън и някой в ​​ротацията – Майкъл Пинеда? – да застане зад Хосе Бериос и Кайл Гибсън. Ако всичко, което се случва заедно, и ротацията на индианците се колебае малко, възможно е централната корона на АЛ.

Най-лошият случай: Същите проблеми изникват през 2018 г. Бъкстън и Мигел Сано дон t удари. Крон се превръща в Логан Морисън. Круз остарява за една нощ. Задната част на ротацията смърди и борбата с КПЗ. Дори и в слаба дивизия, те завършват под .500.

Играч на „направи или прекъсне“: Бъкстън. Той е струвал 5,2 WAR през 2017 г., когато удари .253 / .314 / .413 и хвана всичко между Северна Дакота и Уисконсин. През 2018 г. той удари само 94 пъти, удари .156 и струва минус 0.2 война. – Шьонфилд

2019 проектиран запис: 79-83 четвърти в NL Central)
World Series odds: 80-1

Най-добър случай: Новите участници в ротацията – Sonny Gray, Alex Wood, Tanner Roark , давайки на червените най-добрата ротация от години. Джоуи Вотто преоткрива силовия си удар. Ясил Пуиг има най-добрия си сезон. Новобранецът Ник Сензел прави незабавен удар в центъра. И двете FanGraphs и PECOTA прожекции виждат червените като .500 отбор в тесни пет отбора. If the breaks go their way, a division title is possible (FanGraphs gives 7.5 percent chance of that happening).

Worst case: The rotation is still terrible, Votto hits 12 home runs again, Puig becomes a distraction and Scott Schebler ends up playing 140 games in center. The Reds lose 90 again in a tough division.

Make-or-break player: Gray. The Reds were 27th in rotation WAR in 2018, 29th in 2017 and 30th in 2016. Yuck. One guy won't turn that around, but given the lengthy extension Gray signed, the Reds are hoping he can be a top-of-the-rotation starter. — Schoenfield

2019 projected record: 78-84 (fifth in NL Central)
World Series odds: 80-1

Best case: There is a non-zero chance that the Pirates' pitching staff emerges as the best in the NL. The rotation has dynamism in Jameson Taillon and, hopefully soon, Mitch Keller, along with good depth. The back of the bullpen with Felipe Vazquez, Keone Kela and Richard Rodriguez looks outstanding, especially if Clint Hurdle can identify a dependable group of bridge guys. If that staff is supported by plus defense and a lineup that gets a couple of career seasons, then Pittsburgh is capable of fringe contention.

Worst case: The pitching is OK but the worry is that the offense looks as feeble as it might, especially given a less-than-scary middle of the lineup. Meanwhile, if the Bucs manage to hang near the fringe of wild-card contention heading into July, the need for a thumper would become obvious to all. But if the trade deadline passes without the addition of said thumper, sooner or later, the Pirates need to throw their fans a bone or three.

Make-or-break player: Chris Archer looks like the No. 3 or 4 in the Pirates' prospective rotation, but if he returns to form, that's when the Pittsburgh staff begins to approach its potential. Hopefully pitching coach Ray Searage can work his magic, as he has done so often before. — Doolittle

2019 projected record: 73-89 (fourth in NL West)
World Series odds: 80-1

Best case: They've lost Patrick Corbin, but Zack Greinke, Robbie Ray, Zack Godley, Luke Weaver and Merrill Kelly have the potential to emerge as an above-average rotation. Jake Lamb and Steven Souza Jr. combine for the 60 home runs they hit in 2017 rather than the 11 they hit in 2018. Adam Jones finds the fountain of youth. Somebody locks down the ninth inning, a big problem last year. Look, the Dodgers have won six straight division titles. They have depth and star power that Arizona lacks. A lot will have to go wrong in L.A. for Arizona to have a chance to win the division, so maybe a wild card is the best-case scenario.

Worst case: They can't replace Paul Goldschmidt, Corbin and A.J. Pollock, who combined for 12.7 WAR in 2018. The offense was ninth in the NL in runs last year and craters without Goldschmidt. The bullpen isn't fixed. If the Padres and Giants are better, it could turn into a 90-loss season.

