You might have thought about swimming with dolphins, fish, maybe maybe sharks, but wild pigs? Well, the day's wild swims have arrived on the Bahamian archipelago of Exuma. The island called Big Major Cay is affectionately nicknamed Pig Island.

Instagram fitness model Michelle Lewin found out the hard way that this is not something to put on the bucket list. The pigs bite

The Venezuelan Lewin, 32, posed in her bikini with feral pigs on an idyllic beach on Big Major Cay Island and one was trotted up and bit her in the exposed backside

That left a mark. Literally. Lewin posted a view of the bitten butt area featuring red marks from the creature. The Instagram video featuring her screaming in shock and pain has gone viral with 5.1 million viewers.

Lewin also posted an instagram story of herself with her fellow fitness instructor husband Jimmy

Another model who has experienced the dangers of these feral pigs:

Superman Chanel Iman, who swam with them during a photo shoot for the Fyre Festival.

"I do not like going to that island to see those pigs, 'cause they really will really bite you," Iman told People. com about shooting on Great Exuma Island. "If you see the Hulu documentary I'm like running, I'm jumping in the boat because I do not want anything to do with getting the bit or getting hurt by the pigs."

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