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MLB Power Rankings: Yankees take number 1; Wild NL Central Life to Hype

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Pirates were 5 1/2 of the first place in NL Central. It was the same number of games that Phyllis reached to Braves in the NW East, and the Ramses moved to the Yankees in East Asia. Deficits for second-place teams in AL Central and both Wests were bigger.

The strange thing here is that the pirates were the last. Yes, the pirates were the closest to the first place, with two teams in second place and closer to the other three teams in second place. How amazing is this? Now, the Cubs won Sunday to keep the number 5 1/2 while the Yankees lost and the Rays won, which means the rays have fallen to 4 1

/2 but the point is. NL Central is the most exciting division on a daily basis, at least in terms of ranking. The last teams – now the two reds are pirated – are closer to the top four teams in the second place. The Pirates were terrible for a while, but they won six from eight to Sunday.

There's a lot of head-to-head here too, so we'll probably see a lot of stirring.

Of the five least trust I have in the pirates. Not only have they removed a week from the terrible stretch, but their upcoming schedule is brutal . They do not play a team with a current lost record – or even .500 – until they visit Metz on July 26th. There are 26 games before. I expect fading, but you never know. Of the first four, obviously the reds are the worst bet to win the division, but I'm intrigued. They just swept away Astros and then parted in Milwaukee. After two matches in Anaheim, they return to Cincinnati for a household that can determine the rest of the season. They will play Cubs three times and Brewers four before two game series with Indians. Then it's All-Star pause. If they win the series against Cubs and Brewers, they have a real chance to be a player in the division. Cardinals actually had an argument that they were the best baseball team when they were 20-10. They will lose 22 of their next 33 games. Since then, they have played much better baseball and stay within a single throw from the first place. Here is enough talent to take them to win the division with confidence. As with the reds, the cardinals were able to hold around because neither the breed nor the brewers seemed to want to separate each other and the rest of the division. Brewers started the season 7-1. Since then, they have been .500. They go through hills and valleys, losing seven out of eight before the last two wins. The rotation remains a problem and the composition is not so deep behind Terminator Christian Jelic and wonderful versions of Yasmani Grandal and Mike Moustakas. Yet there is enough to justify the confidence in their selection to win the division. Cubs started the season terribly and then were world champions (winning 23 out of 30). They then sucked for a second (lost eight out of 10) before 6: 1 and went from 5-8. After a heavy series of four matches against Bravs, Cubs did not play a team with a winning record again until July 26th. That sounds good, but they just went 3-3 against the White Sox and Mets at home. This is probably the most talented team of paper, but something looked like a little bit of the year. Intelligent money is still in Cubs with brewers and cardinals right there, but reds and pirates are close enough that they can not be ignored. We are on the way to the middle of the season and NL Central is a race of five teams. It's pretty cool.

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