Make-or-break player: Ray has as good of stuff as any lefty in the game and it all came together in 2017 when he went 15-5 with a 2.89 ERA. He maintained his sky-high strikeout rate in 2018, but he walked too many batters and had some minor injury issues. If he returns to All-Star level, he and Greinke give Arizona one of the best 1-2 tandems in the majors. — Schoenfield

2019 projected record: 76-86 (fourth in AL West)
World Series odds: 100-1

Best case: The Mariners haven't made the playoffs since 2001, the longest drought in the majors. They've won 89, 86 and 87 games in three of the past five seasons — totals that could have made the postseason in 2015 or 2017, except those seasons they finished under .500. Can they finally get their timing right? Hey, if they get bounce-back seasons from Jay Bruce and Domingo Santana (66 home runs in 2017, 14 in 2018), and Yusei Kikuchi is the real deal, and Marco Gonzales takes another step forward, and the no-name bullpen delivers, and Justus Sheffield comes up and lights it up … OK, that's a lot of ifs. This isn't a complete teardown, but a .500 season would be a good season.

Worst case: There's a lot of downside here, with the age of the lineup and the lack of depth on the pitching staff. The Mariners lost five of their top six players from 2018. Things could easily spin out of control, which could lead to Mitch Haniger getting traded and something approaching 100 losses.

Make-or-break player: Hunter Strickland. The Mariners were actually outscored in 2018, one reason Jerry Dipoto was willing to break up the roster. A key reason they still won 89 games was that Edwin Diaz crushed it as closer with 57 saves. Strickland has to lock down the ninth or those one-run victories could turn into one-run losses. — Schoenfield

2019 projected record: 72-90 (fourth in AL East)
World Series odds: 300-1

Best case: Given the evolving nature of this mostly young team, the expectations won't be enormously high for Toronto in 2019. The Blue Jays' best-case scenario would certainly be a postseason berth, but with the mighty Yankees and Red Sox also in the division, that would be quite the accomplishment. Perhaps more realistically, an 85-win year and a (mostly full) season of fun feats from Vladimir Guerrero Jr. would make it a great year.

Worst case: Speaking of Guerrero, Toronto's plans relative to the 20-year-old's service time were well-documented ahead of the oblique strain that's currently sidelining him. Still, whenever the rookie does arrive in Toronto this year, the baseball world will deify him. Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio, other sons of former big-leaguers, could make their big-league debuts this year, too. If the trio disappoints, struggling whenever they each reach The Show, Toronto's worst-case scenario would be realized.

Make-or-break player: Even if he misses the first few weeks, Guerrero will be the most-watched rookie across North America this season. Quite frankly, based on the way he raked in the minor leagues last year, there's little reason to believe Guerrero, if healthy, won't have immediate success in the big leagues. That arrival could be the jolt Toronto needs to fulfill its best-case scenario. — Harvey

2019 projected record: 74-88 (third in NL West)
World Series odds: 100-1

Best case: A wild card. Look, do the Padres appear as strong as the NL East or NL Central teams? No, but the projections see them around .500, which puts them in the hunt. They'll need the young rotation to mature overnight, Manny Machado to have an MVP-type season and the outfield corners (Wil Myers, Franmil Reyes, Hunter Renfroe) to combine for 60-plus home runs. Fernando Tatis Jr. could make a quick leap to stardom as well.

Worst case: The inexperienced rotation cracks, the middle infield youngsters aren't ready, the outfield corners can't stay healthy and Machado finds out that hitting home runs in Petco Park is a lot more difficult than it was at Camden Yards. The Padres match last year's 66-96 record.

