New York's mother is recovering after the birth of a record 15-pound little girl last week. Harper Buckley entered the 15-pound world with a length of about 15 inches. She is the heaviest baby ever born at the Arnith Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, New York, and she may be the heaviest baby ever born in the state. "I knew it would be great, but I did not expect a 15-pound baby," said Joy Buckley's mother to WETM.

Buckley calls Harper a "miracle for the child" because once the doctors say she has about 1

5% chance of becoming pregnant naturally after having been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, reported The Washington Post.

After years of infertility, Buckley became pregnant with a son born at 11 pounds and also decided to adopt

. March 12, through a planned C-stretch that left it covered with bruises and a sense of being "hit by two tractor trailers simultaneously", Buck and her husband welcomed her third child, reported The Washington Post, born in an average 5-month weight

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