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Moment (M) Force MagSafe accessory review

There is nothing better than technology that just works. The satisfying joy that comes with transferring files via AirDrop, the relief when a new pair of wireless headphones automatically appear on the phone screen and want to be connected without opening the Bluetooth settings. These moments are still rare, but when they happen, it’s as if I’m actually living in my promised future. One of the seamless connection and endless possibilities.

And the iPhone’s MagSafe (not to be confused with the old MacBook MagSafe, RIP), it just works.

Moment’s MagSafe accessories are matt-coated stainless steel discs.

Moment lenses can be attached via Moment Cases.

Even with the Moment metal and glass lens attached, my iPhone remained firmly attached to the stand.

Moment, which is well known for its high-quality telephone lenses and cases, has always focused on creating products for the creator of photos or videos. And his new line of accessories MagSafe has something for all levels of creativity. From the car’s air vent to the multi-threaded mount to attach other accessories, there’s a way to attach an iPhone 12 or later to just about anything. More importantly, you can even mount more things to the phone itself through the Moment accessories. The range starts at $ 19.99 for a basic wall mount washer and goes up to $ 59.99 for a tripod mount adapter.

Moment MagSafe accessories

Prices taken at the time of publication.

Moment’s MagSafe line of accessories allows you to attach your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro to a wide variety of things, including a tripod or other camera equipment. They make it easy to attach or remove your phone thanks to the use of strong magnets.

Apple’s own MagSafe wallet accessory has not provided enough power to stay attached to the back of the iPhone when it pulls the device out of its pocket. And if you’ve used the MagSafe charger, you may think that these magnets are not strong enough to hold your device on a tripod in front of you. But Moment has developed its (M) Force magnetic grille, which claims to use “customized magnets with adjustment” with a “grip pad” for extra strength to increase the holding force of Apple’s core system.

I kept these MagSafe stands on the side of a metal cabinet.

When I received these stands, I attached them to the outside of my metal storage cabinet and was pleasantly surprised at how difficult it was to pull them to the side of the cabinet when I went to use them. And during my testing, my phone remained glued to the stands, no matter what they were mounted on. Removing the phone from these mounts was also easy; with a slight rotation the device switches off.

Moment’s MagSafe accessories work on a bare iPhone 12 or later or in a case compatible with MagSafe. I was able to test a thin case for Moment’s iPhone 12 Pro with MagSafe and found that it is as strong as a naked phone. Moment cases also allow you to attach their range of lenses to the wide and telephoto sensors of your camera. Moment also includes MagSafe technology in cases for the Galaxy S21 range, which you can order now for $ 49.99, and they should provide a similar experience as the iPhone’s built-in magnets.

Moment’s MagSafe vent is $ 39.99.

Even on gravel roads, the iPhone 12 Pro remained firmly attached to Moment’s MagSafe car slot.

Moment currently offers a sticky wall stand, car vent stand, cold shoe stand, cold shoe and mount ”thread for mounting in both portrait and landscape orientation, mount thread thread and multi-threaded stand. The washers themselves are matt-coated stainless steel discs. They’re just the right amount of heavy: they feel durable and ready to go, while maintaining an extremely strong magnetic connection to the iPhone 12 Pro I used.

The best part of using these stands, and MagSafe in general, is the ease of being able to quickly place your phone and pull it out of various accessories. I’m used to using stands that grip the walls of my phone. For example, mounting my phone to a tripod meant first having to attach it to the stand, which is a two-step process: first the phone enters the stand, then you have to close the sides of the stand to hold the phone. None of this process seemed too much of a problem until I had to do it more.

Each mount has a rubber grip on the back to keep your phone secure and secure
Becca Farsace / The Verge and Becca Farsace / The Verge

Being able to easily pull my phone out of any tripod, even with a light or a microphone attached through a cold shoe, is the time-saving, hassle-free experience I didn’t know I needed. I literally throw my phone on the puck and I’m ready to go. And it feels really good knowing that I can answer the phone in the middle without putting an entire platform to my ear with it.

Moment’s MagSafe accessories are now available, although part of the line is currently in order.

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