Make-or-break player: Eric Hosmer. Obviously, a lot rides on the starting pitcher, but Hosmer needs to better justify the $144 million investment in him after a 1.4-WAR season that saw him hit .253/.322/.398. — Schoenfield

2019 projected record: 72-90 (third in AL Central)
World Series odds: 200-1

Best case: The younger members of the young Pale Hose must take a collective step forward, with the hurlers in the bunch avoiding any more Tommy John surgeries. With Michael Kopech and Dane Dunning out, Chicago needs the likes of Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Dylan Cease and Carlos Rodon to show they are the makings of a productive big-league rotation. Just as badly, Chicago needs Yoan Moncada and Tim Anderson to show that they will be viable regulars as the next wave of position prospects reaches the South Side.

Worst case: Zero progress from the aforementioned prospects. The White Sox need to establish some momentum and brand themselves as a team on the verge of breaking through, because another tepid free-agent season could start to become a trend.

Make-or-break player: The void left by the failed pursuit of Manny Machado is the toughest to fill: the cornerstone piece. The face of the franchise. Or, analytically, the 5-8 wins around which you can build a roster on an annual basis. After committing to Eloy Jimenez, who has yet to log a single day of big-league service time, the White Sox badly need him to become what Machado already is. No, he likely can't establish that as a rookie, but he can show everybody that he's capable of scaling those heights. — Doolittle

2019 projected record: 73-89 (fifth in AL West)
World Series odds: 1000-1

Best case: In their final season at Global Life Park before moving across the parking lot into a new venue, the Rangers need their young hitters to establish themselves — finally — as the foundation to Texas' next contending club. Rougned Odor must consolidate his gains from 2018. Nomar Mazara needs to approach stardom. Joey Gallo needs to be more consistent. Delino DeShields, Ronald Guzman and Willie Calhoun all need to progress. If most of these things happen, the Rangers' near-term future starts to come into focus.

Worst case: If most of those free-swinging hitters stagnate and Texas' M.A.S.H. unit of a starting rotation crumbles, things could get ugly. The Rangers have one of baseball's best relievers in Jose Leclerc, but the poor guy is only good for 70 innings or so.

Make-or-break player: In terms of Texas' 2019 outlook, it's not really one player but five: Mike Minor, Lance Lynn, Shelby Miller, Drew Smyly and Edinson Volquez. Can any of these guys even qualify for the ERA title? On flip side, all are familiar names for a reason. Namely, they've all had success at the big-league level. If Jon Daniels hits the jackpot and the core rotation accounts for 130 or more starts, the Rangers can be competitive, even if a postseason push seems like the outer edge of possibility. — Doolittle

2019 projected record: 73-89 (fifth in NL West)
World Series odds: 100-1

Best case: Five years ago, this was basically an All-Star team. And if Buster Posey, Evan Longoria, Pablo Sandoval, Gerardo Parra, Madison Bumgarner, Jeff Samardzija and Derek Holland can all tap back into what made them great, the Giants will surprise a lot of people. If not, well, it'll be a long season.

Worst case: The reality is that the Giants' roster is littered with players who are past their primes and overly expensive. Their outfield lacks talent and their pitching staff lacks depth. The Giants need to begin their rebuild, and the 2019 season will probably validate that thinking.

Make-or-break player: Posey didn't hit for much power through the first five months of 2018, then underwent hip surgery in late August, raising questions about his long-term future behind the plate. Posey is still among the game's best catchers, but he is guaranteed more than $64 million over these next three seasons. The Giants need him healthy and right. — Gonzalez

2019 projected record: 69-93 (fifth in AL Central)
World Series odds: 1000-1

Best case: For the Detroit rebuild to start to look like something, the Tigers need some under-25 talents to reach the majors and flash their potential. Christin Stewart should see some big-league time, so if he does well and if Daz Cameron can push his way to the majors later in the season, that would be a start. If those guys progress and Miguel Cabrera comes back strong enough to give fans some career milestones to root for, that's a good season.

Worst case: The injury to Michael Fulmer may already be the first step toward a worst-case scenario in Detroit. Not only was he the Tigers' best pitcher — and possibly their best player overall — but he was also the last, best trading chip for Al Avila. Fulmer's Tommy John surgery could mean that his peak trade value has already come and gone. Tack that onto another season with what feels almost entirely like a stopgap roster and it might be a dreary summer for the Tigers.

Make-or-break player: Fulmer's injuries probably intensify the need for the Tigers to get an exciting full-season debut from Casey Mize. The performance wouldn't be in Detroit, and it wouldn't have to be to satiate Tigers fans. They just need a whiff of ace-level buzz from somewhere in the organization. — Doolittle

2019 projected record: 70-92 (fourth in AL Central)
World Series odds: 1000-1

Best case: The Royals won 58 games last year. That's bad baseball. Sure, a quick turnaround is possible — the Twins went from 59 wins to 85 and a wild card in 2017 — but unlikely. The Royals will be kind of fun to watch with Whit Merrifield, Billy Hamilton and Adalberto Mondesi running wild on the bases, but there isn't much power here or on-base ability in the lineup. PECOTA forecasts 72 wins, FanGraphs 68, so a .500 season would be a huge step forward.

Worst case: Hamilton and Mondesi each steal 50 bases while posting .275 OBPs. Ryan O'Hearn hits like he did in Triple-A. Brad Keller can't repeat his low strikeout rate/low ERA rookie season. The bullpen is as bad it looks on paper. Another 58-104 season.

Make-or-break player: O'Hearn is fascinating. He was so good in his major league call-up — .262/.353/.597, 12 home runs in 149 at-bats — that there is some talent there. But he was awful in Triple-A (.232/.322/.391) and doesn't really have much of a track record in the minors. He could be the Royals' All-Star rep or he could end up back in Omaha. — Schoenfield

2019 projected record: 66-96 (fifth in NL East)
World Series odds: 2000-1

Best case: The Marlins are still early in their process, to the point that their best case would be the worst case for about half the other teams in the majors. What Marlins fans can hope for is that the makings of a dynamic young starting rotation start to come together around a lineup that at the very least plays the game the right way. Jordan Holloway, Trevor Rogers, Sandy Alcantara, Jordan Yamamoto, Edward Cabrera, Zac Gallen, Sixto Sanchez, Jorge Guzman, Nick Neidert, Braxton Garrett — these are names in the system that Miami will monitor in the coming season. If most of those guys progress, the light at the end of the tunnel starts to grow a little brighter.

Worst case: More than anything, the Marlins can't afford the loss of forward momentum. They need their young big leaguers like Lewis Brinson, Jorge Alfaro and Brian Anderson to cement themselves as regulars. They need some of those young pitchers to break through. They need to keep their young arms healthy. Basically, Marlins fans have to be shown at that all of this has been done for a reason, which won't be easy with Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich and J.T. Realmuto all starring for contending teams.

Make-or-break player: Brinson was dreadful at the plate in his first Marlins campaign. It didn't help that the player for whom he was traded — Yelich — won the NL MVP award. Brinson doesn't have to do that. He just needs to look like a bona fide regular. — Doolittle

2019 projected record: 64-98 (fifth in AL East)
World Series odds: 2000-1

Best case: Chris Davis parties like it's 2015 and puts up MVP numbers. Dylan Bundy remembers how to keep the ball in the park. Outfield prospect Yusniel Diaz, acquired in last summer's Manny Machado trade, explodes onto the scene in a Juan Soto kind of way and, along with fellow youngsters Cedric Mullins and Ryan Mountcastle, helps the Baby Birds take flight ahead of schedule. Instead of winning 63 games as projected, the O's shock the world by winning … 73.

Worst case: Completely overmatched by their division rivals, the Orioles go a combined 0-38 against the Red Sox and Yankees. The rotation, long a sore spot in Baltimore, is so bad that new skipper Brandon Hyde opts for the opener strategy. Except that the bullpen — minus longtime stalwarts Zack Britton, Brad Brach and Darren O'Day — can't handle the added stress and completely implodes. Instead of winning 63 games as projected, the O's shock the world by winning … 36.

Make-or-break player: Mike Elias. OK, so he's not actually a player. But more than anyone, Baltimore's new GM is the one who hold the keys to the team's success. How quickly Elias establishes the Birds' international pipeline, how well he drafts in June and how well he trades in July will be critical to the club's monster rebuild. — Matz

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